These are professional wireless microphones um. We have here already set up um, the the receiver and the transmitter. I have this hooked up directly to my uh to my camera. Thats recording right now, through this cable and im monitoring right now with uh my headphones and im using the included uh lav mic um. This way we can get a good review of the the microphone as well as uh, seeing the actual product um. So put these aside real quick, these come in this box right here and if we open this up, it comes with this. Nice carry pouch inside this pouch. We have some accessories um. Obviously the transmitter and the receiver come in these spots. Um. You also have a nice little tripod, a phone mount and a hot shoe mount so that you can mount these in different ways. Um, you have some cables here. This is a a phone cable, so you can connect the uh, the the uh transmitter directly to the or sorry my my apologies, the receiver directly to a phone or to a camera like im doing right now, with this extended cable, and then you also have this Nice, dual charging, cable, usb c charging cable, and you have some nice little wind muffs that you can put on the uh, either on the lav mic or on the actual um transmitter itself. So thats kind of neat nice sturdy pouch to put everything away and store and carry so.

These mics are really really nice. Theyre very compact um, easy to connect. I actually didnt have to do any kind of binding together. They bind it together automatically as soon as i turn them on on the transmitter side. You have the fighting button right here. You have a microphone stop and you have the power button. You have a microphone here, external microphone and then you have or built in microphone and then you have the external input for the lav mic and then on this side you have the usb charging port. You have a clip on the back so that you can clip this somewhere on the body on the somebodys uh coat like if youre doing a wedding, and you need to record the valves so thats neat. Then you have the receiver and its the same thing. You have the usbc charging port. You have the port right here, where you can either use the cable to connect to a phone or connect to a camera. You have a microphone or a headset connection here, so that you can listen and monitor what youre recording power button. And then you have gain buttons right here, so that you can lower raise the gain as well, and you have another clip as well its really nice. Its compact, i feel, like the audio, sounds really good. Um theres, no distance issues, um ive ive, actually tested these prior um. It has a very good distance, its not meant to be used in heavy um uh heavy areas where, where signal can be disrupted, but if you have a good line of sight, its a very good microphone.

I highly recommend um and i will drop a link for this as well.