But this is the most premium y flagship, one of the bunch boston, snapdragon 88 performance youve got 120 watt fast charging for that battery and a mighty 108 megapixel primary camera sensor. How much does it actually cost? Well, probably quite a bit, although im not entirely sure of the uk pricing at this time, because unfortunately i shot this video ahead of the official launch. But as soon as i know, all of those facts and figures, i will chuck them down in the video description. But for now enough waffle lets whip the xiaomi 11t prawn out the box youre going to fall onto the hardware and the software test out the game and the camera all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So what do you get in this lovely white box? Besides, of course, the xiaomi 11t pro well hold on to your pants, because you get one usb cable. You have one ridiculously huge and heavy 120 watt fast charger, which is about the size of my bloody fist im, not even kidding its the size and weight of a bloody house. Brick. You could use this thing to bring down a grizzly and there is also a natural one condom case to wrap around your xiaomi 11t pro, keep it nice and safe from harm, and that right there is everything youll find in the box, so say hello to the Xiaomi 11t, pro one of the most premium, xiaomi blowers of 2021, and certainly sports, very mature, very smart design, thats for sure, with the usual distinctive, quite squarish, camera chassis up top.

Of course. This right here is the gray model, but you can also grab it in white or blue if you want something a little bit brighter a little bit more vibrant good. Oh man im not a massive fan of the color gray, its about as dull as it could possibly get, but it looks pretty nice here on the chamois empty pool. It does suit it. I do quite like the fact that youve got the glossy finish, but its also got a sort of etched metal style design. Looking beneath the surface that rear end is certainly very smooth to the touch thats for sure and its starting to pick up a few little greasy prints here and there as well. Let me tell you, though, my hands are super sweaty in this 50 degree studio – and this is a big old, blower, 6.6 inches, but not uncomfortable to clutch. Thanks to the rounded contours, around sort of the back end and the edges as well just help it to fit nicely in the palm around front its a gorilla glass victus screen. Now those tend to be not particularly great at resistant scratches, but thankfully you do have a pre installed screen protector here on the xiaomi 11t pro. Thankfully victus is pretty good when it comes to drops. So hopefully you wont get any shattering if you accidentally fumble your xiaomi 11t pro from a decent height and suddenly there was no talk of any ip ratings for water and dust resistance in the xiaomi 11 pro specs.

So i definitely dont get it too. Moist lets poke open the old sim tray and see what were dealing with in there. Oh quite a stiff one come on your weed bugger. You know you want to and as usual its a double symmetry, but absolutely subtle: support for better micro, sd right. So the xiaomi 11d pro all set up ive got to try really hard, not to say xiaomi, me 11t, pro its really hard to get the hang of it, but im so glad they decided to shorten it, make it less clunky. As you can see there a good bit of android 11, as you would expect, with miui 12 slathered on top, it feels like ive banged on about me ui quite a lot in recent times, mostly because xiaomi releases, so many bloody smartphones, but long story short its. The most stocked version of android youll get on a xiaomi device. Thanks to that, youve got the app straight on there by default. Even got the good old google discover feed on there, but then, on top of that, youve got all the standard. Miui features like the control center, which i actually really like, even if it is a complete, iphone rip off. You got the excellent video toolbox feature which you can use in the likes of youtube and netflix. This includes all kinds of great video features like the upscaling tool, the ability to record or screenshot, and you can play video with the screen off as well.

Definitely great for listening to audio books and podcasts and likes on youtube and a gaming board. All kinds of shenanigans, but me ui, also comes with its downsides, one of which is the sheer amount of crap where youll find shoveled onto this thing. So the likes of tick tock, linkedin facebook – they all come packed on there without your permission, but thankfully you can uninstall them with just a couple of quick taps. Super quick and easy off they, and admittedly a couple of the apps youll find on here – are actually all right, including xiaomis security effort. This can just make sure that uh everythings running all tickety boo on your xiaomi 11t pro you can check out your data usage. You can scan for any viruses and block this tool as well, very handy. The other potential problem with miui is the update situation. Basically, xiaomi does not guarantee a set number of os and security updates with any of its smartphones, even more premium ones and thats, something that you do get with some rivals like oneplus, nokia and google, and i know not, everyone cares about them. The latest spanglies version of android on their smartphones, some people even say its a bit of a hassle every time they have to do a massive update, but just so long as youre aware youre not guaranteed the lit security updates and all that shenanigans with a xiaomi Smartphone on the security front, you do have an edge mounted fingerprint sensor, its actually built into the power button.

This dinky little narrow effort so far touchwood seems very responsive and uh yeah. Absolutely no problems with like having to double tap in order to get it to register and also love the noise. It makes quality and i do a full face unlock to back that up. As for the storage, well, my review model of the xiaomi 11t pro comes packing 256 gigs of ufs, 3.1 storage, so nice and nippy as well so app downloads and everything seems to be happening. Super fast and apps load up nice and swiftly as well. But of course, as i mentioned before, no micro sd memory card support to expand that storage, so the same as quite a lot of premium blowers and doubly one of the highlights of the xiaomi 11t pro is that mighty 6.67 inch amoled display and its just full Hd resolution panels 2400 by 1018, its not quad hd like the m11 flagship. But besides this, this is a premium panel through and through. Not only do you have hdr 10 plus support youve also got dolby vision, support on this panel as well so stream and video on the likes on netflix with supported content. You can expect incredibly crisp contrast, really nice natural lifelike visuals and its only a dinky little selfie, cam sphincter, centrally positioned there in the panel slightly intruding on the action when you do decide to go full screen, not the brightest panel around indoors, but it can compensate For strong sunlight when youre outdoors to make visibility better peaking at around a thousand nits youve got really punchy colors by default because its set to the vivid mode.

But you can download back a little bit if you want as well and if you dive into the advanced settings section as well as you can see there, you can cater for likes the srgb gamut. If you want really natural looking images for your photo editing, you can even play around with the color saturation the contrast level all kinds of shenanigans and inside those display settings is also where you can boost the xiaomi lmt pro refresh weight all the way up to 120 hertz for your supported, apps, so thats other shifty at the audio and here on the xiaomi, 11 t4 youve got a stereo speaker setup and both of those speakers are actually mounted on the edge of the device and that audio has apparently been fine tuned by None other than audio experts, oman cordon, so lets bump up the volume see if its actually that good either so certainly compared with the likes of the wrong phones, where it feels like youre, slipping a house brick into your pocket, pretty solid output there, certainly on that Top volume, thatll blast through absolutely any kind of background noise or whatever youre up to will be clearly audible, the claritys pretty good as well annoyingly, though no headphone jack here on the xiaomi 11t pro just like the other premium, xiaomi blowers, so youre stuck with dongles Or good old bluetooth, youve got 5.2 support and youve got dolby atmos support on this bad boy as well.

Uh, you can use the various presets depending on what youre up to keep it on dynamic and it will automatically uh change to suit whatever youre busy doing and youve also got the good old graphic equalizer in there as well. So you can choose between various different modes. Ill always have a play around yourself. Now performance should be pretty damn solid on the xiaomi 11t pro, because what youve got running the show here is a snapdragon, 88 chipset, backed by the 8 or 12 gigs of ram. As you can see here, ive got the 8 gig model and, as you would expect, benchmark scores pretty solid in geekbench 5.. I was expecting a bit more from the single core score uh, but enough. Sometimes it is skewed by various variables, but certainly this phone should be able to handle absolutely everything you throw its way, your apps just loading up instantly and because one of the main reasons for getting a premium phone like this is, if you are going to be Doing a lot of gaming, i did test out the 11t pro with a good bit. Gentian impact action, just a short game, just 20 30 minutes just to see how it would handle uh that and, of course, as expected, absolutely fine. I did see one tiny little jeddah while gaming, just quite soon after i loaded it up, so it was probably just things settling down a bit apart from that absolutely flawless, even with the higher detail settings got 480 hertz touch sampling on that display as well.

So every poke and swipe instantly registered so definitely will be great for your call of duties. Your pub gs, all that good stuff and as usual youve got that miui gaming mode, which you can drag out like so game, turbo mode to give it its proper moniker and, admittedly, the presentation isnt. The best youve got to really sort of get used to what each of these random little icons means some of them. You know youve got absolutely no chance of guessing, and some of them are a bit on the bizarre side, like the voice changing feature. So this is apparently what i sound like as a girl and im, not sure why thats an option, but there you go. This is me as a cartoon character. Now one small problem with the snapdragon 88 chipset is: it does tend to heat up a little bit under duress. Weve certainly seen some overheating on other snapdragon 888 smartphones, uh touchwood, the xiaomi 11t pro has stayed reasonably cool, even when gaming on gameshow for 20 minutes. Obviously it wasnt a long session uh helped along by the fact youve got vapor chamber coolant built in there to help some of that heat dissipate. Of course, i will be fully tested out to see how it handles. You know gaming on the likes of call of duty mobile and get you an impact for a solid. You know couple of hours, so stay tuned for my full review for more on that.

As for the rest of the xiaomi 11t, pro specs well youve got 5g support across both of those sim slots and wi fi 6 support, as well as youd, expect from a premium smartphone in 2021. Youve also got a mighty 5 000 milliamp battery plugged into this thing, as well as bigger, even the original xiaomi mi 11.. And, of course, this one is also an upgrade over the original me11 series when it comes to recharging, because youve got support for that 120 watt fast charge, which is utterly bonkers, means you should get a full charge in just under 20 minutes. Lets put that to the test and that prediction turned out to be pretty much spot on a completely drained. Xiaomi 11 t pro hits 50 charge with that 120 watt charger in around nine minutes just over it was looking likely to hit 100 just before the 20 minute mark. Unfortunately, it lingered at 99 for quite some time so finally hit 100, just after 20 minutes but really impressive stuff, and the best thing is that the xiaomi 11t post is nice and cool, despite uh, being charged at this ridiculous rate. So for the whole duration, the charger itself, though, did get rather toasty but of course thats all good and well, but its not amazing, if your smartphones only spontaneously combusts, while charging and burns down your entire house. But apparently there are many failsafes in there to prevent that from happening and fingers crossed theyll do their job.

So lets finish up this unboxing of the xiaomi 11t pro with the squinter, the camera tech, and what you got here is very similar specs to the original me 11 flagship with a 108 megapixel primary sensor, camera app will be very familiar to anyone. Whos used a xiaomi smartphone before you got the usual ai mode, which you can knock on if you want, but i do find that tends to produce less realistic, uh images compared with just the standard, auto mode from that main screen. You can quickly and easily swap from the 108 megapixel primary sensor to the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. If youre on a more pulled back view of the world and youve, also got a 5 megapixel telemacro lens, which you can get on the go by tapping that little button and hitting super macro. If you want to get uncomfortably close to your subject and, of course, theres plenty of other bonus camera modes you can play around with including the portrait mode, which is adds a nice bokeh style effect, fully customizable got a pro mode which allows you to play around With the white balance, the iso levels, and literally so many others that i cant be bothered to list them all. But xiaomi has been big enough for that nine modes and, as you can see there, you have a 108 megapixel mode. If you do want to shoot at that maximum resolution and heres just a handful of sample, picks that i shot on the xiaomi 11t pro in my first 24 hours just out and about with the device.

Just to give you a brief idea of what kind of pictures and images its capable of producing, but of course i will be fully testing this thing out over the next few days ahead of my in depth review theres, some pretty smart video chops here on the Xiaomi mt pro as well, you can shoot, as you can see there at 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second. Otherwise, you can bump all the way up to 8k resolution at 30fps. If you like, and youve, got all the usual uh video modes that you find on premium, xiaomi blows, including the hdr mod, if youre shooting in high contrast a bit of image stabilization and for all of your selfie needs, you do have a selfie shooter around front. As well and uh, once again, youve got likes the portrait mode that you can play around with uh change up and that bucky effect, and here again, is just a couple of sample picks that i already took to give you a brief idea of how good it Is and there you have it that in a nutshell, is the xiaomi 11t pro one of the most premium, xiaomi blowers youll find in 2021, going on sale imminently, as i say, dont have the official uk price on release date just yet, but check out the video Description ill, stick it in there as soon as that is known. But what do you reckon are you tempted by it? Certainly some very nice specs, indeed, a good bit of me ui with all of its lovely bonus, bits and foibles.

As soon as this video goes, live ill also be bringing you a full unboxing of the xiaomi 11 light 5g ne nice clunky name, but its more budget friendly option. If you cant stretch up to this one and stay tuned for more on xiaomis other devices such as the fresh new xiaomi pad 5 tablet, as well, but anyway, in the meantime, be gritty. Your thoughts on these bad boys, down in the comments below please do pull subscribe.