But i expected gopro to sort of play it safe with the hero 9 and make a big splash for the hero. 10. turns out that the company does not care what i think and gave the ninth flagship camera a pretty beefy update with a new design front screen and a slew of under the hood tweaks, making it a tough act to follow to look at this years. Camera is nearly identical to the hero9. In fact, the only visible difference is the color of the branding and the new number on the side, and this is a good thing, as itll mean all of the accessories for the hero, 9 will be compatible with the 10 and it uses the same batteries. With few cosmetic changes, youve rightly guessed that all the newness is going on inside zero 10 comes loaded with a new processor called the gp2. The gopro started using its own silicon, with the hero 6, with the promise of high frame rates and other advanced features thats. What powers things like hyper, smooth and time warp now the promise of gp2 is all about speed and power doing more and doing it quicker for you, the gopro user. That means a slight upgrade in maximum resolution from a curious 5k to the curious at 5.3 k. More useful, however, are the new slo mo or frame rate modes. 4K can now be shot at a generous 4 times, slow mo or 120 frames per.

Second, if you prefer and 2.7 k, goes all the way up to 240 frames per second for an eight times, speed reduction, both twice what was available on last years camera. This is no small thing. Gopro has been offering 4k since the hero 3 barely or the hero4 properly, but it was only with the hero6 that youre able to shoot above the standard, 30 frames per second and even then at 60 frames per second, its, not much use for those. Looking for deep slow motion, the hero 10 then finally brings solid, slow mo to ultra high definition. You can even grab 5k at 60 frames per second, if thats. Your thing word to the wise, though we might have a new processor here, but shooting twice as many frames comes at a cost. During my testing, the battery life absolutely took a hit, while recording at any of the higher frame rates and, in fact overall, it feels like the battery life is a little shorter. This time around, at least in my testing when i set the hero 10 down to record at 4k and 30 frames per second, it managed about an hour and 15 minutes of continuous footage. The hero 9, with the same battery in it, lasted about another half an hour with the same settings, throw in double the work and youll want to keep a few spare cells around along with the new resolutions, comes an updated hypersmooth now in its fourth iteration gopro Software stabilization remains the one to be the original version that debuted in the hero 7 was good and then it got a lot better in the next two cameras, the fourth version, doesnt overdo things, but feels better in the right ways.

Nothing is too floaty or unnatural. The main visual difference is in the horizon: leveling before you could tilt the camera, and your footage would remain level until around 27 degrees with the hero 10. You can push that to around 45 degrees before the camera will give in, and your footage will start to break away from dead flat. That is again about double the performance, be careful here as sometimes this can feel unnatural. If you really want to fill every twist and turn in a first person view video, for example, but being able to plunk the camera down on a mount and not worry about it being level and the whole video holding the horizon will never not feel like a Gift now the stabilization in extra slow motion is great, but theres a silent upgrade going on here. That is way more important. The hero, 10s image quality is a noticeable leap ahead of the hero 9 like across the board. The first thing i noticed was the colors were more natural, but on closer inspection, theres, also a lot more detail and improved exposure generally. The hero 10 footage consistently looks better in a way that really matters. Other years, ive found myself combing for small details to spot the difference here, its right there, when you open two videos side by side. Much as i love improved software perks like stabilization or slow motion, nothing matters more than image quality at the end of the day.

So its no small thing to say that the hero 10 delivers a worthy cinematic, upgrade to your footage and its not just videos. If photos are more your thing, then theres more good news. The hero 10 now shoots 23 megapixel stills up from 20 megapixels. Last time. Around and again that bump in resolution is instantly obvious. Unsurprisingly, all the benefits ive found with video, such as color exposure and detail, are all present and correct for photos too. I still wouldnt recommend the gopro for your go to stills camera. Its action leanings make it less apt for portraits and close ups, but for action, shots is up in the bar and thats what matters once you get back to base to offload your footage, this is another chance to benefit from that new gp2 processor, wi, fi uploads, Are noticeably faster, which is great if you already use gopro subscription service formerly marketed as gopro plus, if you dont or like me, you prefer to transfer to the desktop, be excited as theres now drumroll, please, the ability to plug your gopro in and transfer videos directly From it has removable storage? Yes, after far too long, a gopro finally shows up as a disk when you plug it into your pc, no more having to take out the memory card and find an adapter things work as the computer gods intended im, not sure why took the company so long To get around to this, but hey its here and you should enjoy it, while you can, i wont, lie at first glance.

A new processor didnt feel like the sexiest upgrade compared to last years, front screen, resolution bump and beyond a cpu doesnt, quite get the pulse rating like a new hardware feature or some fancy software shooting mode, but what it does do is it makes everything else that The camera can already do a bit better and thats hard to ignore the more you use. This thing, sharper photos and more striking videos, whatever resolution or frame rate you use, are the sort of upgrades that matter add to that. The extended slow mo options and a bunch of usability tweaks across the board and the initially unassuming hero 10 black suddenly feels like a very different camera. But you will have to cough up an extra 50 dollars compared to last years, launch price the hero 10 black costs ‘9 dollars when you bundle it in with a gopro subscription, app purchase or 499 if you dont, and that makes it a pricey upgrade if youre Not able to grab a subscription this time around if you can, though, and are jumping into the world of gopro for the first time or upgrading from a much older model, theres little to complain about here, bar that battery life, as always, hit subscribe for more and See all the latest news on engadget.