My name is jared. Thank you for watching this video today, im gon na do an open box for renault 4. lets go well. Its done lets have a look well, first and foremost, the charger is really big because they are giving oppo has their own house in house famous of the super fast charger. So this is really like a big charger that i can really put another like two or three usb port here, but never mind. This is the charger that hardly see nowadays um if you are buying the new flagship phone. This is a very thick usb charging, cable and theres a headphone there, okay, and then they also come with the silicone casing. Now lets put all this aside. Lets put all this aside just screaming and it is oppo okay. The phone is here with the plastic, feelings and uh. What i can say that is lets do is promoting the ai color portrait. Oh, this is, if im not mistaken ago. This is the first smartphone that have the i think. 960 frames super slow mo. I, after or maybe same time like the samsung s20 or s, s20 launcher: okay, theres, a smart air control, something like the huawei huawei, a control, spying prevention. I think its the notification part – and this is the phone with the snapdragon 720, which is pretty common nowadays. In the mid range phone, okay lets look at it. Oh lets see yes, oh its still with a screen.

How i call that a silicon screen protector, which is something i like, because finding a glass screen protector for smartphone nowadays, is really difficult because of the cloud screen, and this is not a curved screen just to be more exact. You can see that and i choose to have a black color version, but its not really black, as you can see its a little bit like the little bit bluish, i think black bluish kind of thing. Is it or is my light? Okay, i dont know, and you can see a logo in print in the back cover its like. I think its like a op logo, if you can see it its o p, o p, o p yeah with op logo, and i will the phone is pretty light. Uh one year ago, if you look at it one year ago, may most likely, the one that is launching in the market was like. If you sell me, you should be redmi. Note 9 note 9 series, which is quite heavy and oppo renault. This is the one then um, i think its v20 pro slightly later, and which is, i have a one unit with me and shall do a comparison with this reynold 4, with the uh vivo v20 pro later and coincidentally, im shooting the video right now with the V20, pro and theres a camera setup here, the camera setup is pretty amazing. If i would say the first very semantically, symmetrical lined up.

I think its the first phone call the iphone like the big round circle. Three big round circle uh. I shall do a test and review, and i share with you in my next video hi everyone. My name is jared. Thank you for watching this video now im holding a oppo renault for selfie cameras, shooting with 180p and 30 frames per second turning on the ai color for track mode. So you can see my human or person is in color, but the background is all black and white, and this is also to test the stabilizations of the video to see a big. I check actually no need to test. I can see here its not that stable, because, as i walk im shaking my hand, you know so you can see the video is a bit shaky, all right, ill turn off the ai color portrait and then show it to full color. And you see the color saturations and, let me know your comment. Alright lets continue now. I turn off the air color portrait mode, showing you full color. Today the sky is a little bit cloudy, not so shiny and sunny. Hopefully you can still see the background. The leaves, but overall i can see that my face look very sharp, okay, its better than i think slightly better than or in actual fact it surprised me slightly better than the vov20 pro okay lets turn on the back camera and show you the video quality, hello.

Everyone now im using the back camera, shooting the same range as well 180p and different per seconds. And surprisingly, i didnt turn on the anti shake model, so its shooting using the main camera. So you can see its not so shaky in a way, even though i still walk the same yeah. So maybe i will try it out to turn on the anti shape mode to see using what angle white. How does it look like and how to color saturation? Now i turn on the out uh anti shake mode and a bit uh. I think it should be using wide angle. Okay, let me double check later, but uh. I think in terms of stability, um not much difference compared to the main camera yeah and the color. Still looks so: okay, dark clouds and so far so good. Okay do! Let me know your comment.