This is a three axis smartphone gimbal. This is the update to om4 pretty much. The two gimbals are exactly the same, except for minor uh differences in the size and weight, nothing significant. If you own a om4, i dont really see any reason to upgrade to this, because theyre pretty much almost the same theres only one little feature which is new and is that this gimbal can extend. So if youre a vlogger or you take a lot of selfies in that case, this is useful, but besides that theres no reason to really upgrade theyre pretty much the same and most smartphone gimbals. I personally think uh work pretty much the same. Unlike bigger gimbals for cinema cameras or dslrs or mirrorless cameras, theres a lot more difference there, but uh, and it also comes to personal preferences if you prefer something light or heavy with smartphone gimbals, theyre, all lightweight theyre, all small theyre compact. With this one, there isnt really much that has been updated. Uh. To be honest, i havent uh owned the om4, but i have used it in the past from what i remember it feels very similar. I did have a zygon gimbal in the past for smartphone uh, but yeah just looking at the basic stuff as much as i remember, it is pretty much the same. There isnt much difference with smartphone gimbals, just minor updates and again, like i said, all, goes up to your personal preference, Music, hmm Music, one of the features i do actually like about this gimbal, which is also the same with om4.

I know is this magnetic clamp uh. It actually is quite secure, its quite tight. It works really well, as you can see, let me just demonstrate it quickly here: Music. There you go so, but besides that the gimbal is pretty much all plastic uh, just like most smartphone gimbals, nothing special there. So if uh, this thing is not an important feature for you, then i think theyre definitely a lot more cheaper options out there, because i believe this gimbal comes around 150 60. 70 in that range. I know its a pretty wide range. I just said it, but uh: it is above 150 dollars.