We got a manual here, Music, so heres. The sim ejector tool of the phone Music so heres, the redmi nine prime space blue model Music lets take it out: Music, impressive Music. So we got a cable here and a 10 watt adapter its not good enough, but nice charger at all Music. So lets get the phone into the case, Music, make it on Music, miui, 12 Music, some queries language then select your region, Music terms and conditions Music, and it will ask for insert a sim card and some network connection will skip it. Google lets talk about the camera, its a 30 megapixel front camera with four ai quad cameras, Music, nice, look by the way Music. We got some games here. There are two pre installed: apps, netflix and zilli, so heres the phone status lets check the android version. Android 10. After some updates, it will become android 11, which is the latest version of android lets, use the sim ejector to take out the sim holder, its a triple slim slot, Music Music. Great smooth, scrolling Music lets check the network Music. This is my channel sepia gaming hope you guys will subscribe Music. It has 5020 mah battery with 10 watt charger and it supports 18 watt charging. So lets check out the fingerprint testing of the phone Music yeah, its pretty good, its very fast, okay, nice, okay, impressive! So heres the redmi nine prime, from the back view: Music, Music, foreign, Music, foreign Music.

I know that you wan na get crazy, crazy, shawty.