Take it out of the box in the box, you get the user manual, they give you the charging cable for it, usb to micro, usb additional mount hardware, a nice little cloth bag that you can store it in, and here is the device itself now. This is folded up, so obviously it would fit inside of that without any problem, but to unfold it, you simply swing the arm up and you have a power button to turn it on. Let me open it up for a minute see here. It is opened up. This is the part youd hang on to here and theres a number of different features about this before we even talk about the gimbal. First of all, theres a bluetooth shutter button right here, im not going to demonstrate that we all know how that works. You press the button on there and its bluetooth to your phone and you set it up so itll take pictures or videos or anything like that. The gimbal is here and well get back to that in a moment, but this is also a tripod and a selfie. Stick in one, so this opens up. You can see how the legs will open up like that, okay as such, but this isnt going to sit and thats, because you just pull the top right out. Let me show you like that. You just send that right out as such and youre all set, but its also a selfie stick just pull this up and it extends so heres the handle.

And now you see you have a selfie stick with the gimbal on the end. Okay. So now you see that you got the tripod, the selfie stick and the bluetooth shutter release right there. So lets talk about the gimbal these just fold out like that, and each one of them see how it extends right there at each end it extends and that will hold your phone in there. So let me set this up on the tripod put the phone in there and then well turn on the gimbal and youll see how thatll work okay, so i have the phone mounted in there. You see how everything extended like i showed you to hold the phone right now, its not on so its just loose and just swings around things like that. So were going to go ahead and turn it on so theres a button right here and there you go now it will stay stable and when i move it you see the gimbal moves, but the phone does not. It stays there. Now i its crooked, because i dont have the phone in there straight so im going to fix that so now the phone is in there. Now, of course, you can do a vertical orientation. If you want as well, you can just click the button on it and see how it turns 90 degrees, ill click, it again, itll turn 90 click it one more and it turns 90 once again.

So if you wanted a vertical video for some reason, you can do that so now, with everything all set. As you see as i turn this, the phone stays exactly where its supposed to be without any problem im going to go, take this outside and show you uh some video from the phone with this on the gimbal okay, i now have the phone recording on the Gimbal and ive just moved my arm all around you can tip it up and down because its only a one axis gimbal, i dont, have the smoothest video on the phone, as you see its kind of jittery as such, but thats just me and not the gimbal And, as you see, everything just pans around fine im, gon na switch to the front facing camera and do like a selfie with it now so now i have this fully extended and no matter where i tilt it. Yes, the picture is going to move, but it otherwise just stays pretty good, not too bad at all definitely keeps the phone nice and level no matter which way. I turn this. You see, as i turn it, the picture kind of shifts left and right rather than uh the whole thing you know juddering around as such, so it definitely works well. So it definitely works very, very well, no matter if you want to use it just on the tripod here as such as a stand or go hand held with it, you just grab it and its ready to go its always live and ready for you any which Way you want again, you could do vertical if you wanted, just by clicking the button on it and itll rotate to 90 degrees.

Each time you press it. So you get your phone in the right orientation, everything you want and then youre all set and when youre all done, it folds right back up how it was before, and then you are ready to stow it away until youre ready to use it next now it Has the smartphone holder on there, but you can also mount other small cameras on here like a gopro or something like that, so all around a great one, axis gimbal stabilizer from ardoful, if youd like to purchase this item ill leave a link in the video description Where you can find the item available for sale on amazon, thanks for watching make sure you click like make sure you click subscribe and take care.