Last june 2021. They released this doozy s97 pro, which is the first ever rugged. Smartphone that packs a 40 meter professional laser range. Finder weve been using this phone for quite a while now and heres what we think Music first lets talk about the design as a rugged smartphone. The doogee s97 pro is a pretty chunky and tough device. This is so far the heaviest smartphone that weve reviewed recently. Weighing in at 350 grams, given its massive battery, the body is made out of a mixture of a polycarbonate material, rubber and metal materials and, like most rugged smartphones. The s97 pro features an ip68 and ip69k immersion protection. So it is resistant to dust and can survive being subjected to high pressure and high temperature spray downs. Aside from that, this device also passed mil std810g tests. Now the doogee s97 pro is available in three different colors, namely orange tiger red lava and silver black, which is the one we have living to its front. We get a large 6.’ inches lcd display with corning gorilla glass, 5 and a pre installed screen protector for additional protection. The bezels also look relatively slim and the chin part looking a little bit. Thicker theres also a hole punch notch on the upper left of the screen for the selfie camera, while found above it is the earpiece looking on the right side and youll, find its volume, rocker power button and fingerprint scanner. Meanwhile, on the right are the two custom function, keys and a hybrid dual sim card tray, the buttons are made out of metal and they are tactile firm and quiet.

They are also easy to reach down at the bottom. We have the main microphone usb c port. Hidden behind a rubber flap and a loud speaker at the top, we have one of its top feature, which is the laser range finder. It is also one of the reasons why this device is big. Its laser rangefinder feature is cool and very useful for diy people and handyman. It measures the length, width and height of anything up to 40 meters. There are different measurement modes, theres single measurement area measurement and volume measurement. Overall, the design is solid and surely robust. Just make sure not to use it while youre lying down to avoid dropping it. On your face more on the display, as ive mentioned, the s97 pro is equipped with 6.’ inch, hd plus lcd dot screen with coin and gorilla glass 5 protection. Despite having an lcd panel, it produces punchy, colors and decent viewing angles. However, since we do get a 720p display, dont expect too much to have short picture quality, especially when youre reading texts. But overall the display is decent and will suffice. Your daily needs the display, gets plenty bright and is readable, even under direct sunlight, audio wise. The phone comes with a single download firing speaker and it gets really loud and thats. Basically it and it seems that there is a missed opportunity to make full use of the phones, larger design, to make the sound quality acceptable, but considering the phones main purpose.

This will be an acceptable trade off, as you wont, really use it to enjoy media on its own. An fm radio is pre installed, which is handy for those times youre off the grid, and you need some way to get updated on whats happening. As for software, the s97 pro runs on android 11.. It has a very clean ui and mostly resembles stock android pre installed apps are kept at minimum, which only includes these standard, google apps and a couple of proprietary apps like the rangefinder app when it comes to features. It has dark mode, super screenshot, underwater camera and hide notch. You can also personalize the icons, change the font and display size and on screen buttons for navigation storage. Wise were getting 128 gigs of storage space and, if thats not enough, you can expand it to 256 gigs via the micro sd card. Under the hood, the phone is powered by a mediatek helio g95 that is paired with a mali, g76 mc4 gpu 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. In our experience, the chipset is effective enough to offer flawless performance, while multitasking frame drops are expected when playing graphically intensive games like engine impact, call of duty, mobile and asphalt 9, but these can be played with the default or the lowest settings without too much frustration. Thermals arent also an issue since the large size means more surface for heat to dissipate, and a lower tier processor means that theres not much heat to process at all, for some numbers here are the benchmark scores that we got Music for biometrics.

There is a side mounted fingerprint sensor and a face recognition on board and both methods have a quite a delay, but they are both reliable. Nonetheless, moving on to the cameras, the doozy s97 pro features: samsung quad, rear cameras with a 48 megapixel f, 1.8 main an 8 megapixel f 2.2 wide, a 2 megapixel, f, 2.8 macro and a 2 megapixel f, 2.8 portrait lens affront is a 16 megapixel samsung f, 2.0 selfie camera. When it comes to its camera features, there are several modes for you to choose from such as panorama: hdr macro mono and nike theres. Also an underwater camera feature where you can activate under the settings. Quality wise. It actually works well and can produce images with nice, colors, dynamic range and sufficient details taking pictures, isnt snappy, which is quite a downer using the macro lens isnt, quite a fun and not useful at all. The portrait mode is okay, as it has good background. Separation and colors are vibrant enough for low light situations. Photos often tend to come out noisy and grainy, which is understandable. As for the night mode, it didnt make that much of a difference, but there is a slight boost now for selfies. They are usable for social media postings, especially if you have good lighting and details are preserved. Theres no beauty mode option, which is unusual for a smartphone. Nowadays, when it comes to video, the doji s97 pro can shoot up to 4k in 30 frames per second, and the quality is nice with decent colors.

However, its autofocus can get jittery. It also lacks video stabilization, so its sensitive to movements, the doogee s97 pro comes with the usual connectivity features such as dual sim 4g lte, bluetooth, 5.0, gps, nfc and usb type c for battery. We have an enormous 8 500 milliamp hour battery with support for 33 watt fast charging youll definitely survive throughout a whole day or even more with this device charging it from zero to a hundred took us around two and a half hours dc mark battery test yielded 14 hours and 16 minutes, while in our standard video loop test, which involves playing a 1080p clip on loop in airplane mode at 50, brightness and volume, with headset plugged in yielded a 31 hours and 25 minutes score, which is pretty impressive. So, to conclude, this video doogie has done a pretty good job by releasing rugged smartphone for years. If your work demands measuring a lot of stuff, the best available ingress protection and a humongous battery life, then this phone will suit your needs. However, its slow screen resolution and its built prevents this from becoming a device you can use in and out of the field still for those who have a need for this kind of niche functionality and for those who want a phone that can last for days in An emergency, this phone can be a good investment. The doogee s97 pro is officially priced at ‘9.99, but you can get this through doji flagship stores at lazada for around 15 000 pesos.

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