The n40 pro this isnt a rugged phone, unlike the s97 pro that we reviewed recently. However, it packs a meter, tech, helio, p60 chipset 6380 milliamp hour battery 6 gigs of ram 128 gigs of built in internal storage and a quad camera setup. If you are interested in getting this device, heres our full review Music, the doogee n40 pros design will automatically remind you of the poco m3. It comes with a thin and light body made with a sleek polycarbonate leatherette design and is slightly curved towards the frame. Also, on the back youll see this massive piece of black glass which houses the quad camera setup and the large doji logo. The doji n40 pro is available in four different colors, namely midnight blue forest, green caramel brown and classic black, which is the one we have up front. We have the 6.52 inches ips hd plus screen with an aspect ratio of 20 by 9.. You will also find here the earpiece, the 16 megapixel front shooter and the indicator light tucked away in the teardrop notch. Theres no glass protection mentioned, but it comes with a pre installed screen protector. The bezels are small enough, except for the chin per usual for button. Ports on the right side contains the volume, rockers and power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, while on the left is the hybrid dual sim card tray. The buttons are made out of plastic. They are easy to reach and tactile.

Nothing can be found at the top. Meanwhile, down at the bottom, we have the main microphone usb c port and the loudspeaker overall, despite its made out of a faux leather material, i still like the design its easy to grip. Lightweight and fingerprint resistant moving on to its display, the n40 pro is equipped with a 6.52 inches ips lcd panel with a 1620×720 resolution, which equates to 269 ppi. The screen is vibrant and good enough for reading text. Viewing photos watching videos and playing games viewing angles are decent too. The screen can also get really bright, so you can comfortably use it outdoors. If you dont like to see the notch, while you use a specific app, you have the option to hide it. As for audio, the phone comes with a single downward firing speaker and it gets really loud if youre looking for the best sound quality at this price range. Well, you better be looking elsewhere. The absence of a headphone jack at this price range is also a potential turn off for some. So keep that in mind if youre, considering this particular device. As for software, the n40 pro runs on android 11., its a pretty straightforward ui, almost stock android and uses an app drawer with custom, icons and wallpapers. It uses on screen navigation keys by default and theres. Also, a gesture controls that you can find under the settings menu. We get the usual google apps and thats pretty much it as for additional features.

It comes with digital, well being and parental control to keep track of on screen time and add content restrictions and set other limits to help your child balance screen time out of the 128 gigs of internal storage, youll get a 118 gigs and if thats still not Enough theres a dedicated micro sd card slot, so you dont need to worry now powering the n40 pro is a helio p60 paired with an arm: mali, g72, gpu, 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. Doing basic tasks such as navigating the ui and browsing the web and the performance is smooth all throughout. However, the device tends to slow down a bit if there are three or more apps that are running on the background. We tried playing games in impact on it and we experienced some frame drops. You can improve the performance if you lower the settings and also do take note that the phone does heat up a little for some numbers here are the benchmark scores that we got for biometrics. There is a side mounted fingerprint sensor and a face recognition. They work. Okay, but theyre slow and take a little while to unlock. Moving on to the cameras. The doozy n40 pro features a quad rear cameras with a 20 megapixel main, an 8 megapixel ultra wide 8 megapixel macro, and a 2 megapixel depth sensor up front is a 16 megapixel samsung selfie camera images produced from the n40 pro are quite impressive, though.

Definitely not perfect, but with good lighting, they can look pretty good. It has great dynamic range, good contrast, sharp details and rich colors. As for ultrawide images, look grayish in the colors that make some scenarios look gloomy. The portrait mode does a pretty good job of separating the subject from the background, though sometimes it can be quite a hit or miss the n40 pro is also capable of shooting macro photos, but dont expect good quality. Also, there is no dedicated night mode here, so its advisable to avoid low light shots with this device, as it gets muddy. It makes a lot of noise selfies, on the other hand, are sharp with accurate colors that are good for social media postings theres, a beauty mode. If you opt to have a smoother skin video wise, it can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and the quality is okay. However, it struggles sometimes to focus on the subject, and it also doesnt feature any stabilization when it comes to connectivity. The doji n40 pro has the basics like lte, wi, fi, bluetooth and gps. Dual sim is supported, but its a hybrid setup, so you wont be able to use two sims. If you have a micro, sd card installed battery wise, a 6380mah battery powers, the m40 pro, it also supports 24 watt fast charging that will take up to two and a half hours to recharge from zero to a hundred in the pcmx battery test.

The battery life was rated 21 hours and 25 minutes, which is great. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test, which entails the phone to be at airplane mode at 50, brightness 50 volume with headphones plugged in the device gave us 25 hours and 35 minutes of playback. Now lets talk about the price where this device absolutely stand out for less than 8 000 pesos. The n40 pro packs good capabilities at a lower price. It has a big storage to start off a massive 6380 ml hour battery, with support for 24 watt fast charging and a usb type c port. However, if you are thinking of getting a new budget smartphone in this tier, we recommend that you get the poco m3. Instead, so what do you guys think about the doogee and 40 pro? Do you consider getting this one? Well, do let us know in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit for the latest Tech news and reviews this has been a real and ill catch.