Is this particular smartphone is my 40th birthday gift to myself guys i turned 40 years old last august 23, 2021 and today, im recording this video september 20th so and im pretty excited also because uh this smartphone uh is supposed to be delivered on october 6, but It came pretty much early, so its around uh two weeks early, so uh kudos. Thank you very much to globe telephone its a local telecommunications company here in the philippines. So, thank you very much again, okay, guys without any more further talk without any more further ado lets proceed with the unboxing, but before anything else, guys, im, luis your dimpled engineer and, of course, im with pretty olaf. Oh my little cute mountain. Where are your eyes? She cute and guys this is our youtube channel Laughter. Okay, guys here is our um package. Lets look whats inside this paper bag from globe telecoms. So, actually guys this package comes with freebies. So here is the the unit itself im very excited, and this is the first freebie. This is the samsung care, plus its an insurance additional insurance for your uh galaxy z, fold three and uh z, flip three, so lets just take a look. What is covered in this samsung care plus? So this is the highlight now, you wont, have to worry about cracked screens and liquid spillage enjoy a worry free experience with your new galaxy device, so thats the main difference guys compared to the regular or basic warranty.

So the samsung care plus will the samsung service center will repair your uh device. The screen uh is damaged or cracked, so free of charge all right. So the other 3b. Is this: the uh z fold, three um s pen with the case. So now guys. You know the unit that i got from globe, so its the samsung galaxy, s8 iii. Okay, guys first lets unpack the the free items Music note package: does this mean that the z fold three is replacing the note series were gon na find out in the near future Music? So here are the contents. Z, flip cover with s pen and the s pen itself, and the 25 watts travel charger. So just take note: cable is not included Music, so here is the charger, basically the same as the other characters from the previews galaxy series, and this is the flip cover the constructions, and this is the. I think this is the replacement tip for the s pen. Yeah – and this is the cover um feels premium, and this is the s pen, guys old, edition nice all right. Okay, guys lets put the freebies aside and lets main event our samsung galaxy z4, oh, and by the way, guys uh. This is not a full review. Video, this is just an unboxing im doing this, because i want to share with you my excitement and i want to document my very first smartphone unboxing, video, Music, Music, nice all right, nice box, very, very slim, Music, and by the way guys.

This is the um 12 gigabytes uh ram with 512 gigabytes of storage. So i think this is the top of the line unit which is available here in the philippines, all right. So this is the qr code for the registration for the galaxy, samsung care plus and then and then this is it guys, my very first unboxing Laughter, oh, what happened here so guys lets just read this vip sales service vip after sale service. So i feel like im a vip right now: 8.4 hours, hotline, free, pickup and delivery, just in case youre, going to have this repaired service express lane, remote assistance, pre appointment, booking loaner unit hassle, free data transfer on site repair by a galaxy van. This is just a guide if youre going to transfer your data from your old phone to the galaxy device, so guys here is our gorgeous beautiful samsung they fold three. Oh my gosh im. Sorry guys, im really excited lets. Put this aside first and lets see whats included so another leaflet regarding samsung care, plus Music. So this is the ejector pin Music whats inside here. Oh the usb type c cable for charging and data transfer and Music quick start guide, Music. Okay, what else? Nothing more! All right, all right now: okay, guys now lets peel the plastic covering three two one: ah, Music, crazy, Music satisfying, and i still cant believe guys that im really holding this very very premium and gorgeous device and man, sorry guys.

Im. Very sorry. Im really excited lets. Try to fold this for the very first time what Music, a folding tablet, wow crazy. My phone doesnt want to focus Music, nice, Music, okay, so lets take a quick uh. 360 degree view. So this are the three main cameras. Okay, i think this is the main camera. This is the super wide angle, camera – and this is the telephoto camera correct me if im wrong guys. So this is the power button, the volume rocker – and this is the sim card slot Music and above i think this is one of the stereo speakers. The mic guys below this is the usb type c charger, another mic and another speaker, grille, Music, okay, guys thats. It thats our uh, very quick unboxing, actually its, not quick because of my excitement: thats our unboxing of um, the samsung galaxy z4 5g from Music yeah from globe telecom, so guys watch out for my full review. I will be doing. I will be using this for around two weeks and ill, give you my my initial thoughts and i will try to compare the camera with my galaxy s21 once again guys. Thank you for watching my very first smartphone unboxing video featuring the galaxy x3 guys. If this is the first time youre watching my channel, i would really appreciate it if you will subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell, so you will be the first one to know whenever i upload funny videos funny exciting videos such as this one and Guys dont forget to click that thumbs up icon and always stay safe, guys be healthy, stay home and god bless.