My name is: rose gomera, helping you to grow your audience with online video. So look at patagonia guys lets get into the tutorial. An onamonga going is to install the irion app on your smartphone device, and then you just need to follow the on screen instruction company, download and install smartphone devices all right. The second step is to install or download and install the even app on your laptop or pc. So you just need to go to or well put like a link its the description for mass model, sayo, so website nila. You can choose webcam, for windows, for mac or for ubuntu, so depend this operating system device mode. So if you are using windows, so you need to install or download the webcam for windows in my case, since my laptop is using windows 10. So i choose webcam for windows, download and install the app on your device. You just need to say yes yeah. Once then, i installed app on your smartphone devices and to your pc or laptop usb cable phone number, gigging webcam, so plug into your pc or a laptop. Then your kabilan dollar noman is transparent, also a smartphone in one stockholm i um use the cable mymatikitta like this. You just need to check it always allow from this computer and then tap okay. So you need to open your uh real webcam application, say your smartphone. So guys this is now how it looks like so whats number one is Music Music and for the settings you just need to tap this cool icon, so you can stop for the orientation and pay portrait or it depends on your preferences, and this is the camera.

You can choose back and friends and then autofocus. So the next thing now in latin is to open the aerial webcam on your pc or on your laptop. So i engaged once them open you for your everyone, webcam on your pc or laptop. So my window number my window number option and you can choose your video format. I think then, so you can minimize so Music. You just need to click on. It then go to settings. So you can choose here is camera or everyone welcome to the meeting. So this is how it looks like by zoom meeting. So can click and then choose the riyon, so i dont know if i spell it right array on i really on anyway for your number, you knew right easy to follow. So i hope you guys learned something from this tutorial, so if you do, please dont forget to hit like on this video and subscribe to my youtube channel for more video tutorials.