We have got the redmi note 10 pro. So this is what the box looks like very nice um on the sides. It says redmi uh, note 10 pro with easy access to google apps you use most, and it says that on the other side too, nothing on the bottom and yeah so yeah, the redmi note 10 pro um its really cool, so um im going to unbox it To get that out and boom that is sick, so were just gon na open this up and yeah satisfying status. Whoa were going to put this aside, get that out of the way. So this is just an adapter that came with it. Okay, designed by redmi, were going to open that up and what do we have there we go um. This is oh, so thats the phone were going to get to that later were just going to see whats in here, open that up and yeah. So weve got this to insert it here for your sim card, so lets see whats in here, and this also this all – and this also has a cover over in here – and that is nice um. I wont put the um im gon na put this aside and yeah, so we have um some notes so im gon na take this out gently whoa. So this is um glacier blue um, so it has 108 megapixel quad camera, oh and telemacho lens um. What else 120 hertz ammo led 6.

67 inch dot display um dual speakers qualcomm snapdragon 732, which isnt that bad uh? My phone is um 888 um snapdragon and 33 watt fast charging, um 5 020 million power battery okay. So we have a usb and not usb c but yeah, and then weve got our 33 watt charging charging cable, so brick, cable, so thats why we have an adapter. So i can put it in here and were gon na get uh get into this phone. So lets um peel it, and that is amazing. That is amazing. I really like the design, like its got a really its got a nice camera bump like its really meant to be there. You know, so it kind of sticks out. You know that its there and im just gon na take this off um. Oh thats, nice, okay, okay, so we are going to get into this phone right now. Okay, so um ive got everything out on the desk. This video ive had ive actually had to rearrange lots of stuff because uh yeah, so i can put my stand over there, so we are now going to get into um the appearance of the phone. The camera bump looks really premium, but it makes the phone rock a bit. The glacier blue makes this phone feel like it has a personality. This is a matte finish and it feels really nice when you pick it up its quite lightweight it isnt too heavy its. Also, really comfortable to hold the view of this phone is good to look at so now we know what it looks like and how it feels um.

We are going to test out the camera, which is yeah, so were gon na go outside and do this uh yeah um just wait. Three two one go oh wow! Oh, that was fast. So now were going to test out the cameras im going to take a few pictures and videos from it and yeah. This is me being weird same thing, but different picture Music. This is called a photo window window. This is a portrait photo with my eyebrow raised. This is what the photo sound button sounds like so heres. Some features on the camera so so far down the bottom. Weve got pro mode, weve got video photo portrait and if you go on more therell, be lots of them. So if you go on vlog, it will do this a video type thing so yeah we could do lots of stuff. We can do clones theres, also um 108 megapixel, um theres, also a short video, uh vlog again uh. You can also do dual videos and uh. What else long exposure slow motion? Para Music panorama? So you could do lots of stuff on here, but i cant show you all those features: um no yeah because were gon na move on to something else. So anyways next topic, customization. So, im going to some screen record on this and im going to show you some cool stuff that you can do classic auto, rotate a light and dark mode battery saver level of brightness.

You can choose if you want and always on display sound and vibration, Music. So now weve looked into the customization and stuff like that in the settings we are going to move on again to display just display yeah one way not dis play yet display: okay, okay, thats thats. It has a 120 head. Ammo lid display hdr, 10, 1, 200. Nits at peak point, six, seven inches one in gorilla, glass: five, i cant get that no cave screen, which is kind of good. Oh – and i forgot this is when the case is on its a clear case, so wont do too much. So we are now going to speak of the price. Now this um its its just great one of the best smart best budget smartphones out there mid range, like its got all those specs that all those high end top phones have, but not all, not all, but it has a lot of them. Play 120 heads 108 megapixel camera thats, good um, it has its own night mode 2.0 and yeah. Its just great. The camera is quite good. I reckon its actually better than the um iphone 12. um. Sorry to my friend, uh tegan um. He has the iphone uh. He has the iphone 12 and i think this is better, and this is only like, maybe like well, i think, um its like 200 and something well. It depends on where youre getting the phone from so um.

How well it does well, it um it sucks. No im joking im, joking, obviously it is great for this type of price. Just for this, it is just great well um yeah, so how well it does in the competition not its doing good lots of people like so um yeah. I recommend to you this phone. If uh, if youre not too big of a spender because youre getting a lot of youre getting lots of stuff for just if maybe a few hundred dollars um, i just like to say thank you for watching. Hopefully, you consider liking or subscribing um. That would be really cool um because yeah, why not the buns right there, okay, so um in all seriousness. Thank you for watching.