My name is josiah here to improve your knowledge of tech. Today were talking about something that im super excited for, because ive been watching this part of the tech industry for a few years with anticipation and much interest today were talking about foldable phones, specifically the galaxy fold. Z flip that specifically the galaxy z, flip 3. 5G. Music im so excited because i have been watching these foldable phones for years and there just wasnt money for a phone that was this small and this cheap well not cheap, but there just wasnt really room for me when the first of the foldable phones were released. There wasnt money for that. I couldnt justify buying a first generation foldable product and then i am glad that i didnt, because the first generation of the flip and the fold had problems with the screen screen, protectors that got peeled off and then broke the phone and screens that cracked, after being Used less than their suggested durability. So today, im talking about the z, flip 3 ive been using it for about two weeks now and im way behind all the other reviews, because i didnt get sent this phone and i didnt pre order this phone. I actually went to t mobile and thought i could trade in my phone to get this for free and it turns out they didnt want my phone, so i had to just straight up buy this, so i literally spent a thousand dollars well on a payment plan, But i literally spent a thousand dollars on this phone, and so this is completely my own opinions about the phone, so lets just start with the aesthetics Music.

I think that this phone looks incredible um. I absolutely love the matte black that i have and i love the screen how the phone looks when its open from the back. It looks really clean, ive heard several different people, compare it to the original pixel 2. I think 2xl, which had a similar design. I i enjoy the matte finish. It is a little slippery. I will give it that its a little slippery, not a fan um, because i definitely dont want to drop this phone since i havent paid it off yet, and that would be unfortunate. But it does look really nice and when its closed, it looks really nice as well im a big fan of the outer screen, its been increased in size drastically from the first and second generation, z, flip the flip and then the flip 5g, which were almost identical. Phones, this phone um has several improvements and the aesthetics are one of them, because it just looks incredible now about the durability. I havent been able to use this phone for more than two weeks, so i have no idea how its gon na hold up, but i can confidently say when i hold this phone. I dont feel like its going to just fall apart. It feels very durable. It feels like a flagship, and the hinge itself is really impressive. It looks good, it inspires confidence. Samsung says that they improved the aluminum the strength by 80 over last generation, so 80 stronger is something i can get behind.

That was one of the main reasons i went ahead and bought this phone, because i wanted to know that if i was gon na have a phone for two years or more that it was gon na hold up now, the screen is only 1080p, but its a Longer aspect ratio than on my old phone, and so you get more screen real estate vertically. Even if you dont buy the z fold so thats nice, i do enjoy having a little bit extra space. Some people have complained about not being able to reach the volume buttons, and i will second this. I have abnormally large hands and i still have a little bit of trouble. One handed reaching the volume but rocker it is just way too high. It is just way too high on the body for a normal person to use, but they placed it there so that whenever the phone is closed, its just easy access for the finger so im guessing thats. Why they did that and when its closed it works. Well. Ive used my phone to listen to music at night, and so i set it on my little bedside table and whenever i want to turn the volume up, i can just reach over and turn the volume up and it makes it really easy. Also they improve. The speakers these are stereo speakers now as opposed to the previous setup, and they sound good. I dont know if they sound as good as my oneplus phone, but they do sound pretty good.

Let me just play a little demo for you, so you can get an idea of what it sounds like in this microphone. Im gon na do about half volume Music well anyway, thats about what that sounds like at about half volume. I dont know if it sounds good to you or not um its really hard to show you through the video what it sounds like. But to me it sounds good. It sounds good enough to listen to every night while i sleep, which i dont really listen. While im sleeping, i dont know it sounds good to me, it sounds good. I like that its stereo. I like that, when i close the phone it doesnt get super muffled because it still has the bottom facing speaker and then it also has the um top speaker which, when its closed kind of gets, amplified out of the out of this spot, just a little bit. So it sounds slightly muffled, but it also has both speakers almost firing directly at you, if youre holding the bottom of the phone towards you, so i think it works out. As for the camera, i will put some examples of selfies and various pictures ive taken over this video. While i talk about it, its not the most impressive flagship camera in the world, the s21 and all of samsungs newest, non foldable flagships make really great photos, and this is acceptable. Its not great, though i will say i enjoy samsungs camera interface and the different features that they provide.

I enjoy the flex mode when im looking at photos in samsungs gallery its pretty cool that i can just fold the phone in half and then i get a little touch pad at the bottom. I really like that. I hope that they find some sort of workflow to use that with lightroom or other mobile editing apps, because i think that would be really awesome. The camera itself, though only 12 megapixels um, i believe its a 10 megapixel selfie camera and two 12 megs megapixel wide and ultra wide. So you can use this screen to take selfies with the 12 megapixel camera and get theoretically. The best quality photo that youre gon na get from this phone and so ill throw this picture on the screen here, um it it looks. I dont exactly know how to describe it. I feel like i dont, look super sharp. I look kind of almost over sharpened, but also not i dont know maybe im just being critical, because im used to shooting with my actual digital camera, but i dont really like how this renders my face. I feel like it. Doesnt, look good and thats with the wide angle rear camera in that closed photo mode. So i dont know you can decide um. One of the nice things you can do is when the phone is unlocked. You can activate the rear screen like this and then all of a sudden you have access to all of the camera modes and not just the one mode when your phone is closed, because when your phone is closed, you can either take a wide or ultra wide Selfie or you can record video wide or ultra wide, you dont get any other options when the phone is closed.

When its open, though youre able to take a portrait and use the screen to line up your photo, so that looks good and then the portrait turns out pretty well, i will say that samsungs edge detection is impressive. It managed to keep my hat in focus and the fall off on my hair isnt too bad theres a little bit of fringing, but my hair is a really difficult scenario for some software background blurring to handle, so it does a pretty pretty good job. It also has a little bit of depth on the microphone which i, like my face is in focus. The foreground is out of focus and the background is out of focus, but most any modern phone, especially a flagship, will have pretty comparable results with this portrait mode. Its still not going to be bokeh well, you cant really see that, but its still still not going to be the bokeh of an actual physical lens with uh a wide aperture, but it tries it tries. As for the um the video modes, i will say that i enjoy being able to record video in flex mode and i enjoy that im able to change the aspect ratio to 16 9. While im holding my phone like this, so so i can hold the phone like this and record the video like this. If that makes sense, i dont know, and i can see myself and im getting all of the the horizontal recording and if you wanted to record a tick, tock video.

You can record that as well, but like on my oneplus phone. If i was holding the phone like this, this is what i would be recording and if i was holding the phone like this, this is what i would be recording. So i appreciate that they give me the option with this phone and like i can even change this to 916, as you can see here, kind of and so im able to record like tick, tock or instagram story format for my phone holding it sideways, which is Pretty cool, because then i could set the phone down sideways on the table and have it as a tripod. This phone is so versatile by the way for using it in different various ways to make it a tripod. It holds itself up really well and just lends itself to content creation for social media apps. I think that that is one of the best use cases for this, especially for someone who is about to spend a thousand dollars on a new phone wants to try, foldable and wants to make tick tock videos. You can literally just set this phone up on any flat surface and record yourself and thats really cool well. I have talked for uh quite a substantial amount of time in this video already theres. So much more, i could talk about with this phone. The performance is flawless: um, im, im, okay with samsungs one ui, i dont really like it.

I miss my more minimal oxygen os but im getting used to it. Overall, i do not regret buying this phone. I did have a little bit of worry that i had decided to go for something other than oneplus after using my oneplus phone for two years, but honestly im well adjusted to it already. There are only a couple features i miss and ive definitely gotten a newer. Better phone overall, my this samsung has a snapdragon, 888 processor 5g from t mobile um. It also has 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of storage, like my oneplus did, so it has pretty much the same or better specs. All around has a 120hz 1080p panel, which looks very good, considering it can fold in half its oled, so its not going to be using battery trying to display dark images. The one thing that i will say is that the battery has been a little a little rough for me, switching to a phone with a 3300 milliamp hour battery. This phone goes down really quickly and it doesnt have the fastest fast charging only 15 watts. So that is one thing i missed for my oneplus is the 30 watt charging, but overall i dont use my phone a whole lot anyway, like im in school, then im working then im at home, doing homework or playing video games on my computer. So if youre a super phone powerhouse user, that battery is going to be a problem for you, i can imagine, but i have only gotten down to five ten percent a couple times im running out of time.

I really didnt want to make a 20 minute video thanks for watching. I hope you learned something i hope you enjoyed. I really like this phone. It is very fun to use and its really fun, to show my friends and just meet random people and have a flip phone again. Thats, really cool. You can close the phone when you want to end a phone call and itll hang up just like on an old flip phone. So thats really awesome. So i recommend this phone. If you want to try foldables, if you have the money, if you can get a free upgrade to it like what t mobile and many of the other carriers are doing, anyways thats my final thoughts, let me know what you think down below. Would you buy a foldable phone? Do you have a foldable phone flip versus fold which category are you in um? I dont know thanks for watching ill see you in the next one bye youre still here, then you might be interested in investing in stocks with robinhood um. All you have to do is, like click the link down below. If you have a student email like, you can get five dollars and a free stock and a chance to win twenty thousand dollars, and i also get a free stock. So thatd be pretty cool. Ive used robinhood since the beginning of the year and had zero problems with them. So take that for what you will.

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