These little tiny legs like that whoa up like this and then that and now lets time it flip the door swing. This up swing that out, pull this out slap it on thats, pretty quick thats, not bad to get your gimbal going and were also doing a 10 device giveaway so for your shot at winning, make sure youre subscribed to the channel and then leave your twitter handle Down in the comments section of this video for your chance to win one of these cool setups thats, the only one i can check all right. So here weve got a cool product, its called the power vision s1, its actually its kind of more than one single product, its a a little mini ecosystem of devices. That pair together, i mean you look at this at first youre like what even is that, because its so tiny? Actually, then right there, it says not just tiny, so dont get confused theyre, calling it the perfect companion for smartphones. What it is, is a super portable gimbal, slash tracking device for filming video, where it can like track an individual and pivot and also behave like a tripod and then its also a magnetic mounting system to make the process of getting your phone on and off of It easier than some of the other gimbal like devices that are out there theres quite a few things to show off here so well, kick it off with the main unit, oh its also its even a charger, a battery charger as well uh wirelessly.

So you can drop your phone on there and get some extra juice. Why dont? We just read the back of it. Smart rotating stand three axis: stabilized gimbal, portable wireless charger, ai, auto tracking, its able to move and follow me hand gestures as well. So you can start and stop recording and take photos universal magnetic connection well thats with the accessories and whatnot thats how you interface with it. An intelligent, editing, app ultimate compact design. Now its worth mentioning this is currently on indiegogo and there is an early bird deal going on 40 off for early birds, supporting the kickstarter and were also doing a 10 device giveaway. So for your shot at winning, make sure youre subscribed to the channel and then leave your twitter handle down in the comments section of this video for your chance to win one of these cool setups, so im noticing it comes in a few different colors. I dont know which one im gon na have here here. You can see what the rig looks like set up. This is crazy. Small ive messed with smartphone gimbals in the past and maybe because of the magnetic mounting theyre able to really shrink things down, which is nice. So i got the black and gold, thank goodness thats. What i was hoping for heres a little kind of setup guide, which theyve worked into the box. Its kind of nice stay live for, live streaming, live broadcasting, social media applications, you set it up with the little inbuilt tripod or you mount it to another tripod.

I think shes doing some sort of yoga situation, but whatever it is that you happen to be streaming or recording, you dont need a separate camera man, because this device becomes the cameraman the three access anti shaking smartphone gimbal, so stabilizer in there as well 15 hours Of battery life, in combination with being able to use it to charge your phone, if you choose to use it as a wireless charger, so you can see how that works there, you just drop it on to the side and charge up your phone. It also has these magnetic accessories for mounting to your car like up near the on the vent. If you want to mount your your device there, because the case has the inbuilt magnet so its a quick, some quick versatility there as well and the case – has a kickstand its really doing a lot of different things. A lot of different functions in here heres the usbc cable, to charge it up. Then this is the little magnetic mount. Oh, it unscrews, and this is your vent mount if you want to use it in your car as well – and this is the large magnet on the other side, thats whats – going to connect and interface with the case. So this is kind of just like bonus stuff to go with the main attraction, which is the actual s1 its going to unwrap it here. So this is what it looks like this is where youre gon na connect for your wireless charging step.

One oh whoa up like this and then so heres your gimbal portion up top and thats your big magnet, which is going to connect to the case. So this is a nice improvement, assuming that the magnet is powerful, because in the past, with these really slim and portable gimbals, you would have to have some sort of a clamp up here. Usually they were spring loaded often so it could be a bit of a hassle to get your phone in and out of there, and then it also meant that you had to store that portion when it was all tucked away, because the magnets can have a smaller Footprint they can actually fit inside the unit itself to be stored for travel so on the unit theres, the usbc connection point for charging it up theres, also a quarter inch connector at the bottom for mounting to a tripod or similar, but theres also a baked. In look at this, these little tiny legs like that, and now you have a stationary camera that can follow the action and sit on a surface. This is going to be useful for like a tabletop type of scenarios, you also have a joystick over here, so you can control manually the pan and tilt theres a zoom control power switch here on the back of this box. You can see the mounting point in the car up against a wall like in a high traffic location or look at this even on a piece of exercise equipment.

Oh thats, interesting theres, some extra magnets that have been included as well. Oh so you can just 3m. Stick these wherever is convenient and then the case will be able to slap into those spots and its a pretty powerful grip. Actually holy cow. I cant get that off thats just extra functionality as a case all right, so i do have an iphone 12 pro max. Thats the case that they sent us – and this just slaps in like any other case, so its like a rubberized finish to a protective case with a little kickstand as well, so that just lets you i dont know have a maybe on the bedside table. Maybe uh youre browsing youre eating lunch, its its again just another little extra function in there, but then, when it comes to mounting to the gimbal as well, you see this little notch at the top here that slaps in there very powerful and now, of course, youre Using the gimbal without a need for a separate kind of friction based, clamp or anything like that, it just pops on, and pops off, boom youre on youre off youre on youre off thats, the beauty of it, because sometimes the reason you dont use. These things is because you know just getting them on and off of there like setting it up might not be you might avoid it. You just be like. Oh, just let me get the shot real, quick and just go with the phone itself, but if its easy – and in this case its a magnetic you – you might go to the gimbal uh more frequently and then end up with the stable, smooth, buttery smooth type shots.

This is if you dont want to use the case. Ah yes, but yeah, so i presume, if you want to go caseless, you could use the bare phone and just slap this portion on there. Oh, and this, i guess, is the universal equivalent. So if you wanted to connect the device that you didnt have the case for or you didnt want to use the magnet, then then you have your typical spring loaded setup, so you could slap any phone in there. It was a powerful connection on this one holy wow. I do want to try the wireless charger function, so let me just go ahead and get this folded up boom boom down here down. Oh look: thats, pretty quick thats, your total fold down sequence. Now, if i power this up little indicator here shows me three dots out of a possible four theyve built in this really wild contraption, so the kickstand is actually more than just a kickstand and im just realizing now, since you can spin it, the fact that you Can spin it means you can use it in landscape yeah. So obviously this is a little bit more comfortable for that purpose, but it actually does even more than that. So this tiny little kickstand kind of controls the whole behavior of this thing. So by sliding it down like this now you are removing the magnetic portion, or at least sliding it out of the way to clear up this section right here which allows you to pass through wireless charge from this unit.

Now you can wire charge as well. If you have a type c, cable uh, you can just plug it in there and charge off of here that way. But if you want the convenience of wireless, you just slide this portion down and youre charging up there. Now you do need to tap the power button for like one second, so it goes into kind of a secondary mode. You see the orange light here, thats the charge mode. If you press and hold the power button for three seconds, then you go into the full gimbal functionality. The other cool thing here is that the magnet is now gone so earlier. I was messing around with these and i was like okay, you could slap this to anything, but it was actually hard to get it off because it was stuck there with nothing to grip onto if i have it in the stock position – and i put this magnet On now, im like oh, i cant. How do i crank that off, but because of this little slider, i do a twist slide down boom the magnet flies off so thats some theres, some engineering going on there to figure out how to do that. All right. So there is an app to go with this called vision plus s1, its going to look for your device im going to press and hold. I can see the battery life remaining is nine hours and just like that now, im within the app has time lapse.

Slow motion, video photo and panorama im gon na get this gimbal back deployed lets time it flip the door swing. This up swing that out, pull this out slap it on thats, pretty quick thats, not bad to get your gimbal going lets go ahead and actually do some gimbal action here. Thats kind of the point of this, and as mentioned the beauty here, is the portability, the ability to get it up and running quickly, set up very fast and thats through the power of magnets which, as youre well aware, ive been a big fan of magnets. For a while, and so of course we got the master mo behind the wheel here and, as you can see, the phone is mounted up and thats a big phone by the way, so its about as heavy as youre, probably going to mount on there and the Motors in the gimbal are more than capable on the pro max model. You can see it flinging around from portrait to landscape. Now, probably the flagship feature here is the ability to track not just moving subjects, not just humans and pets, but also objects. So, as you can see here, its locked on the plant and no matter where he moves the camera its going to keep that in the center of the frame and as he moves over here to another object, the same is true. In fact, you can create shots. Simply by drawing these boxes onto the frame and not even moving the gimbal at all, like you, dont need any input after that now heres a tougher subject.

Of course, this is the world famous otis and hes been known to chase a ball every so often, but the gimbal is not phased. In fact, it wasnt even faced by the old man badminton right here – well thats, not a surprise, because it wasnt all that fast moving, but this uh it might even be able to keep up with linus tech tips on the on the badminton skills. Thats the capability there uh but anyway, as you can tell here it its not a lot of input necessary from the handler and thats the beauty of it. So you can just worry about following the action just getting in the rough vicinity and then drawing out whatever it is. You want to track and then youre pretty much done, youre going to have the footage captured so its going to be good for sports. Its going to be good for uh all types of action environments, but also, if youre filming yourself, because often youll see these vlogs and things online that where the individual is like moving around a frame and its just not ideal. This lets you frame yourself up if youre on a front facing camera and have the exact same effect and impact where youre not having to worry as much about the composition of the frame. Instead, the gimbal is completely taking care of it in app now. The other thing i should mention is that theres, like a background mode, so that you can bring this tracking into other applications, not just video recording, because you might want to have the tracking exist inside of facetime or some other video conferencing app.

And so you can launch this background app, which will bring the tracking through. You may even just want to use the uh phone specific video recording for whatever reason, if it has some feature you like, or maybe you want to bring the tracking over to social media, like i dont know, snapchat or tick tock or whatever it is that you Happen to be using whichever app you like to record in this tracking feature moves through there as well, so the zoom functionality. Some of these hardware controls tap into the phone through the software, as you can see here, so just simply pushing in the zoom on the handle means you dont have to reach up and touch the phone screen if you dont want to, of course, the joystick portion On the gimbal works in the same fashion, its a hardware button for a software feature now keep in mind. As mentioned. This thing is equally capable in a stationary position. In fact, i think this is going to be one of the ways that many people use. This is to set it up on a desk and frame up a shot that way or for a video conference face time situation, as mentioned previously Music. Now, when it comes to versatility power, vision really imagines you kind of moving into the whole ecosystem. So once you have this case on your phone youre opening up all the magnetic accessories that go along with it, but even if you choose not to go with the case and you go with this little adapter its the same situation, they have this variety of ways To interface with the product, so it could be as simple as mounting to the gimbal or to the wall or in the car as youll see in a moment here plus.

If you get the universal adapter shown off, then it really opens things up to any phone that you have in your inventory. I dont expect you to have an inventory quite like the one that weve got here, but it just means any phone can work. So there you have it, that is the power vision, s1 and the whole ecosystem of accessories to go along with it. You can go check their website, see if your phone is on there, but, like i said with the universal accessories, you can kind of use this with any smartphone. Of course the charging is built in there, as mentioned previously. You can get on there and just wirelessly charge, which is a nice little backup and they just put together a really portable package here. So you can slap the whole thing in your pocket and get set up very quickly. Oh yeah and also remember there is a giveaway happening so make sure to check the description. This video for the details.