So the question is: should you be considering the redmi 10 prime hello? My name is siddhar and in this video i am going to help you answer this very question. How well i have spent over a week with this phone and have put this device through a number of performance tests, battery test, camera test, gaming and so on, and i feel i am in a good position to tell you whether this phone is worth your hard Earned money Music. So is this worth the asking price? Well, the short answer is yes, you should consider purchasing this phone, the newest budget, offering from xiaomi and im going to tell you why, but before we go ahead, be sure to hit that bell icon to get notified. Whenever we put out a new video and dont forget to subscribe to the channel while you are at it, so lets get the basic specifications out of the way. First, the redmi 10 prime runs on a mediatek helio g88 chip, along with features like a 50 megapixel primary camera, 90 hertz refresh rate display and a large 6000 mah battery, which makes it a compelling choice for those looking for a phone under 15k, the redmi 10 Prime is the first phone in india to be powered by the helio g88 soc, but id like to point out here that, even though it is the successor to the g85, it is not a massive upgrade when it comes to the performance.

It has the same. Cpu cores and the gpu as the g85, but the g88 brings in support for 90 hertz 1080p display and up to 64 megapixel cameras. The helio g88 chip also brings the hyper engine 2.0, which offers better cpu and gpu optimizations. So i anyway expected marginally better performance out of the phone and it did not disappoint the redmi 10 prime got decent scores in our usual benchmark test in antutu. It topped the scoreboard leaving behind phones like the redmi 9 prime narso 30a, and the redmi note 10.. This means that there is an uptick in performance across the board and you can generally expect reliable performance. The scores of this phone on geekbench, which measures cpu performance, is also at power, but is bested by the redmi note 10.. In 3d mark ii, the redmi 10 prime performed well, which means that the graphic performance of this phone is decent and an improvement over the previous generation. Similarly, in the pc mark performance test, this phone topped the scoreboard, which means that it can carry tasks like web browsing photo and video editing very easily. These numbers, however, are not indicative of real world performance, so we use the phone over several days, watching videos playing games, checking our social media feeds and more to determine whether it is able to do all those little tasks that people normally do, and i saw that It was easily able to do all those tasks without any lag or issues.

The miui 12.5 is fluid with smooth animations and navigating through the ui was no problem at all. We played call of duty mobile djmi and a couple of other games on the 10 prime and it was able to run all of them decently, with only minor frame drops here and there in games. Like cod, we measured the gaming performance using game bench where cod recorded 59 fps at 77 stability, while bgmi recorded 30 fps at 96. Stability asphalt 9, on the other hand, recorded 58 fps at a stability of 82. Now this phone also has stereo speakers which are nice and loud. So you can listen to music or watch videos, Applause, but do carry a good earphone along when watching a movie or traveling, since it is also high res certified. The fingerprint reader on the side is snappy in unlocking the phone, and you should not face any problem there. Music, the 10 prime, has a 6000 mah battery, which is great, as it lasted me over two days on a casual use with a single charge. Even if you are a heavy user and watch a couple of movies and play games, this phone will easily last you a day and then some Music, i think ill – have to charge this phone first, its finally fully charged after 2.5 hours. As you can see, the only issue here is the fast charging support. The redmi 10 prime supports 18 watt fast charging, which is pretty slow to fill up the 6000 mah battery quickly.

It took over 2.5 hours to fully charge from 0 to 100, so you will still have to plug in the phone at night to charge. The cameras on the redmi 10 prime, are said to be one of its biggest upgrades, while xiaomi remains coy on the camera. Sensors used in the phone, the 50 megapixel primary camera is great for taking pictures in daylight, but fails during the night and in low light. Pictures from the primary camera retain details and have natural colors. The dynamic range is decent and the exposure and saturation levels are also balanced at night the camera is average at best, and the images lose out on details and sharpness night mode does very little in optimizing low light. Images and pictures are filled with noise. The portrait mode works well, but some of the images didnt have as much clarity as in the normal mode. We also found out that the camera bumps up the saturation levels while processing the portrait images, but it remains pleasing to the eye. There is a 50 megapixel mode for taking high res images and it works well. The pictures have more details and are much sharper than the pixel bend images. These pictures also have accurate colors with visibly more textures and clarity. The 8 megapixel ultra white camera takes decent shots with minimal barrel distortion, but the colors often turn towards cooler tones which is different from the colors we get from the main sensor.

The center of the picture remains in focus and retains sharpness, but the sides, and especially the edges, is where it loses some clarity. The macro camera takes good pictures in well lit conditions, but honestly its just there to make up the numbers. Focusing is a bit of struggle with the macro mode, especially when we have a low res 2 megapixel sensor, so dont expect too much from it. The redmi 10 prime feels well built, even though its made out of plastic its not very thin but weighs 192 grams, which is six odd grams lesser than the redmi 9 prime. Considering this phone has a larger battery too. It is not p2i certified or ip rated, but xiaomi says its flash proof, as it has a rubber seals and corrosion resistant ports. There are three colors on offer: the phantom black astral white and bifrost blue, which is what xiaomi sent us. This color has a blue gradient glossy finish and is highly reflective, so much so that you can use it as a mirror. It also attracts lots of smudges and fingerprints, so we recommend using the case. This phone has a 6.5 inch display with full hd plus resolution and supports up to 90hz refresh rate. The display is just about fine to watch videos, tv shows and movies, but has a slightly bluish tint. While it is not an amoled panel, the display is good enough for basic use and 90 hertz refresh rate provides an overall smooth experience.

The bezels surrounding the display are minimal safe for the prominent chin. The notch cutout is slightly bigger in size, but that does not affect the viewing experience at all. The screen also has a layer of gorilla glass 3 for added protection, which is a nice addition. Music, the redmi 10 prime, is a huge step up in the redmi number series and offers a great combination of specs and features. However, its price point puts it dangerously close to the redmi note 10, and that phone is a better performer and a great value for money deal that said, features like the stereo speakers, 50 megapixel, camera 90, hertz refresh rate and a huge battery all nicely packed in A well built design makes it a compelling option. Now the price of this phone might put off a lot of buyers, but what you get is a significant upgrade over the redmi 9 prime in areas like display battery cameras and just the overall look and feel of the 10 prime makes it worthy for consideration. That was our review of the redmi 10 prime.