Now we need to apply heat to the back plate using a hair, dryer or a heat gun to loosen up the adhesive underneath and then were going to use a plastic pry tool to pry the back plate off heres. A better look at the plastic backplate, its a very thin one. At this point, the camera lens cover needs to be removed. If you happen to crack any of the glass camera lens covers theyre just held on with some adhesive, so you just need to apply some heat and gently pry them off. There are 17 phillips screws which need to be removed once the screws are removed. We can lift up and remove the top plastic cover. Then fc antenna is located in the center and there are numerous antenna lines drawn on this plastic cover, which are the light gray color lines. The led flash is located over here and heres. A look at the other side. Now we can go ahead and peel off the graphene film. Once we have access to the battery cable were going to disconnect it. Now we can proceed to disconnect the rest of the cables. There are three coaxial cables on the bottom right of the board that need to be disconnected by just popping them off theres some copper tape covering the connector for the front facing camera, which needs to be peeled off. So we can disconnect that cable theres, a single phillips screw, which is holding down the main board, which needs to be removed.

Now the main board can be lifted up and removed. The ultra wide and micro lens is located on top followed by the 108 megapixel main lens and below. That is the high res optical zoom lens, which has 30x super zoom theres a secondary microphone located on the top corner and the connector for the lens can be disconnected by just popping it off theres, also copper tape covering the shields once the copper tape is peeled. Back, we can see thermal paste on top of these chips. Taking a look at the back, the proximity sensor is located on the top corner. The other two camera connectors can be disconnected by just popping them off theres another microphone located in the corner over here and theres thermal paste, on top of a graphene film and copper tape, which cover the shields once the graphene film and copper tape is peeled back. We can see thermal paste on top of these chips, as well as an aluminum block on top of the processor. Now this is the first time im seeing an aluminum block on the processor heres, a better look at that aluminum block theres a thermal pad underneath it and heres a better look at the processor and ram. Now the speaker assembly can be removed. Theres some graphing film over the speaker, assembly and more antenna lines drawn on this plastic cover and heres a look at the speaker itself. We can disconnect the flex cable over here on the sub board and other ends of the coaxial cable theres, a small catch over here on the mid frame holding the sub board down, which we need to bypass, to lift up and remove the sub board.

The primary microphone is located to the corner of the charger port on the sub board, and this is the charger port itself. Heres a look at the other side. In order to remove the battery, there are no provided, pull tabs so were gon na have to use some isopropyl alcohol and get some around the edges of the battery, and let it sit there for about a minute. So it eats away at the adhesive underneath making it easier to pry the battery off Music heres, a better look at the battery all right. So once the battery is removed, we can see this flex cable over here which connects the main board to the sub board. As well as the sim reader over here, we can also see the screen cable, which is right out through an opening in the mid frame. So if you needed to replace your screen, you would have to take the back plate off. Remove the screws on the top cover and remove the top cover itself, giving you access to the screen cable. So you can disconnect that and then you have to remove the battery at that point. Youd heat up the front of the phone where the screen is so you can loosen up the adhesive underneath and then you pry, your old screen off, apply new adhesive reapply. Your new screen making sure you run the cable back through the opening in the mid frame and just reassemble your phone moving on the vibrator motor is located on the bottom corner, theres.

Also, a rubber gasket and mesh filter over the speaker, opening both flex cables for the power button and fingerprint reader, as well as the volume keys, are routed through the mid frame. So the cables are in between the screen and the mid frame itself. So if you ever had to replace those, you would actually have to pry the screen off as well same goes for the flex cable over here for the button on this side and the earpiece speaker itself is held on with adhesive as well. So if you have to replace that youd have to gently pry it off for the repairability score, i give this phone a 7.5 out of 10.. The back plate is fairly easy to pry off and other components, arent too difficult to remove as well. However, there are no adhesive pull tabs to help you pry the battery off so prying. That off might be a little bit difficult and take some time now its time for me to put the phone back together, Music once all the screws are back in place, apply new adhesive and reapply your back plate over the phone power it on and youre done.