It is the smallest sibling of the k20 pro, which is actually the redmi flagship that everybody was anticipating. It does offer some impressive specifications, which includes a snapdragon 730 processor, which is also one of the first phones to have it right. So here is the spec sheet that i have opened, so you can see that it has 6 gb of ram up to 128. Gigs of storage and the snapdragon 730 processor, this android 730 processor was part of the new series that was announced by qualcomm its a 700 series, which attempts to bridge the gap between mid range and flagship processors and performance. Now what this does offer is a few uh new features for xiaomi. One of them is a triple camera setup on the back. You can see theres one camera here, one here and another here, so the primary is a 48 megapixel sensor, of course, and then you have a 13 megapixel ultra wide lens and an 8 megapixel optical uh telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom right. So these are most of the camera features. Now, on the front, if you see there is a no notch, no front camera thats directly visible and the screen stretches all the way to the edges. Its a 6.’ inch amoled display made by samsung and is also hdr rated now im, not sure whether that means netflix will also work in hdr, but there is capability and if xiaomi chooses to, they can add support right now you might be wondering where the front Camera has gone well, thats, the tricky part.

This is where it is its housed in a mechanical pop up sensor that uh lights up as it goes up and down now, xiaomi claims that it goes up in 0.8 seconds, but it did. It does look quite slow. To be honest, i have seen uh faster mechanical pop up modules in the oneplus 7 pro and the likes, which does rise up pretty quickly in comparison to that. This one here, doesnt really seem to be all that fast, but nevertheless its there and that allows the screen to go all the way to the edges, which is a good thing, makes the display immersive and more than that, it does like grab your eyeballs when youre At a party it becomes a cool party trick as well. Now here you have a 48 mp mode, the portrait mode, the night mode and all so. These are all your standard features that you get in every other miui camera. You have the aicm recognition, hdr and the likes, so there are other features. If you go by here. There are a lot of settings options to play around with that. You can have keep having fun now lets. Try clicking a photo to see just how uh the camera performs, so i will be taking the photo of this plant thats here in uh, normal mode and again in 48, megapixel mode. Now, from what ive been hearing the sensor size, the sensor thats used on the redmi k20 is made by sony, but its not the imx 586, but another new sensor that sony has made, which also has 48 megapixel camera looking at it.