. So i was super excited to receive this and to play with it, because ive actually never even touched a folding phone. In real life before and honestly, this thing just looks so adorable. Now my daily driver is actually the galaxy s21, which is samsungs non foldable flagship phone. So in this video i will be reviewing the galaxy z, flip 3. From my perspective, as an s21 user, by the way i did make an unboxing and first impressions, video about the z flip 3. So if you want to check that out then ill have it linked down below and also i know i usually make a customization video as well, but for this one unfortunately, i dont have enough time, but i did make a customization for my s21 and honestly internally. These two are very, very similar. They both you know, run android, one ui. So if you just got a z flip and you want to customize, it then ill also have a customization video linked down below one last thing before we start is a quick disclaimer. So this is a review unit that was sent to me from samsung. However, samsung is not sponsoring this video in any way, and all opinions are, of course, my own and, with all that being said, lets just get into it all right. So when i first saw the z flip 3, i just thought it looked so adorable, especially when its folded like this. The design of this is like very minimal, but still elegant, which is the exact style that i like now this one that i have is the cream color.

But there are many other color options like lavender, green and pink, and i actually did get to see some of the other colors in real life. And after doing so, i think the cream one looks the best. I used to think that i would like the lavender one the most, but honestly, i think the cream one is just the best out of all of them. So, im really glad that i got the cream one for review, but there is one thing that i dont super love about this design and its that the back is super glossy, so it tracks fingerprints pretty easily. I would prefer a more matte finish and i think that would also help it to track fingerprints less, but the back is gorilla glass, so its nice and durable and will not get scratched easily. But the part that i am most impressed with with this phone is actually this hinge area. So, no matter which angle i bend it to its able to hold that position, so the hinge feels super solid, also whenever i either fully open it or fully close this phone. It gives like a nice satisfying and tactile snap, and i also noticed that this hinge area is designed in a way that makes it pretty much impossible to catch your finger in it. So when using this foam, you wont have to worry about experiencing any painful surprises and the two sides of the z, flip 3 are actually sealed separately.

So now this phone also has an ipx8 water resistance rating, which is certainly very good. News helps to make this phone less fragile, and now i want to talk about this screen because it was definitely problematic in the previous generation, but with this current generation i think samsung definitely made some big improvements, so the screen actually has a pre installed screen protector On it, which is supposed to help, make the screen more durable and overall, i think the screen feels pretty good, pretty solid, even though it is not gorilla glass. Now my s21 does have a gorilla glass screen, but i actually think that these two screens feel quite similar in texture. The z flip 3 screen does feel slightly more soft, but overall it definitely doesnt feel flimsy. The screen protector certainly does help to protect it more, but i think you should still treat it more carefully than other phones, because at the end of the day, it is not glass, okay and now, as for the crease. So, even though it is quite faint, you can definitely still see it in daily use and especially in bright environments. If it catches the light, then it can get super bright and then youll just have to kind of like shift the foam to an angle so that it doesnt catch the light. And in the first few days of using this phone, seeing the crease did kind of bother me, but i feel like i got used to it after a bit.

I find that if im focused on the content on the screen, then its actually pretty easy to just ignore the crease. So for me the crease is not a deal breaker. I think i can live with it. There are definitely things about this phone that can be deal breakers, which i will get to later on in this video okay and as for the rest of the screen specs, it has a 6.7 inch display, so its just slightly bigger than my s21, its not wider. Its only a bit taller up here, but just like my s21, it has an oled screen with a 1080 resolution and also a nice and fast 120 hertz refresh rate. So, as i was using this phone day to day, i began to experience some advantages and disadvantages of this flip design and im going to list them out so that you can decide whether or not this flip design is suited for you or not, and starting with The advantages the first one definitely is the cover screen. It is 1.9 inches, so its decently big and it shows the time the date and the battery. You can also customize the clock styles and right now i actually have the cover screen clock style matching with my galaxy watch face. I thought it would be cute to match them and also whenever you get new notifications, this orange dot will appear and then you can swipe towards the left in order to check your notifications, i think this certainly makes checking notifications super quick and easy.

So i do really like this feature and then, when you swipe towards the right, youll actually see the widgets, and these are all of the available widget options for the cover screen. There isnt a lot, so i do wish there were more options. But right now i have the weather widget a timer and also a music player widget, and i actually do use these three widgets, pretty often throughout the day, but thats, actually, not all that the cover screen can do. It can also act as a little viewfinder for taking selfies with the back camera, and this actually leads me to the second advantage of this flip design and its that you can use the back camera in order to take pictures of yourself. So, in order to enable the little preview on the cover screen, all you have to do is open up the camera app and then tap on the little icon up there and then youll be able to see the preview. But for me i actually dont super care about this advantage, because i dont really take pictures of myself that often, unless im filming a youtube, video im, actually usually just behind the camera. But if you do like to take a lot of selfies, then this could definitely be a great feature for you, because the back camera is certainly a lot better than the front camera, and i think the cover screen preview is big enough for you to be able To frame yourself properly in the shot, but you can actually activate the cover screen preview without even having to flip open the phone.

You can actually just double click on the power button and then youll be able to see the preview, and through this you can take photos and videos using just the cover screen. However, there is one weird thing about this and its that both photos and videos taken in this way comes out as a square. I dont know if this is a bug or something i dont really like square photos, so im hoping that a future software update will fix this issue. Okay – and the third advantage is that when this is folded, it is very, very small, so its very pocketable. This is a feature that ive seen many people highlight, but i actually dont think its a huge advantage, because i really dont have any issues pocketing my s21. So, even though it is nice that the z flip 3, when its folded, it is like half the size of my s21, but its not really necessary. For me, and the very last advantage that im going to highlight is, of course you can sit it on the table. Just like this, it doesnt need anything else to support it. So when youre making a video call or watching videos, then you can be completely hands. Free and just chill all right and now moving on to the disadvantages, and this first one is the biggest one and its kind of a deal breaker for me and thats that, when its in folded form, this phone is not really usable.

Aside from just checking some notifications, the z flip is not like the z fold, where you can use it even when its in folded form and then when it unfolds, it becomes like a mini tablet with the z flip, you kind of have to unfold it. In order to use it and you actually cannot easily unfold it with just one hand, i even practice trying to unfold it with just one hand, and it is possible, but its kind of awkward and definitely takes a while. So, even though this phone is narrow enough to use it with one hand comfortably, you still do need two hands in order to open it, which at first doesnt sound too bad, and i only realized how problematic this two hand requirement is one day when i was Waiting for the elevator, while carrying some groceries. In my other hand, i wanted to check some messages. While i was just standing around and i struggled really hard trying to open this phone with just one hand, i use my phone very often throughout the day im. Taking pictures replying to messages, checking instagram and youtube and having to fold and unfold this phone every single time i use it is actually kind of a hassle. The first few times that im folding the phone feels pretty cool because im literally bending a phone, but by the tenth time that im doing this in a single day the novelty kind of just wears off.

Now, of course, you can argue that i could just leave the z flip in its unfolded state, but that would kind of just defeat the whole purpose of the flip design, and also because the inner screen is quite fragile. Its probably not the best idea to always leave it in its unfolded state, and for me this is actually the deal breaker. This is the main reason why i dont want to switch to a folding phone, as my main driver. Okay and the other two disadvantages are more minor, but they are certainly still disadvantages. The first one is that it has one less camera than my s21. The z flip only has two cameras, a regular one and an ultra wide lens, whereas my s21 has three a regular ultra ride and zoom, and the other disadvantage is that the z flip 3 is not rated for dust resistance. So again, that just adds to its fragility all right and now i want to really quickly talk about the two cameras of these phones and do a quick comparison. So i went out and took a bunch of photos using both of these phones. I used the regular lens, the ultra wide lens took both photos and videos even did some portrait and night modes, and the conclusion that i reached is that the two cameras are very very similar, which is not very surprising, because these two should have the same. Specs. Now zoom pictures from the s21 do look better than from the z flip, but thats, because the z flip literally doesnt even have a zoom lens.

But, interestingly, i think the portrait mode on the z flip is better than portrait mode on the s21, because on the s21 it actually punches in, whereas on the z flip it doesnt. So i think, with the z, flip youll have more flexibility when taking portrait. Alright, so thats going to be it for this z, flip review video im, really glad that i got a chance to play with this product. Definitely satisfied my curiosity around folding phones and overall. I would say that if you really like the unique advantages of a flip phone – and you dont mind the disadvantages that also comes along with it, then i would say: go for it. The z flip is certainly a very good and solid phone, and i think the hardware is pretty mature now. For me, the flip form factor doesnt really offer many meaningful advantages, while the inconvenience that it brings can be felt in daily life, so thats. Why? For now im going to stick to my non folding s21, i find it a bit more practical to use a non folding foam. But do let me know down below your thoughts about folding phones and whether or not you would use it as your daily driver and thats going to be it for this video? If you enjoyed it, then please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel down below. I have many links down below my instagram, my filming setup, my regular setup.