If you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos Music, my first impression when i took the real me pad out of the box for the first time, was how premium it felt in the hands. So the company has gone for an aluminium unibody design and the result is this thin and light premium slate that can even put many high end tablets to shame. The rear looks subtle yet classy, with only a small real me branding in the bottom and a single camera present in the top left by the way theres this silver line running from the top to the bottom, which only adds to the elegance. Now. The only thing that i missed here is the lack of a fingerprint reader that could have been embedded in the power button, but never mind their space unlock for authentication thanks to the 8 megapixel front, camera positioned on the right edge, so guys right now, im shooting From the front camera of the real me pattern, this is the kind of output you can expect. You know whenever you do. Video calls, apart from this ive, also found the positioning of the front camera quite ideal. You know considering many people prefer holding such large devices in a landscape position, so its quite comfortable. This way, apart from this real me, has also given dual mics for noise cancellation. So definitely, let me know in the comments uh, how does my audio sound and what do you think about the overall output as well, in the comments cheers as for the photo quality? Well, i dont recommend you going around clicking selfies with it, but, as i just mentioned, video calls for those purposes.

This camera is just fine, even the 8 megapixel rear camera, while its quality is average at best for clicking photos. It is good enough for scanning documents and pdfs. Apart from this, the realme pad also gets squad speakers, yes, thats right, quad speakers on a sub 20 000 rupees tablet, which is absolutely crazy. Heres, a sample Applause, Music Applause, go Applause, moving on theres, a usb type c port for charging, and data transfers and theres. Also a headphone jack placed in the bottom left edge. So when it comes to the design, i think real me nailed it with the real me pad. I mean the company could have gone for a polycarbonate, a build considering the price of this thing, but instead they went ahead with a metal construction on the realme pad and it did not compromise on the looks, the build and the quality. Okay. The front looks a lot like the high end ipads and the galaxy tabs of the world with a full screen design and thin bezels. So this is a 10.4 inch tft panel with a 2000 by 1200 resolution and a 60 hertz refresh rate. So the real me pad has a good display for a tablet which costs between 14 000 to 18 000 rupees. I think, if youre buying this specifically for content, consumption, say youre like me, who watches a lot of youtube and netflix. You will have a blast because the display is large, it gets ample bright indoors.

Colors, look good, it supports white wine l1 and the whole thing is nicely complemented by the presence of quad speakers, which is sound loud and clear, with excellent audio separation. So, overall, this right here is a nice display. I mean it. Doesnt have hdr support, it might not be the brightest around, but for its price. I think realme has done a solid job. Now i did have my doubts when i learned that the realme pad is coming with a tft screen, but after having used it personally, i am impressed, although the oleophobic coating, if there is any, does feel rough as the display picks up smudges quite easily. Moving on the realme pad is powered by the 12 nanometer mediatek helio g80 soc, coupled with up to 4gb ram and up to 64 gb of onboard storage, and you also get memory expansion to up to one terabyte. Just so you know so in terms of software, you get clean stock, android 11, like literally theres, not even a single, have that game pre installed apart from the ones from google, and i really missed the google discover page on the home screen and i wish realme Adds it as a part of a future update now here are some benchmark numbers for those who are interested. You can pause and take a look, so the realme pad offers a smooth and decent day to day performance, in fact deciding with stock android for the software.

Instead of the companys custom, realme ui makes it easy for the helio g80 soc to handle any sort of general task because, admittedly, stock android is pretty clean and light and by general tasks i mean checking your emails. Doing zoom calls watching videos browsing the web casual gaming and stuff, like that. All these things were handled just fine with the minor starters here and there. However, when it comes to playing graphics, intensive titles such as call of duty mobile. Yes, i tried that the performance does get choppy, but that is expected right. I mean this is not a high end flagship chipset, so i guess yeah theres, that in terms of endurance, the real me pad here is excellent. Ive been using this tablet for two weeks now and ive, charged it three times till now, if im not wrong and on a single charge. Considering i use this tablet mostly at night. This tablet has been lasting me uh for about three to four days on a single charge, with around eight hours of screen on time. So, in terms of battery life, a real me pad does not disappoint as for charging times well, the supplied 18 watt charger takes about three hours to fully top of the tablet from zero to hundred percent. So the million dollar question is: should you buy the real me pad or not? Well, i think. For a start, the company has done a pretty decent job and the real pad does take quite many boxes right, for instance, the design of this tablet is fantastic.

No second thoughts about that the display is large and, despite being a tft panel, it does look pretty good. On top of that, you get a clean software experience and the battery life here is excellent, to say the least, and while i really wish real me could have added a little oomph in the performance by giving a slightly better processor as an overall package. The real me pad is a solid pick for a first attempt id recommend going for the lte versions of the realme pad. I mean if you are spending about 14 000 rupees on the wi fi model. You might as well add a little more money and get the calling functionality as well, and that was my review of the brand new real me pad so guys. You share your thoughts and queries with me regarding this tablet in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.