A little all right so were looking at this little gimbal, as you can see its very very compact, its about six, a little over six and about six and a half inches up to around 23 inches, and it opens up like this. You do have these rubber feet on the bottom and if you extend this out, you have this aluminum bar. So if youre using it as a selfie, stick its very sturdy and strong and then if you need to use it for a tripod, you can actually open it up and you have it sitting just like that as a tripod and then, of course, you have the Gimbal aspect as well so before we get into that, let me show you whats included, really quickly, so you have this little user guide, this little type c, usb charging cable, this little bag to store and carry it in which just has a little bit of a Logo on the bottom and thats, the box that it comes in so anyway, now one of the cool aspects, as opposed to the coin cell, operated batteries that a lot of the bluetooth remotes use. This is a rechargeable unit and instead of sliding in and out its just magnetic, which is very, very convenient. I love magnets, so thats really cool all right. So on this little remote button, you have your shutter button. You have your power button and you have your mode button, so go ahead and put that in place there, the gimbal itself, the charging port is right there.

The charging for this is on the back right there. Obviously, this is much smaller its going to charge faster than this. I just charge them overnight, so its ready to go. If i need it, but your charging port is right here. There is a little sticker right there, which is actually convenient in case youre, not aware of operation or someone else is using this and it talks about the uh, lock and unlock. So if you turn that it locks and unlocks so it locks into place its not going anywhere or like that, and then it does so well leave it a lot for the moment. You got your power right there, so you just press and hold that to turn that on and this can be used in vertical or horizontal and it does have something called inception mode. So its sort of a spin so well take a look at that. Let me get my phone, so i have a galaxy note: 9., one its kind of a heavy phone and two its a fairly big phone with the case and everything and not all holders are capable of holding it. This one seems to manage it without any issue. So thats really good. So let me get this opened up. All right. Weve got our spring loaded, arms, its rubber shouldnt damage or scratch, or anything so dont worry too much about that and i believe it supports. I think its. I wrote it down on here.

7.2 inch yeah 7.2 inch, so good support as far as the actual phone goes, um ill go ahead and place this in the gimbal and im going to press and hold the power all right. So i got the remote on and you can see right now. It just flops wherever it wants to, but if i push and hold the power here now, weve got that gimbal functionality operating so its very smooth. And if i hit the mode button, it becomes a horizontal and then, if i press and hold you can see the inception mode, so thats kind of cool all right. So now uh charging time again, i just leave it overnight. Five to six hours is the estimated use. I guess it depends on uh exactly how heavy your phone is. If that kind of factors in so now, im going to switch im going to turn the phone on and just use the selfie and show you the vertical horizontal and the inception mode real quickly, i think thats pretty much it if you want to find out more About this therell be a link below the video you can check out further details, but otherwise lets just check out a quick example of what this looks like when its being used. So you can know more what to expect. Okay thanks for watching all right. So this is the gimbal im using it in a vertical orientation and im moving it quite a bit all right now, if i switch to horizontal or landscape mode, and if i do the inception, all right now, im going to turn off the gimbal functionality and show You what it looks like if i didnt have the gimbal active all right.

So now the phones already crooked, but now the gimbal is not active. So when i move this, it doesnt really do a very good job and the phone just wants to rock all over the place. So you dont have the smoothness. It also doesnt seem to be staying in frame as well, so it actually works quite well and because its so compact, its very easy to have it with you at any time.