Now this was released at the beginning of the year alongside the tcl 20s. I think and pro this is the budget option so im just gon na unbox. It see what it looks like to be perfectly honest. I bought this phone out of curiosity. Ive never used a tcl product before. Obviously, we know that theyre well known for making tvs and then obviously they branched into phones. So this is the second generation. Obviously the tcl 10 came out last year, so im just gon na unbox this now and just have a look and see what its like. Okay, so i got the ccl20se in aurora green, its also available in a black color as well. It comes with four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage and from what ive seen its a hefty phone, you get a 6.82 inch hd display so thats. The aurora green – it actually looks quite nice to be perfectly honest and there we go that aint bad. So you get your fingerprint sensor on the back quad camera setup, which says a 16 megapixel main sensor, a five megapixel ultra wide camera and then two two megapixel depth and macro cameras as well. On the right hand, side youve got your power button and your volume rocker and then on. The left is a dedicated google assistant button and your sim tray on the bottom is your usbc port, which supports 18 watt fast charging which isnt the fastest, but then again for such a cheap phone.

You cant really complain and then youve got speakers as well and then at the top youve got a headphone jack and a microphone and then in the earpiece there is actually another speaker, so theres dual speaker support on this phone. So this phone 99 quid is what i paid for, which is just insane money for, to be honest, what it looks like which is actually really nice, and then you get a quad camera set up a very large 5000mah battery im, just gon na switch it on And then ill use this as my daily phone for a week, something like that or a few days whatever i decide and then ill do a more in depth review in a week or so or in a couple of weeks, so well just power it on obviously Powered by android tcl logo there so at the top theres a bit of a nipple notch which houses the selfie camera and then at the bottom, theres a relatively sizable chin on the bottom. There. If i just set that aside, just while its loading up and just have a look at the rest of the box, so you get a screen protector which you have to apply yourself, which isnt too bad a clear case. Your paperwork, your power, adapter and usbc cable. So its kind of sort of chucked in there, its not in there in any nice arrangement but im, not really that bothered to be perfectly honest.

Okay, so its booted up im just going to put all my information in and then well have a quick squint at the os and see how it runs okay. So all my info is set up on the tcl 20se been having a little fiddle through the ui for around 20 minutes or so and, to be honest, im quite impressed with the phone everything works, pretty smooth jumping into the settings, its got a very sort of Stock android look to it very sort of reminiscent of the motorola g series phones, my moto g30, with the exception of the nxt vision, section and tcl account and all that sort of stuff. This looks very, very similar. So, of course, youve got your normal wi fi, bluetooth, sim card networks, all that sort of stuff home and lock screen all your settings for that are in there display. This is where you can sort out your dark mode, auto rotate status bar and notch. You can just flip into that if you dont, like the little nipple notch on the top. Of course, you can get rid of that nxt vision, which i think is just tcls tv technology that they brought to their phones which, by the looks of it, enhances the sharpness and the contrast and all the colors of everything thats on your screen to make everything. Look a bit punchier and a bit nicer. Obviously, youve got your sound and vibration all the normal stuff.

There notifications, buttons and gestures, three finger, screenshots split screen, double tap to wake and then, if you can go on there, youve got full gesture support or of course you can use the buttons as well. But i like to keep the the gestures because thats what i use on all my phones and i found that its pretty pretty straightforward to use so running. The tcl 20se is the low range snapdragon 460 processor. So of course, performance is going to be very limited. Opening apps, you might notice a little bit of a delay, but i havent found it to be that noticeable to be honest bit of a pause on that one and loading up there. There is a little bit of a pause, but, to be honest, its not anything that im going to be that fussed on its not going to be a deal breaker. This apps tray is a little bit different to what other apps trays are its organized into different sections. So youve got media utilities, google system tcl own apps, games, weather app in life apparently and then others, which does make it quite good and quite easy to search for what you want and in terms of the screen. Its a 6.82 inch hd display with a 720p resolution, so of course, visuals are not going to be up to the scratch of a full hd display. 263 ppi is what you get on the tcl 20se. So it is very similar to what ive got on the motorola, g30 and ive come to be used to that.

To be perfectly honest with you, its perfectly usable ive got no issues using it out in the daytime. I did go out into the garden with the sun out and it is perfectly usable in there on the side of the phone. Youve got your power button and your volume rocker on the left. Youve got your dedicated google assistant button and your sim tray and then on. The back is your fingerprint sensor and your quad camera set up there, which consists of a 16 megapixel main sensor, a 5 megapixel ultra wide and then two 2 megapixel macro and depth cameras. So the ultra wide camera has been downgraded to a 5 megapixel sensor down from the 8 that you normally find on. Other phones well see how that performs in terms of the look of the phone, its actually a really nice aurora green tcl call it. It is made of plastic, but it is quite a nice color and then youve got kind of that two tone effect there. It is a big phone. Okay, so dont get me wrong. This isnt a small phone. I found that the me 10 tea light and the poco x3 pro were quite big, but this is bigger again.