If you are older subscriber of me and welcome to my channel. If you are newer viewers of my channel, my name is rl music. I am making music, i do beatboxing. I am teaching beatboxing. I do some reaction videos and also reviewing videos of beatbox, especially – and i also do recently, i just love to review devices that i just bought. So now i will review the this is from the unimax. The unimax is uh, one solution best experience, so this is the store in my country, but why i, what i bought from unimax lets see here so the box contains this. This is the ring k. I dont know how to use say it ring a ring ring. I know i will save it ring k, so i i will open the uh bubble, wrap here to show you what is ring its actually a a kind of unexpecting. The um samsung a52 comes with the Music already uh casing the silicon casing, the clear silicon casing. Im not expecting that and thats the reason that thats, the main reason why i buy this because it is the casing for the my new samsung a52. If you want to see the unboxing and review you can see in my other videos, so this is it. This is the rinke, as you can see here. Our best protection is designed with you in mind. So what is this so? This is the 36 technology tailored cutouts military grade protection, enhanced grip and quick catch lanyard hole.

So you can access the ringkei.com. It is made in korea, so um. Actually rinke is maybe the only uh i dont know. If other screen i mean other casing, phone casing has this much of protection. So we will open this you. You will see the sign here for galaxy a52 and you could see here. Military grid protection drop, tested, male std, 810 gram. 516.6. Usa. I dont understand what that means, but if i see from the specification oh and this is youll see here, you will check it okay, so if this flash on in video mode it is the original lets open it. I want to fill this casing for the screen protector that i last reviewed that i reviewed in the video before im, not opening it, because it needs careful what i need to be careful, because when it sticks to the surface i cant open it again. So i just want to use it on my a52 – very, very gentle gem gently, so you will see here: um remove the outside film, they say the inside film and the outside film, so they are the outside film. They are the inside film and i need to remove both of it. So this is the clear, the clear casing, but with the side of the black accent um, it actually has every uh button that i need to operate. My a52 you can see. This is also sorry and also this one. So all the buttons are all the hole is there, so they made this especially for the um sam.

I think if you are a samsung phone user, you you need to buy the ring k case, because it is the strongest case uh in the market and they tailor it with every almost every samsung model for fun model. Uh. I yeah thats it thats. The ring k – maybe this is the last thing that i will review about phone because um next week our next video i dont know. When will i upload that video? I will review my newest laptop and after that, maybe i will review many things because i will buy not many things but its just that time. The time when i spend my money for my content or something like that and thats it thats all from me.