This is my youtube channel, though my world, and it looks like im about to find a new spot to do my video outdoor videos, because apparently people start recognizing who i am and uh started coming around that area, and you know talking loud trying to be on The video and all that stuff – and it was like at first, i thought it was my imagination, but then, when you started getting some of the new people and some of the same people, you start realizing. Okay, you know whats going on dont, take too long to figure out so im going to find a new spot, but im outside right now and uh im outside. So, if you hear any noise cars, you know you know the deal anyway. What i want to wrap to you about is syntex wireless thats c. I n t e x wireless now. As you know, q link has got been rated by the feds okay, so a lot of people are looking for a different place to go. So i did some looking around and i was really shocked at how much uh it used to be my favorite uh government wireless service called safelink. I was shocked how much they changed when i went to their website and i started to sign up for it. Oh, my god, its so so much bs on there now its crazy matter of fact. They even force you to uh. You know they dont even give you the option.

They they force you to to not only take the lifeline, but to add your uh emergency broadband too. Now – and i thought that was wrong, so i did some searching around on my day off and i mean a lot and i came across centrics wireless c. I n t e x. I have some notes thats what im looking at okay now, what i like about them is one they give you option to just use your lifeline or to use your lifeline and your emergency broadband benefits, your ebb, okay and the deal is most people dont understand it. Those are two different individual things, so you can use, get a government phone and use lifeline, and then you can use your emergency broadband benefits with a whole different service for you. Yet your home or your apartments internet, like you, know, with comcast or verizon or whatever yeah. Those are two totally different services and they let you choose – and i love that so i did i signed up for them, and the application process was pretty easy. Okay, its pretty standard like most, but it gives you a lot its pretty standard like most, but it gives you a lot more options. Okay, as in like i stated you can you choose lifeline or you can post both choose lifeline and eb e bb? Okay, now the cool thing about uh centrix is this, and you know i always lay it online. Is that once you go through the whole thing you get qualified and basically the application starts with you put your email address in it, plus your zip code, so they can see.

If you, you know the service, your area, then you know you fill out the rest. Its a real easy application. Okay, if i can do it, you can do it so then after you do all that and youre approved. Of course, theyll tell you to prove right there. If youre not theyll, tell you what you need to do to get approved simple, then you get to pick your phone now heres the deal with that they have really good quality phones. What i mean by that is, you can look at the name brands of each of those phones and youll know them samsung lg, moto. Okay, you get the idea. If you heard the name – and you know about smartphones, then you understand that they have some name brand phones. So what makes them so uniquely different than all the others, and what got me excited? This is the first one. Now i want to tell you this: if they could do it, other people can do it that other people just been too cheap. This is the first government phone site that i have ever seen that offers iphone thats right now. Let me explain to you, because you know i like it online, it offers the iphone se first generation, not the latest one that came out, but it offers the first generation, okay, which is still very good reason, for that is, i think they still got. Maybe another year of software updates from apple that youll be able to have on that phone, which is makes it very valuable now the way they work yeah, they do have quality phones, but the way they work you can either buy the phone and say you dont Want to have any type of uh obligation to them or you could say.

Okay, i will use your company for four months. I will stay with them as my government phone for four months. If you do that, the phones, free okay, now im really excited about that, because this gives you the opportunity, if you ever wanted to get into the apple demographic, if you ever want to learn how to use facetime to use all those different apple apps that you Hear so much about okay, now is the opportunity and the phone is free. The phone is free, its the se first generation iphone, okay, and even even though its an older iphone. The hardware on it is stronger than some of the cheaper android phones right now. Okay, i think it comes with like two gigs of uh ram Music theres, a lot of phones out there. That comes with only like one half gigs of ram okay, so it comes with more ram Music than some of the cheaper um android phones that you get now with these other government phone services. Okay, so thats awesome and number two which makes that so unique and im really excited about this thats. What i want to tell you about it? What makes it so unique is this if you need tech support, because i used to work for apple, i was a tier one. Tech support, okay, and if you need tech support, not only are you going to get tech support from the company centrics, but because its a apple product that theyre still supporting you can actually call apple and get tech support from them too.

So you get tech support from two places for the government, phones and youre. Just not gon na find that at some of these other places, these other government phone sites and youre definitely not going to find that at safe length, and they are very straight up. They they tell you right there, okay in detail, they give you all the information theyre straight up with you, theyre, very transparent, all right. So this is, i mean, im, really excited about this and ill. It takes two to seven days business days to get the phone. Okay, ill, let you know when i get mine ill, try to do a review of it and let you know how the service is. Okay, so its called centrix wireless okay, i think yall, like it all right, and that is my review – how to get yourself a free government phone how to get yourself a iphone people iphone. Okay were talking so now, just because youre low income does not mean that you cannot get into the apple demographics now and get to enjoy facetime and all the other little apple apps that are out there and you get the experiences yourself for free okay. So i had to get that to you get that information to you go ahead and jump on as soon as possible. Also that clear something up. Only one person per household can get used lifeline, but that just means that lets say lets say your grandmother is on users lifeline right, so she has the apple phone.

But if your cousin is staying with you, your cousin also can apply for it because theyre not part of your immediate family. Okay, you get what im saying i dont believe they changed that rule, but thats, where it used to be okay, all right anyway, ill wrap to yall. Later, i just had to give you all this society news go ahead and get yourself that free iphone test it out enjoy im telling you youre going to see a totally different, even even though its an older iphone youre going to see a totally different experience with That iphone than you would with android, and now you can judge for yourself.