0 on the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, so one ui 4.0 just came out a couple days ago. Actually, yesterday, in the morning here in the us, it was available for download – and i put it on my galaxy s21 ultra – and i want to show you guys some of the new things that are with this now. I am writing a full piece on this for xda developers and that article should go live in a couple days. Take me some time to get the full screenshot up to date. I just want to give you guys a kind of an overview of the big features in this video talk about the smoothness and things like that and then ill have literally almost every feature thats on the changelog uh rundown in that particular article. So the first thing that youll notice is whats not in the one ui 4.0 beta. We know, of course, about material. U, on android 12.! I showed that out on the pixel 5a, when i did the android 12 beta 5 video. That is not here. So you do not get material. U on the one ui 4.0 beta theres, no way to like theme things fully with your wallpaper, your clock and all that stuff. So samsung did not import that into one ui 4.0. So a lot of people kind of asking the question you know: could we see that in a later version of the one ui 4.0 beta? Of course we could because android 12 didnt really have material? U fully integrated until some of the later beta versions, but the chances of seeing that are pretty slim.

I i dont think that samsung is going to go with that full material. U integration! I could be wrong, i mean you can see. The settings menu basically looks the same as it does on one ui 3.1. I mean i actually have the galaxy z fold 3 right here, so i can show you i mean i have this one in light mode, because i was doing some comparisons earlier, but the settings menu right is not drastically different, so we didnt get that big change. That some people were hoping for in terms of seeing material. U appear on one ui 4.0, but there is some interesting stuff here. Theres redesign lock, screen widgets. This is a cool one that shows dual clock and the clock actually changes from light to dark, depending on what time it is in the city i chose phoenix where i live in barcelona, just to show you phoenix its daytime barcelona, its night time, thats kind of A cool feature on the lock screen: you can now change audio input directly. Let me show you guys an example with an audio app, so let me try spotify. Obviously i dont want to play a bunch of music, because if i do that, then my video will get flagged. But if you have your player on the home screen in spotify, you can go to media output, and then here this is where, like your headphones and everything like bluetooth, speakers would show up the other cool thing about the music playing on the lock screen.

Is that actually, if you use a different music app, so let me swipe away spotify. I also have youtube music here, and so, if you open up a different music app like youtube music – and i start playing something uh then go back to the home screen. Youll notice that you get different controls, so you saw when i had spotify it had the little heart icon over here, because spotify uses heart icons for kind of favoriting stuff, but on youtube. Music youve got the thumbs up and the thumbs down on the left and the right because thats the youtube music sort of format. So this is different and kind of something thats very interesting. At the end of the day that i really like about the changes to the lock screen so thats, something that looks very nice very clean um, the other thing you can do as well on the home screen when we go back, keeps timing out. I should have set that up. I always forget, is you now have a when you double tap on the time? Youve got a new calendar. Widget thats got the whole month in addition to kind of your stuff youre supposed to be doing each day. So you can see all of the things that are coming up as well as your sort of calendar view thats kind of in line so thats. Certainly, a nice look for one ui 4.0 um. The always on display also has a really cool new feature.

Let me go in and find that really quick. I always forget where they have always on display its always at the bottom, where it says looking for something else. So sometimes i just go to display and scroll down and find it. I think its in lock screen now, but if you go into always on display theres, now a new option to show the always on display. When you have new notifications right and thats a really cool feature, because in the past, you basically have been able to choose the other options like you show it scheduled, show it always, but now show when you get new notifications, thats something i really like its a Feature ive wanted for a while. I find it particularly convenient to use it only when i get new notifications to see the information that i need on the lock screen and now that option is there. The quick panel has been redesigned. You guys can kind of see the notifications are a little more compact, a little bit more readable. Also if you slide down brightness sliders a little bit larger and easier to reach. This is kind of the goal of android 12 right in terms of googles design. Language is to make sure that everythings more reachable by moving it to the bottom of the screen. Now this is something you guys might not be able to see too easily on video, but hopefully, when i post my article at xda youll easily be able to see this in the screenshots i took when you change the phone from dark mode to light mode.

The icons actually get ever so slightly tinted. So if you go up here and you change this from dark mode to light mode, the icons are actually a bit brighter at the bottom, and so is the wallpaper. The wallpaper gets tinted a little bit and then, when you switch it back to dark mode, not only does the background in sort of your you know your shade notification shade get tinted. The icons are actually a little bit less bright as well. They get a little bit of a tent to make it look more consistent, also, text as well. Um text, icons, illustrations. Everything is darkened uh when you switch to dark mode and it gives it a more consistent look kind of throughout dark mode. Uh. Now the charging animation – i took a picture of this from my xda article. Of course, i cant really easily show it right now. I have a charger right by me. This is the new charging animation theres, a brand new charging animation thats supposed to show you sort of how fast the phones charging uh. We know samsungs fast charging really isnt that fast, but it is something that you know that is there and it is a new kind of charging animation. So i figured i would show that off the samsung keyboard ill show you guys this really quick, theres some cool stuff inside the samsung keyboard, especially when it comes to emojis one thing you can do, thats really cool that i really like is, of course, youve got Your regular emojis and all that kind of stuff, um theres, also stickers and everything like youre, used to seeing on a samsung phone one new thing: thats, really nice.

If you scroll over here, youve got all these different options. Uh and one of the options is the stickers. You know all the familiar stuff that youre used to from samsung, but then youve also got these animated emojis. You can actually create custom ones where you combine two emojis and then itll animate them together. Once you do that, it kind of shows you what the animation looks like thats kind of a cool feature. Ive never been a big fan of samsungs keyboard, but heres kind of something that you can do with it that you cant do on some other keyboards, and i really like that. It also has built in grammarly as well now for kind of spelling and grammar suggestions. So theres that as well so some new interesting stuff in samsung keyboard for those of you who prefer to use samsung keyboard, i probably will still use gboard more than anything else. But you know thats really. Just me. The camera interface has been simplified and kind of made a little bit nicer, its a cleaner layout inside the camera interface. You can see the zoom level on the lens icon for easy zooming, which is really nice. That means that you can do this even in modes that only support one lens. Like you know, if you have this particular phone, that only supports you know the regular lens. Maybe the galaxy s21 ultra, of course supports most lenses in most modes. Um.

Video now starts automatically as soon as you press the icon. Instead of after you release it, which is a little bit of a change, it used to be after you release it that it started pro mode, they reorganize some of the settings in pro mode change things around a little bit. You can zoom in for finer editing when you do qr code scanning a lot of interesting things that have been added to the camera settings at the end of the day, whenever you turn the grid lines on on the pro mode, horizontal indicators help you line up. Your shot, so if you turn the grid lines on in here, then itll show you that i think you actually have to go in here right to turn on the grid lines like so, and then it gives you a horizontal indicator there. You kind of see to get a perfectly level shot, so some interesting things inside the camera as well. That samsung has added little things that you might not think about if you dont use these all the time gallery has some interesting features as well. One of the perhaps most interesting features inside gallery is, if you actually go in here now, you can actually edit the date and time and location a photo was taken. I dont know if thats a good thing or not. If you go into details, you can see right here. You can edit the date and time that this photo was taken.

I dont know if thats something we should really be able to do so you can change when you took a photo or make it look like you took a photo at a different time. Theres also quite a few other features that pertain to album covers, and things like that that you can actually sort of see the album covers on the front here and then, when you open it up thats the first picture that ends up being on the front. You can use the photo editor now to add emojis to pictures as well, which is very cool, and the search works a lot better now inside the galleries for finding uh photos. If you make a typo, for instance, itll itll find the photo for you correctly. It does seem to be a bit better, although some typos, it wont recognize, like i tried earlier with screenshot like its supposed to be able to recognize like. If i do lets say this, it should be able to figure out that this is screenshot, but it cant figure out that thats supposed to be screenshot, so obviously itll get better over time, but thats, something to to mention ar emoji one cool thing i found about Ar emoji is that you can now set your contact photo as your ar emoji, so thats kind of cool. So if you go in here, you can pick your ar. Emoji choose a pose and then you can set that as your contact photo.

So you can just go to done, save and then thats. My contact photo now, which is kind of a cool feature. Multitasking. There have been some changes to the way multitasking works at the end of the day. If you say you want to do some little multitasking, you go in, you find a window that you want to multitask with right. You drop that there now you can pin uh this task bar to the top, see how ive done that there pin the taskbar so that you can easily resize it. The other thing you can do is you can pinch to resize the window as well, when you have picture and picture here at the top and then here also in the very corner, if you have the settings menu, you can also pinch to go back to full Screen or to go to single screen as well so using the pinch to zoom, feature very useful, drag this around. You can minimize it into a bubble. All those sorts of things you can see. There is still some a little bit of issue with getting it to pull from each side, but its not really that hard to use at the end of the day. The other thing you can do with multitasking is that you can keep your current app. In the view, while using your edge panels, you can slide these out if you have multiple edge panels and you can open other apps using the picture in picture mode and kind of multitask in that way.

So theres quite a few changes to multitasking for those who use it. Those will be particularly useful im, assuming all of these changes will also come to the galaxy z, fold 3 and those will be very useful in the galaxy z fold 3.. Some of the other big changes they do have some new settings in here theyve got the safety settings, safety and emergency setting. You can add your medical info wireless emergency alerts, things like that something thats just useful for people in general, under digital. Well, being you now have a driving mode, so thats near the bottom here driving monitor, which you can turn on, while youre driving to kind of reduce the amount of time that you use apps, while youre driving inside device care theres. Now some new changes the way it looks. You see an emoji that tells you the status of your phone, so they kind of know how it looks. I dont really care for the optimization, but you know some people like to use that. Also, if you go into battery now and you go into more battery settings, you now have the option to protect your battery. This was on the fold in the flip three, but now it comes to other phones like the s21 and the s21 ultra with one ui 4.0 inside device care, and then, of course, the nice thing about this is that you can use it to kind of troubleshoot. Also battery problems and issues from inside there uh the other thing about the one ui 4.

0 beta that i found to be a little annoying um. This is not really a feature change, but every time you go into a new app im trying to see. If i can find one like, if i go into linkedin its going to ask you, let me just see well, maybe i have to sign in there to see it im trying to see if i go into an app whenever you go into a new app it Automatically asks you if you want to allow notifications for that app, but i think i probably have to actually sign in. Maybe if i go to youtube, i dont know if ive been to youtube there, you go so allow youtube to send you notifications and you have to choose this for literally every single one of them. You get a new notification that asks for this to allow notifications every new app that you use. I dont know how to change. This ive been trying to figure this out so every time i guess its a good thing if you really want privacy right its. Certainly a good thing, but it is annoying if you use a bunch of apps that you do want to allow notifications. Apparently the default now is that notifications are not on. Unless you say they can be on when you enter the app theres, a bunch of other interesting privacy, things like you can also choose to share location. Only approximately with an app lets see if i can find example.

Well, first of all, theres maps: can it lo canada actually get notifications but then like? If you want to search, say for something and you want to find directions and then lets say you choose your current location. Itll, ask you if you want to use your precise location or your approximate location, and then this will basically determine kind of what it looks like at the end of the day. If you want to actually share exactly where you are now obviously in maps, i want to share exactly where i am because i want to get good directions, but there might be other apps, like a weather, app that you only need approximate location at the end of The day, but you dont care about getting precise location to protect your privacy anyway. Those are the big things that ive noticed so far its pretty smooth. Actually, i havent noticed any huge issues: samsung pay, doesnt work um. So if you, you know count on samsung pay daily dont install the beta, because you cant use samsung pay or other contactless payments im. Assuming i tried samsung pay, i didnt try g pay but im, assuming none of those will work because its beta thats been the case in previous betas of one ui in the past. So not a big surprise. There battery lifes been good so far, ive ran it for a day. I havent seen big changes from the battery life. I was getting before uh no huge bugs, though other than you know, just if, if its a daily driver – and you really care about that – i test it with android auto works with android auto.

I use that every day this morning i had no issues with it. Like spontaneously disconnecting, i did have issues with the pixel 5a on android, auto running the android 12 beta 5., so thats nice that it works with android, auto um yeah. Those are my thoughts on it again. Im going to have a full video, a full article on this on xda developer is going to be very long kind of goes through screenshots of absolutely everything, including some accessibility, changes and bixby. I know not. Everybody loves bixby but thats, something to sort of think about anyway. Let me know what you guys think. Do you want to see material? U on one ui or do you want samsung to stay away from it? Do you like that they kind of shied away from some of those theming things that google is doing? Do you like some of the other small changes theyve made here there? Do you think its a big upgrade, not a big upgrade. Do you think they did too much or too little? Let me know in the comments we can talk about it. This was a long video hope you guys enjoyed it. Follow me on twitter.