What did i like, and what did i did not like guys just bear with me. My voice is a little bit iffy. I had terrible cold for the last week. Hence that did not post any videos. Anyways uh lets break it down between the pros and cons and guys, i wont get into the specs and all of those things. If you want to know that watch my unboxing video have covered all that, but for specs again guys here are the specs for uh. This device, and now i feel its a pretty decent, mid range smartphone, considering that it starts at twenty six thousand. I was checking the flip card page uh. The base rating that starts with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage is for uh, 26. 000. Again, you have some card offers, but thats what it is. Anyways lets uh break it down during the pros and cons, and the first thing that i liked about this device – and this is unique guys – and this is regarding the screen. Yes, it has that amoled screen, and this is again that 120 hertz screen you can actually adjust it inside. If you want and you can go here, you have to go into more settings and the screen refresh rate. As you can see, you can force it to 120 hertz. I have kept it taught auto for most of the time, so whenever it needs that 120 hertz it goes, and you can also put it on 60 hertz to save a bit of battery.

But i never did that. I mostly used it forced it at high, and but i reverted back because i felt the auto was also doing a good job, so again, 120 hertz and all these things. This has become normal in this price range, so nothing unique about it. Uh, i, like it 120 hertz, because some of the vendors are going still with 90 hertz uh display. But what i like is, if you notice this smartphone its not very huge and bulky in the hand its having a 6.43 inch screen and its an amoled screen. Good quality amoled screen, so it does not feel very bulky apart from that, if you have noticed in many of the mid range phones in this price point, whenever i talk about the screen uh, the screen quality is good. Amoled screens are very punchy, so watching videos and stuff is good, but most of them are actually not that bright. For example, when you use it outdoors, i often say that the screen was not that bright, but thats not the case with this one, even in outdoor conditions, when you leave it on auto brightness. Actually now it gets enough bright that you can easily see the screen. So i feel in that department they have done a good job. In fact, if i recall the specs, they say that um outdoor brightness, it can go up to a thousand net, so that is a good thing and a good quality.

Amoled next thing, and again this comes down to the feel and everything guys as ive told you. It feels comfortable in the hand neither it feels heavy nor light the weight balance has been done well on this one, and what i like is this back again. If you look at this back pattern, and even in my unboxing video, i told you, this looks pretty unique and i like this design uh. This is a very different sort of a design and i would say its just not looks guys. This is functional. Also, in fact, the back resist your fingerprints again im using it without the case, though, the case comes inside the box, i havent used it no fingerprints or anything on this one, and this actually provides a little bit of grip. For example, as you can see, i can hold this phone like this and it just wont slip away. So not only this design looks unique, i would say it stands out, but i feel its functional and i feel they should continue with this sort of a design in their future phones. Also, next thing is regarding the processor. This comes with the snapdragon 778 soc, which is the 5g one, and i have to say guys. The performance is actually really good on this one. I did not face any issues of lagginess or anything, its a very, very fast processor, one of the best in the 7x series in the what from the qualcomm uh.

So in terms of performance, you dont have to worry about it. In fact, uh, i was a little bit worried about the battery life also, but the battery life is also very good, because this power, this processor, is actually very power efficient. So, a very good processor that you are getting with this one uh, though this comes in two variants, guys six gigabytes of ram and eight gigabytes of ram uh realme is also having that dynamic, uh ram expansion, for example. This is the eight gigabyte ram variant and if you click on here, as you can see, you have that ram expansion option, you can disable it if you want by default, it is on by default, will be set to three gigabytes and you can go all the Way up to five gigabytes so think of this as sort of virtual ram, uh ive just kept it uh now to two uh gb and in day to day performance uh. I did not find any issues with this smartphone. So again, i didnt feel the need for that access ramp, but that option is there if youre running simultaneously some heavy apps uh you dont have to worry about it. It has that dynamic ram functionality now going to uh the functionality, and i dont know about you, but i still take a lot of calls by the smartphone like this, and here i have to say, the earpiece quality is excellent. On this smartphone uh again, i took a lot of calls with this one.

Even long calls, and also we dont – have that proximity sensor issue with this device, so in terms of the earpiece and even network reception uh, those things are done well on the smartphone. Even if you have sort of a business user who takes long calls, that is not a problem. The earpiece quality is very good, and no proximity sensor issue on that. So in terms of that one, they have actually done a really good job and also in terms of network reception. I felt it is good, and one strange thing is that i feel the wi fi reception and even the bluetooth reception on this one is done very. Very well, i tested this with multiple uh. What do you say? Bluetooth, headsets, ranging from budget ones to higher end ones, and i did not have any issues with bluetooth range on this one. I also tested the wi fi and i i just want to tell you guys. The wi fi performance is so good on this device. To give you an example guys this is the uh galaxy fold three. This is the flagship from samsung cost, almost one lakh. Fifty thousand so lets do one thing lets uh. I have uh the same router im gon na connect uh. This is the 8 0 fiber connection that i have and lets connect to the same server and lets run the. What do you say: wi fi speed test. First on this one, this is the flagship fold three and lets see the speeds that generally i max out around five foot, uh thirty, five, forty uh.

As you can see, we are getting about five hundred on this folder three, and this is the best of the best guys. As you know, uh upload were getting slightly higher about 540 or something now lets see uh. What are the wi fi results that we get on this smartphone guys remember the price of the smartphone, okay and uh yeah same server. I just wanted to test with the same server lets just do that lets see what do we get and uh here? Also, as you can see, 470 480 ive seen it going to about 500, also again its what you say: wi fi guys, so sometimes it goes up and down, as you can see, upload and upload it. Actually, it is beating even uh this galaxy fold, three. So, to summarize guys, i ran it earlier. Also, if you go to results, actually results. As you can see earlier, i ran. I got a speed of 552., so it was almost close to what the network reception i was getting on uh even to the fold three. What does that mean? That means that, in terms of wi fi reception and antennas used on this, one are very, very good, uh, its almost as good as that is used in flagship, so in terms of network reception, wi, fi and all those things they havent compromised. Thats, what i wanted to say, and even the bluetooth range was very, very good on this smartphone.

Okay, now lets move to the next thing and again this is also marketed as a 5g smartphone and im glad that they are not doing gimmicks in terms of 5g bands uh. This smartphone supports eight 5g brands, guys not a gimmick like some other vendors are doing. Just giving one or two brands of 5g and calling it 5g so that way also i like this one, okay and now moving to gaming. Again, i am not a heavy gamer. If you guys know, i played call of duty on this one and i could actually put the graphics settings to the max guys, not high, very high, but even at max, and it ran it fine without any issues. Again guys. I played a couple of games of call of duty and i did not face any issues but im, not a hardcore gamer. If you want to know about the full gaming capabilities of this smartphone check out uh other youtubers, who are heavily do gaming, but again even after gaming, a couple of games and after using this phone as ive told you used it for more than 10 days. I never had an issue of any overheating, or something like that. So that way also the processor 778 is actually a really uh nice. One okay now lets talk about the battery on this one. This one on paper has uh just 4 300 milliamp hour battery, and i was also very skeptical, because the snapdragon 778 is a new processor.

How would be the battery life? Let me actually show you the stats. In fact, the battery level pretty decent and i have to go over here. Let me go to album screenshots ive saved them uh. Let me give you an idea. Okay, as you can see, it was at nine percent. After one day 11 hours of the charger, i used it for about seven hours. Eight minutes of sot, so again, very good standby time is also very good and here again again same similar reasons when it was 10. I took it off again over one day of the charger: eight hours, uh, uh, 23 minutes of sot – and here again, as you can see, this is only in one hour, but here i got uh screen on time of just about five hours. Eight minutes – and you might say why this difference – uh one thing to note, is that it has this option of always on. If you keep this always on, i the what you say: sot was reducing by about one one and a half hours, but for most users i would say if you are not enabling this always on, then you can expect battery life anywhere from about six and a Half to about eight and a half hours on this smartphone, and in fact it was not like that. I had to charge it every at night. It was hovering about 24 to about 32 hours for me.

So that way, i would say the battery uh life is good on this, its not outstanding guys, its, not a 6000 or 7000 milliamp hour battery, but pretty decent and battery was not an issue. Another thing that i like is that in the box itself, you get that 65 watt charger and that charges the smartphone very very quickly. I exactly dont recall, but it was when it was at about seven percent. I had put it on charge and when i came after 15 minutes, it was showing me a charge of about 60 percent, so it charges really really quickly uh. So you dont have to worry about the charging on the phone. The supplied charger is actually really fast. On this one uh so lets move to the next thing and thats regarding the camera. If you look at the rear camera setup, its a triple camera setup that we are having the main camera is a 64 megapixel. Ultra wide is 8 megapixel. Then we have that 2 megapixel, just macro uh front facing is actually 32 megapixel. Let me actually show you some of the sample shots that i have taken with this device. Some outdoor samples first and as you can see in outdoor condition, theres a good job. This regular shot. This was that wide angle, one more example regular shot, and this was that wide angle, uh some more samples – and you can also zoom in this – is 2x zoom, and this is that wide angle and again outdoor conditions, as you can see, does a good job.

Now this isnt, actually pretty low lighting conditions, just notice the background guys the light this is almost at 6 30. and in this normal mode it did much better than i expected, but this is portrait here. It showed it weakness, and these are again. This is just after 15 minutes how dark it became, as you can see. Regular shots come out good, but you have to hold it properly. Otherwise, there is this blur again if you hold it for two seconds. This is what i got. This is a regular shot. This was the night mode. The night one made a difference again. This is a regular shot. How dark it is! You can get an idea how dark it was in this area, and this was with the night mode. So the night mode makes a huge difference on this smartphone and again, some casual shots taken in an artificial light in this regular shot non hdr – and this is hdr, so hdr also does make a difference samples with the front facing camera again. This is 6 30. At night it was actually pretty dull, its showing a lot more brighter in the picture, and these were taken in the portrait pokemon. I feel the bokeh at default level at 60 is just too much. This was in the regular mode and, as you can see, it does a good job here again this is portrait pokemon, but the bokeh, if you notice the background, blur is a lot better because i reduced it from 60 to 30 so camera, i would say it Does a decent job, but again, i would say in when the lighting goes really really dull uh.

You have to be a little bit careful. What happens is that, for example, my wife was taking some of the shots at night when very very done. In fact, most of the shots came out a lot brighter than it was. It was actually pretty dark, but what the tendency people have is at night, especially they just click and just move. I would say night when youre taking the shots, the clicks and just wait for about half a second. That way you can get actually slightly better shots, but again the camera is decent for regular stuff. As ive shown you i was using this one. I did not have a problem uh, but now lets uh also talk about some of the cons and the weaknesses that i found on this smartphone and the first one is. This is a particular thing that i noticed on this smartphone and i think so. This can be fixed with an ot update. I hope they do it uh, as ive told you, the screen quality is really good um, even for watching videos and stuff its good. But the thing is that, especially in indoor conditions, when you enable auto brightness uh, it has a tendency to lower the brightness very, very aggressively thats. What i have noticed on this device, but once you manually just adjust it, it stays that, but by default it has that tendency to lower the brightness regarding lowering the brightness. One thing that i really like this is actually a plus point, not a con.

The brightness can go actually really really low on this device. So at night, when you close all the lights, you can actually use this uh smartphone. It doesnt blind you in many of the amoled screens. They simply do not go very low in brightness. This one does go, but the auto brightness can be calibrated a little bit well, i feel i hope they fix that with the ota update. Uh next thing is – and this is a big, the biggest bummer on this device for some reason: uh, they dont have stereo speakers on this one. They just have a single speaker over here. Dont get me wrong. The single speaker is very, very loud or copyright free songs. If i go music, let me give you an idea. It is actually really loud, but let me increase the volume it comes only from this one lets just go Music, as you can see its coming from this. You can completely block it Music. So the problem is its not that the speaker is not loud. Its actually loud for a single speaker, but at this price point i felt they should have given a stereo speaker, but luckily this one has the 3.5 mm headphone jack as a consolation price, uh, anyways uh. The next thing is uh. There is some pre loaded bloatware, and i even showed this in my unboxing video. So yes, there is there some pre loaded bloatware, but you can uninstall a quite a.

I didnt. Do it, for example, josh, and all these things, as you can see, you can uninstall it uh for exo loop. Is there the snapchat is there you can uninstall, but there is a quite a bit of pre loaded bloatware. That is there on this device and you have to actually clean another thing, as ive shown in the unboxing video also uh. This browser app has a tendency to send you an unnecessary notification, so go in the manage notification and just remove this, and do this even for the themes. The themes also do send out some notifications say: yeah ive removed it now and im, not getting that. And lastly, this is regarding hdr, and this is a very strange thing – guys not strictly a con, but something that i noticed when i go to youtube. And if i search for what you say, hdr videos uh. This costa rica thing is very famous. And if i go here, my camera will go here because its does cant, but, as you can see, it does support hdr on youtube. Hdr works really well on this uh smartphone, so uh. The hardware is there and it is supporting hdr. But for some reason, if you go to netflix, let me just go to my profile and i go here and if i go to uh, what do you say app settings uh? If you go over here and go to the playback specification, it does have that whitewall.

L1 support, so yes, if you paint hd and all those things thats, not a problem, but if you know look at the bottom portion that is hdr capability, it says none and i dont know why. I think so real me has to work with netflix and enable this because uh the hardware is there: the phone the amoled panel is supporting hdr, but netflix app is not supporting hdr. I thought you guys should know that. I hope they fixed that with again a ota update so guys these were some of the cons with this device, and if we talk about the pricing of this device uh, you can get this device for about 26 000. It starts at that price point and i feel at that price point. This is a decent, practical, android smartphone. No, the smartphone is perfect. Everything has its pros and cons, but overall i feel its a decent smartphone anyways, guys thats it for now for this review.