This is normal here and in this, video were gon na. Do a gaming performance test of the new infinix hot 11 s so infinix hot 11 s is the latest smartphone announced by infinix, and this device comes with the helio g88 octa core processor. If you get a 6.78 in just large, full hd plus resolution display its got 90 hertz super sheet as well, and it also has a 5000 mah large capacity battery. Now. The variant which we have is a 4 gigabyte ram and 64 gigabyte internal storage. So you can see here the details: 4 gigabyte ram and a 64 gigabyte internal storage, so thats the variant we have and uh well be doing the gaming test of this device with two games asphalt, 9 and then well also play pubg, mobile or other bgmi and See how the gaming experiences will also see the battery drain and also the heating, if any on this device. So lets get started so before that. If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So lets start with the temperature. So you can see here, 35 degrees. Is the temperature uh before starting the game? 34 35 degrees, so thats the temperature and you can see the battery right now at 54 percentage, so thats the battery right now, 54 percentage. So you can see here have a closer look, so 54 percentage and lets start the gaming now uh we will be uh measuring the battery at the end of the gaming test and also see how the heating and also the graphic performances so lets get started.

Now, Applause, Applause, Applause, so Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, so Applause; so so now we are done with asphalt. 9 lets see the temperature, so around 40 degrees, 40.6. In fact, 42. Also, we can see so 43 uh, so thats the temperature up to 43. It has gone 44 also, you can see near the camera area, so around 42 43. So the temperature increase is definitely on the higher side. So almost close to 44 we reached and the display display is lesser at around 37 degrees, so display you actually dont feel any heat with the display, but the back panel near the camera area definitely has some heat, so its around 41 degrees right now. So it went up to 44, so thats the temperature, so the gaming was actually quite good with uh asphalt, 9. In fact, the game played quite well uh, so right now uh this device has this game: turbo, moding loaded, so its kind of very useful, like the game, turbo mode, the darling game, turbo moding loaded, so that helps in gaming. So, overall, we feel that the gaming was quite good. There was no lag sausage, but but there are a few frames keeps happening, so that is quite evident because its more of a budget device, but overall we feel like it was quite good in terms of gaming experience. So lets now move to pubg, mobile or bgmi and lets see how it plays target down.

Reloading, clear, Music, lovely. Oh, do target down Applause: Music, oh Music, Music reloading! So, as you can see, the graphic quality, smooth and ultra is available, and the balance and ultra is also there hd and high – is there. Hdr, obviously, is not supported, so its a more of a budget device so well go with smooth and ultra, and i will play with this option so lets just start: the game: Music, Music to Music, so Music, Music, do Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, um Music. So now we are done now with almost one hour of gaming lets see the temperature so 43 percentage. I mean 43 degrees, so thats the temperature, so no overheating, although the temperature did rise up to 44 degrees, but as of now, no overheating happening, unlike the redmi 10 prime, which went up to 46 degrees here, it is lesser at around 44 thats the maximum, but With bgmi, it went up to only 43 degrees, so thats. The temperature lets also have a look at the display temperature, so its around 38 degrees. So no major or heating issues on this device. Now, regarding the gaming experience um, we felt that its kind of an average experience – i would say, not a really stella performer, because you can see that it was not very smooth experience. Although you can play, you may not get the best experience its more or less expected, i would say its quite similar to the redmi 10 prime.

In terms of overall experience with the display. The display is vibrant and crisp, and the touch response is also pretty smooth, but overall graphic qualities were kind of above average, not a really great performer, but again at 11 000 rupees. This is a decent performing chipset with the helio g88 processor. Now the battery drain almost one hour of gaming – and you can see that ‘ percentage is the battery right now from 54 to ‘. So almost 15 percentage drop in one hour of gaming with the infinix hot 11s.