Since we seem to be sticking with the 10 theme, i wanted to talk about 10 things i like about this phone and a couple things that i feel like maybe could have been done better theres a lot. I want to go over in this review, so i wont waste any more time. Lets go ahead and see what this phone has to offer. First off, i think the 10 pro is a good looking phone made from the right materials. No, it doesnt have the shiny, faux glass back with shimmers and rainbows. That seems to be really popular on phones right now, but what it has instead is a timeless design. Thats subtle yet still conveys a premium feel with an all metal frame, contoured and curved along the edges. The device feels heavy, but also thin and comfortable enough in the hand and the smooth back with that gradient finish and slight sheen, i think, is premium enough without going overboard. It probably most closely resembles the samsung galaxy s9 just without that delicate glass back. If you liked that phone youll like this one, the second thing i like about this phone is really a collection of things. Its all the hardware features you can find when you look around the device. The 10 pro has a regular old headphone jack at the top, which is great and dcl, also included an ir blaster as well, which you never really see anymore for tcl a company thats, most known for their tvs.

This makes sense its nice being able to control your tv or other entertainment related stuff with your phone, and i think, in a way it sort of allows a tcl tv owner who becomes a tcl smartphone owner to become even more engulfed with the brand and ecosystem. I guess you could say the third thing i really like about this phone sort of has to do with the hardware once again, but i thought it deserved its own spot, because tcl did something that other companies even still sometimes refuse to do. The 10 pro has a dedicated smart key on the left side, and most other brands will use this as a google assistant button or bixby button and its usually not remappable by default with the 10 pro. Not only can you disable it completely if you just dont want to use it, but you can customize it pretty much. However, you like a single press, can do one thing. A double press can do something else, and a long press can launch even more things. You dont have to use google assistant at all. If you dont want to you, dont even have to set the button to tcls own software features. It can be customized to do a whole bunch of stuff and that flexibility makes this smart key actually useful, rather than becoming frustrated by an accidental google assistant launch. I found myself using the smart key to launch enable and disable things i needed in the moment, and i think most people will make good use of this button.

The fourth thing on the list of solid features with the 10 pro has to do with the fast and accurate biometric unlocking options. The phone has an in display fingerprint reader, like most smartphones, have nowadays, but the sensor on the tcl10 pro i found to be a little better than some others. Ive tried, especially compared to samsungs a series phones. The contact area appears to be a little larger. The phone can more quickly retry my fingerprint if it misses the first time, and i never really experienced it failing more than once. Also the 10 pro offers face unlock as well, and that too, is quite fast. I never even see the lock screen really when i pick up this phone and those two unlocking options paired together are a good, fast combination. Number five on the list of positives. Is this phones wide array of camera options around back the device packs a 64 megapixel main lens 16 megapixel, wide angle, 5, megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor: hardware wise? I have no complaints and the phone packs a handful of decent software features that make good use out of the whole setup. Theres 4k video recording at up to 30 frames per second and slo, mo at 960 frames per second theres hdr portrait, a pro mode and a super night mode for low light, shooting theres, even enhanced video stabilization and an easy to find way to enable the high Pixel shooting mode so that people can actually fully utilize the main lens if they want, to which i know a lot of people dont do because they dont usually know how to change that on other phones.

The potential is all there, but the results, in my opinion, have some room for improvement in practice. I think the pictures and videos are decent, they arent flagship quality, obviously, but i think for most people its going to be fine, the most notable characteristic really is what the 10 pro does with the color. The phone kicks the saturation up to 11 and for some shots it might be the right look, but for average everyday outdoor shooting things tend to look a little overdone. Skies are really a deep blue shadows, go pretty dark and the greens of the leaves and the trees almost feel like theyve, been over enhanced. Besides that, i think theres plenty of detail in every shot, which is great, and i tend to use the 64 megapixel mode to get the most out of it all and when it comes to videos, the enhanced video stabilization option really does a nice job. Keeping things still and steady thats what impressed me the most and specifically with mid range android phones, its usually image stabilization that falls short, so tcl did a nice job. Stepping things up there back on the list of things, tcl did well number six has to do with the software experience, but tcls android experience in general for really the first time out is a great setup. There are a number of things they added to make it their own like a useful sidebar, with app shortcuts, a decent looking theme, good launcher and enough customizability out of the box.

Also tcl did a great job optimizing. Their android experience to make the phone feel fast. Its quick, its very responsive and i havent really had any issues, no matter what i do with the phone in regards to the internal specs – and this is number seven on the list of positives tcl offers the 10 pro with six gigabytes of ram its not pushing The limits but its plenty for this phone i think and looking ahead, thats enough to consider this phone a decent investment to use for two or three years. Similarly, number eight on the list of positives is the storage option. 128 gigs of built in ufs 2.1 storage is great on its own, but you also have microsd as well to expand things even further thats all great and i think theres plenty of value there. The problem, though, with the specs, is what tcl decided to go with for the processor. The 10 pro has just the snapdragon 675 inside here are the geekbench and antutu benchmark scores with this phone, and you can sort of see what were working with here. There are plenty of better options out there to choose from the snapdragon 700 series should have probably been what they went with, but even an older 800 series from like a previous year, i think, could have been shipped with this phone. Its probably the one single thing that holds this device back and makes more tech focused buyers stray away from it.

Fortunately, i dont think it hinders performance. Like i said, the android experience is great and when you push this phone a bit with lots of apps or even gaming, theres, nothing really that it cant handle but launch and load times with those graphics. Heavy games are a bit too long and every once in a while, the phone might skip a frame, all evidence that a better processor would have been the cherry on top of an otherwise decently outfitted phone number. Nine on the list of positives for this device is a really solid. 6.47 inch display its an amoled panel with a resolution of 2340×1080. It packs in ‘8 pixels per inch and its an awesome viewing experience overall, the curved glass isnt for everyone, but i like it. I have no issues with it and it contributes to the more premium feel for me and the slim bezels. All around give you a nearly 90 screen to body ratio, which means youre, basically only ever looking at your content with no other distractions as the leader in affordable 4k tvs. I fully expected the 10 pro to offer as good of a viewing experience as possible and thats exactly what tcl delivered here. I really dont have any complaints but tcl even took it a step further by throwing in their next division chipset to enhance the display. Even more with this enabled you get a bright punchy, colorful enhancement to your content in a similar way to how hdr10 boosts things up now.

For me, i ultimately found the enhancements to be pretty good, because i like that bright, colorful look, but i know thats, not everyones preference. If you want to disable next vision completely and maybe even go the other way with a more natural color profile, you can do that too, and that still gives you a great viewing experience. The main point here with this is just having all that customizability tcl offers a display that can be tweaked, adjusted or enhanced for just about anyone, and i think this phone has one of the best screens paired with more software options than ive. Seen on really any other device and the final thing this phone gets right is the battery and charging options. The 4500 milliamp capacity battery for me lasts through the day easily, no matter what im doing, even with options like next vision enabled paired with the 18 watt fast charger im juicing up to 75 in less than an hour from zero theres. No wireless charging which isnt a surprise but everything else with the battery setup. I have no complaints with for a vast majority of people. This phone offers just about everything and i think it was a good, solid effort for the companys first tcl specific branded phone theres.