My name is tommy and im. The product marketing manager here at xiaomi, im delighted to be here today to introduce xiaomis most stylish series, xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne the new edition and for any, were excited to introduce you an all new color. Today, our brand new color snowflake white at only 6.81 millimeters, its incredibly slim, its slim inside and out with no compromises. We mentioned that it was xiaomis lightest, 5g smartphone earlier so weve also made it extremely light and only 158 grams, with the high res 64 megapixel main sensor ultra wide angle, telemacho lens front camera. This smartphones, outstanding ai camera, will perfectly seize every photo opportunity. In addition to stylish photographies, the phone also comes with a built in suite of creative video features, including an exclusive cinematic filters to style up your videos now powering what you just saw and all the amazing features on this phone is the qualcomm snapdragon 778 g xiaomi 11 lite, 5g and e also supports dual 5g sim for the first six plus 128 variant. It will start from just 369 euros a light phone and light on your wallet and for those who want a higher ram.