. The C21Y is an entry level model with the proposal to be the cheapest cell phone. With NFC officially launched in Brazil., Is it a better buy than the brands? Others? Is it worth more than rivals? Samsung and Motorola Lets find out, As the realme has been focusing on low cost in its releases. It is normal not to have a differentiated and attractive design. The C21Y is very similar to the other cheap releases of the company and from the front it is practically identical to the C11 and C25, with a drop shaped notch and protruding chin.. All three are the same size with the C21Y being slightly fatter than the C11, but thinner than the C25.. On the back. There is a plastic finish made of a single piece that covers the sides and goes to the front glass.. The texture is formed by small creases that help the grip and make the device less slippery.. The camera block is square and has three sensors and an LED for flash., As the cell phone is fatter than others in the segment. The camera block is not very high.. The biometric reader is close at hand, so you can easily hit your finger on the spot. Digital reading is fast and even better than what we see on cheap Chinese cell phones.. The speaker is located on the rear at the bottom near. The brand logo. On the left side is a triple drawer for two chips and a memory card.

. On the right side. We have the power button and volume control key. At the bottom. There is a headphone jack micro, USB connection and a microphone for calls in addition to disappointing, because it doesnt come with a USB C input. The C21Y realme also lacks support for Wi Fi 5 GHz networks., Your Bluetooth 5.0, and, as already mentioned, it is a rare entry level phone with NFC support.. The 6.5 screen provides a resolution, HD and refresh rate of only 60 Hz, which is a shame as other companies such as Samsung and Motorola are already investing in cheap mobile phones with 90 Hz screen.. The brightness level is not the best but is well below the segment.. The C21Y is the typical cell meant to be used indoors and away from bright light.. The IPS panel has good contrast level to ensure vivid, colors and level decent black.. The angle vision does not become large as the mobile phone with OLED screen, but is above very basico with TFT panel.. The color calibration features boot tone, but there is no HDR support for YouTube videos or streaming service., a single blast, The speaker on the back doesnt thrill in the sound experience it ends up being easily muffled when holding the phone while playing.The sound power is only reasonable And the sound is played in the opposite direction of the user, which compromises the immersion. stand out more than the s other sound frequencies and the sound tends to distort at most And as youd expect from a realme cell phone.

No headphones come in the box, but at least theres P2 input, so you can use any headphones. You have., The C21Y comes equipped with a T610 chip from UniSoc.. Its not lightning is very popular and is only found on some HONOR and Micromax cell phones. The Nacional model comes only in option with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.. In our speed test, we performed a little better than the C11 and C25 also outperforming the G20 and Galaxy M12 bikes, While the T610 is not one of the fastest loading game applications. The realme softwares good optimization, ensures efficient RAM management. In benchmarks. We have results as expected, surpassing the C11 in AnTuTu, but below the C25.. It is very close to the score of the T700 chip, also from Unisoc that equips the Moto G20. Is the C21Y a good gaming phone. It comes with the Mali G52 GPU, which is found on some popular MediaTek chips. Its decent hardware and has the power to handle most games at HD quality, but not at full configuration.. On PUBG. We were able to play in HD option with high texture and anti aliasing enabled. On CoD Mobile. We had good performance in average graphics quality, but with all visual effects, turned off.. Simpler games run fine on this basic realme phone.. The C21Y may not have the generous 6000 mAh battery of the C25, but it did well in our test, with its 5000 mAh battery. Its possible to spend the whole day away from home without worrying about running out of cell phones.

But if youre looking for a device for two days of battery life, youll end up disappointed., Another point that will annoy some is the slow recharging time. The realme sends a charger of just 10 watts in the box that takes more than two hours and forty minutes to go from 0 to 100.. Even accelerated charging is slow and recovers only 11, with 15 minutes on power and reaches 21 with half an hour of charging. Anyway, it recharges faster than the C11 and C25, not to mention it spends much less time in the shot than some rivals like the Moto G20., The C21Y hit the international market with Android 10, but at the time we reviewed the device. Android 11 was already available with a recent security package, which shows that the company is striving to keep its basic phones up to date.. The interface is the same as the brands other cheap ones and even delivers decent fluidity within the limitations of the only 60 Hz screen., Its not the same present in the more expensive models which bring lots of extra features. But weve noticed that its better translated into the our Portuguese, while in other branded devices we saw a mixture with Portuguese from Portugal.. The C21Ys photographic set is quite simple. There are 3 rear cameras, the main one being a 13 MP sensor and the others with only 2 MP, one dedicated for macros and the other for scene blur.. The front only has 5 MP, which is not much for a 2021 launch.

. But what about the quality? We have the combination of a simple sensor with Unisoc hardware that is weak in post processing.. The result of this is that it lacks sharpness, vibrant colors and balanced HDR with photos.. The C21 Y is only capable of recording good images on sunny days and away from vegetation. Its hard to shoot at night. You get blurry pictures with little detail and noise shots.. In some cases the photos come out completely. Greenish. Macro has a long focal length and lacks auto focus which prevents you from getting close to what you want to photograph. The blur camera does its job well in not too complex scenarios.. It works well to generate a convincing portrait effect in photos with people or toys, but ends up getting lost in vegetation.. The weird part is that theres no portrait mode with the front., The selfies arent the best either and even during the day, we see noise from the images, at least at night, its not bad, compared to rivals as long as you avoid very dark places.. The camcorder records in Full HD with the rear and only HD with the front, both limited to 30 frames per second Theres, no electronic stabilization to deal with blur, but focusing isnt slow.. A disappointing point is that the audio capture is only mono., Not sure if the C21Y is worth buying. What alternatives do we have in the national market? The Moto G20 brings the same screen size and resolution, but its panel is 90 Hz.

. The performance is slightly inferior in multitasking, but it delivers similar fluidity in games. The battery lasts longer. However, it takes a long time to recharge.. The G20s cameras are better at daytime shooting and even feature ultrawide for added flexibility.. It also stands out for supporting 5 GHz Wi Fi networks, although it doesnt come with NFC. On Samsung. There is the Galaxy M12 also with the same screen size and with the 90 Hz panel.. It is slower in multitasking, but has a battery that lasts much longer and recharges faster.. It records better photos at night and also features an ultrawide camera for greater freedom. The front camera records in Full HD and captures stereo sound.. The really C21Y arrived in Brazil costing R1300 but can be found for a promotional price of R1000 at Americanas Submarino and Shoptime e commerce between September 27th and October 1st.. This is the price currently found in the rivals of Motorola and Samsung that we mentioned. Is it worth the investment? The C21Y is a very basic cell phone and it may not sound attractive, but the more options we Brazilians have, the better isnt it. Its biggest highlight is offering NFC at a low price, something that other manufacturers do not pay attention to, and if you are interested in it, the best deals are on the links below and as always, we also want to know your opinion about this device comment. There Do you think the realme was right to offer NFC and leave USB C Wi Fi 5GHz out of the package.