The nokia g50 hits the uk from today and will cost you just 199 quid its a gargantuan 5g ready smartphone with a stock, android ui and guaranteed os updates. So if you like it big but youre strapped for cash, this could very well be the one for you now stay tuned for my in depth. Nokia, g50 review that will be landing very shortly indeed, but for now lets whip it on out of the box. Take you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers if youre a bit impatient well theres all of the nokia g50 specs at a glance, including a good bit of french translation. Repeat so what do you get in that box? Besides, of course, the nokia g50? Well, as usual, youve got like a million friggin manuals in every language. Going youve got one adapter to charge up your nokia g50 and hold on to your pants, because theres even a type c, usb, cable and thats, it very simple stuff – and so this here is the nokia g50, and all i can see is if you thought the Nokia x020 was a bit of a house brick well. The g50 is very much of the same milk. Now. The nokia g50 is a hefty wii bugger, weighing in at 220 grams, which is very similar to sort of premium gaming smartphones, which are packed with all kinds of tech and generally quite on the large side as well.

It certainly could never be described as slender. That is for sure, its quite a chunky, monkey uh and yeah. No definitely a bit of a palm filler as well. Thats it two handed use at all times is probably going to be advisable if youre paranoid about anyone lifting your smartphone out of your pocket. Without you realizing it well, youll, certainly notice if this thing gets pinched its an old plastic construction, as you would expect plastic engine and a separate plastic back end as well, which you can grab in two different scandinavian colours. This here, ocean, blue or also midnight sun got ta, see i quite like the blue model, its kind of dark and mysterious and a very simple finish, as you can see there, literally the nokia brandon, the camera chassis, and that is it on that back end. The camera does jut out ever so slightly, but not to a horrific degree. Youve got your edge mounted fingerprint sensor there, which doubles up as the power button volume, rocker headphone jack up top, which is always great to see type c, usb connection down below and yeah. One of those pesky dedicated google assistant buttons over on the left edge and despite the fact, youve got a freaking enormous six point. Eight to two inch display here on the nokia g50 theyve still managed to find a bit of room to squeeze in a second bit of nokia brand in there just beneath the display lets just crack open that sim tray and see.

Hopefully we should have a couple of different sim slots, and indeed you do so. You can stick in a couple of sims at once, otherwise that second slot can be used for micro, sd memory cards to expand the storage. So here we go a lovely little bit of nokia, g50 action already and raring to go and as with all nokia branded smartphones, weve got a lovely stock version of the latest android 11 on here, uh, no real crap. Where stuffed on a couple of random little apps like expressvpn, but everything else i put on there myself or its just your standard, google shenanigans. Unfortunately, customization is quite limited here on the nokia g50, so ive stuck on my own geeky anime background. But apart from that, you are very, very limited in what you can do so, for instance, you cant get rid of this pesky search bar thing, uh down at the bottom youre stuck with that and also theres no way of remapping that google assistant button to any Other apps that you might happen to use the best you can manage is just disable it in those settings and to be fair at least youve got that option, because it is rather awkwardly positioned right in the middle of that left edge. So i can see myself fumbling that by accident, quite a bit when im slipping the nokia g50 back into my pocket. For instance, one of the best things about the nokia branded smartphones is the future proofing as well manufacturer.

Hmd global is promising two years of android os updates and three years of security updates for this thing as well, so not quite as much as some of its siblings. Some of the the nokia branded smartphones come with three years of android, os updates and four years of security updates, but pretty damn good all the same, and all your typical smartphone features that youd expect to find even on a 200 pound. Handset are present and correct. Here on the nokia g5, including a bit of nfc for your contactless payments and touchwood so far, that edge mounted fingerprint sensor seems nice and responsive. So you dont even have to press in the power button. Just tap your digit to the surface and, as you can see nice and swift and as an alternative option to that fingerprint sensor, youve also got face unlock which, as you can see, takes a little bit longer just to uh scan and recognize your mug. It doesnt seem to work when youre wearing a fierce mask, which i guess is good from a security viewpoint. Thats for the storage works. It chose to be the 64 or 128 gigs of internal space here on the nokia g50, but you have that micro sd support up to 512 gigs, so plenty of extra space. If you need it now that display, as ive mentioned before a chuffing massive 6.82 inch panel, so you can certainly make the most of the 5g connectivity on the nokia g50 by streaming shed loads of netflix, disney plus or some talentless gormless plonker on youtube.

Sadly, its an hd plus screen, not full hd plus so because of the size of this panel. You know the images dont look supremely crisp uh lets see, but you know theres enough detail packed in there, so you can enjoy flipping through your photo. Album. You can, you know, watch a movie, no worries the visuals arent grainy, just not quite as crisp as most rivals at this price point. Viewing angles are perfectly fine on the top brightness level you might struggle outdoors, but certainly indoors use was absolutely no problem whatsoever and for an ips panel, the color reproduction is reasonably vibrant uh. You know its its good enough to make images not look dull or lifeless, and, yes, you do have one of those quaint old nipple notches poking its way ever so slightly into proceedings when you go up full screen, but nothing too major. Sadly, though, the nokia g50 does make do with a 60 hertz display theres no support for 90 hertz refresh despite the facts and ips paddle. So lots of rivals from the likes of realme and motorola and xiaomi at this sort of price point do offer that faster refresh for supported apps. As for your audio well, as mentioned before, you got that headphone jack, which is fantastic to see. You got your bluetooth. 5 support, if you want to go wireless instead and you do have a mono speaker setup, so lets bump up the volume on the nokia g50 and see if that speaker, output is class.

Cache from your new smartphone is, if one of your or something thats supremely shiny, then good news well, its perfectly serviceable certainly gets loud enough on that top volume, where you should hopefully be able to cut through a fair bit of background clamor when watching a bit Youtube or whatever, but of course, as youd, probably expect quite a tiny output as well, so id definitely say stick to your headphones now. Power and proceedings here on the nokia g50 is the qualcomm snapdragon 480 chipset, as coincidentally also found on the motorola moto g50, as well as nokias, own x10 and x20 handsets, which recently launched thats, backed here on the nokia g50 by either four or six gigs of Ram, depending on how much money you throw at hmd global, basically and fairly basic performance, as you tend to get out of the snapdragon 400 series chipsets, as you can see there, any geekbench fans, uh youve got quite low, single and multi core scores. But that said other smartphones that ive tested using that snapdragon 40 chipset. They generally handle everyday life. Absolutely fine! Now, im talking media streaming browsing the internet, all that kind of shenanigans, but im gon na give it a super quick call of duty test right now, just to see how it handles a bit of light gaming. So i had a quick frantic blast here on call of duty mobile on the nokia g50 and despite the fact that i bumped up the graphics, the higher detail, settings and higher frame rate, it was a nice consistently smooth experience.

The frame rate stayed strong and stable throughout found that the the screen was nice and responsive as well, so touches and swipes all instantly registered so great for these fast paced, online fragathons, and certainly the spacious display, did help because you get a clear view of the Action anyone lurking in the distance, i think that smooth frame rate has probably helped along as well by the fact that youve got that stock. Android experience here so theres, no heavy launchers sat on top of android, which might potentially make things a bit more sluggish and, as mentioned of course, one of the other benefits of the snapdragon 480 chipset other than the fact that its quite energy efficient therefore, should hopefully Get a good battery life out of the nokia g50 is the fact. Youve got the built in 5g modem as well, so youve got that future proof. Connectivity and speaking of the battery life youve got 5 000 milliamp cell, tucked away inside of the mighty frame of the nokia g50 and again because of that energy efficient platform that should easily give you all day use even if youre, never off the sudden thing and Yeah youve got a big display to power here, but it is only a 720p panel, so it shouldnt tap too much juice. I reckon with quite conservative use uh hmd globals estimate of two full days of use on a single charge is probably pretty much on the money there is on the 18 watt fast charge support, so it will take a little while to juice back up again and Last up lets take a squint at the back end of the nokia g50 again check out that triple lens rear camera.

Now its a 48 megapixel primary camera sensor does use four in one pixel bending to produce 12 megapixel photos by default and, as you can see there, you have an ai mode on board as well. So this can suggest you switch into different uh features, for instance, here bit portrait mode because im shooting the lovely gorgeous veronica. I want to focus just on her uh, slightly lifeless gaze. You can, if you want to change up, not only the aspect ratio but also the resolution that youre shooting in all the way up to 48 meg. If you prefer that lots of bonus modes to play around with including the aforementioned portrait mode, of course, which just allows you to add a lovely bokeh style effect in the background, various snowflakes butterflies, whatever you fancy youve, also got a night mode to help out with Those low light shots and a couple of other bonus bits as well, including a full on pro mode. If you know what youre doing you know your way around, for instance, a dslr or whatever, so you can play around with the iso levels and all that to get a very precise kind of result, and this bad boy offers you the option to shoot in raw Format, if you like the rest of the camera set up here on the back end of the nokia g50, not particularly exciting youve, got a basic five megapixel ultra wide angle lens, which im not expecting much out of but its there.

If you want a slightly more pulled back viewpoint, youve also got a two megapixel depth sensor to help out with the likes of the portrait modes. Now, if you swap to video mode, you are quite limited, as you can see there thats because of the snapdragon 480 chipset. More than anything else, you can only shoot full hd footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second no 4k option. I think that hmd is hoping that everyones going to do a bit of vlogging on the nokia g50, though, because apparently youve got a a built in stabilization feature for that. Selfie shooter its an eight megapixel snapper so still fairly basic um, but yeah ill definitely be giving that a while for my in depth review so that right there in a nutshell, is the nokia g50, just a quick, unboxing and whipping around the hardware and the software To which your appetite for my in depth – nokia, g50 review, which hopefully should be coming just a couple of days, so be great to hear your early thoughts on this bad boy, uh down below. As you can see, you know, youve got some strong rivals from the likes of xiaomi, the redmi smartphones, for instance, uh real me mode roller etc, but some decent specs packed in there. So if you want them big and bulky well, the nokia g50 certainly uh will not disappoint on that front. Lovely slick stock bit of android action with those guaranteed updates, of course, and 5g support as well.

So yes, definitely special comments down below.