The only proper difference is that chipset, as this shiny fresh model, is powered by the snapdragon 778g rather than the snapdragon 780g, probably because of supply issues now ive had my sim stuffed inside of the xiaomi 11, like 5g ne for the last week, or so ive Been using it as my full time smartphone so here is my in depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. First ive got to commend xiaomi on the design of this thing. That glass and plastic frame is impressively skinny and much lighter than most rivals are just a shade under 160 grams. One handed use is of course, still a bit of a as that. Mighty screen is 6.55 inches, but the fact youve got reasonably skinny frame. Quite slender bezels as well, and those lovely, rounded corners, means that the phone is quite comfortable to clutch. Youve got a selection of colours to choose from including vibrant, blue and pink efforts, and, while i personally got my hands on the fresh snowflake white model, im still not really sure how i feel about it. I do find its kind of like an emotional rollercoaster kind of similar to watching sunderland football club. You know sometimes youre watching it and youre like hey. This is actually pretty good. You know we might actually stand a chance of going up this season and other times youre like maybe i should just stop being interested in football and just throw myself off the roof.

Instead, sorry, that was a really crap analogy. What im, basically trying to say, is sometimes i really appreciate the fact that xiaomi tried to do something so fundamentally different with the look of this phone and other times i cant help, but thinking that that rear end looks quite similar to a really cheap kitchen work. Surface that my nan used to have still on a positive note. The xiaomi 11, like 5g ennes r10, seems just as hardy as said work surface because after a week of rough handling, still not nicks or scuffs, although that might just be the case of i cant. Actually see the nixon scuffs because of the outlandish design and meanwhile around front its a gorilla glass 5 quarter, not as good as the gorilla glass 6 quarter. You had on the original xiaomi 11 light 5g, unfortunately, but again after a week of handling, absolutely no damage to speak of, despite the lack of a pre installed screen protector. Sadly, though, theres no water resistance here, so, if thats a deal breaker for you, maybe try samsungs galaxy a52 s5g instead, as always with xiaomis blowers, youve got that miui 12 launcher to contend with. Thankfully, this behaved itself in my week with the 1195g ne, no funny business like crashing or other quirks to speak of just a heap of crap wear that definitely needs delete and pronto like bloody linkedin and facebook get off my phone boy. I do like quite a lot of the extras that miui adds to the android experience the likes of the gaming mode.

For instance, youve got those video tools, some of which are a bit crap and pointless, and some of which are actually decent and youve got the gesture support as well. Few minor grumbles, like the always on display, isnt, really and always on display, as it can only be shown for 10 seconds when the screen is tapped. So that is a bit crap, but its great to hear that xiaomi is taking os and security updates more seriously. So you should get a couple of years of love on this thing, so the software isnt bang out a date on the security side of things. Weve got face recognition, support here to unlock the smartphone, but its not exactly the most secure because it does seem to work even when im face masked to the max. But you can just leave that if you like and use the edge mounted fingerprint sensor instead, which is seriously good despite being crazy, skinny, its responsive and youll rarely have to double tap your digit in order for it to recognize you now, as well as the software That 6.55 inch amoled screen hasnt really changed up at all from the original 11 light: 5g phone, its a full hd plus panel that fires sharp vibrant images straight into your brain, complete with dolby vision and hdr 10 plus support stream a bit of netflix original content And youll be treated as some fine ass visuals, that is the professional term. Obviously, only a slight blemish for that selfie orifice too so going full screen is all good and admittedly no its not the brightest screen around.

But i could still work out what i was trying to do when i was outdoors and those occasional moments when the sun managed to break through that thick layer of gloom that were experiencing here in the uk, the 90 hertz refresh rate matches most rivals and youve. Also got the usual eye, comfort, modes and monochrome modes, and all that shenanigans to prevent your peepers from exploding when youre doomed scrolling at 3 am to punish your stupid wide awake brain. Unfortunately, i am substantially less impressed with the audio chops of the xiaomi 11 light. 5G ne yeah its got a stereo speaker arrangement for media, but on top of volume, that output is weaker than a ferrets fart and even worse, theres bugger, all headphone jack here on the 11 light 5g ne. So it is a good thing that at least the bluetooth 5.2 streaming was absolutely perfect, strong and stable. Whether i was streaming to a headphones speakers, whatever good news, if you want to download loads of movies and tunes, though, because you get a minimum 128 gigs of storage expandable via microsd in that second sim slot. As i mentioned before, one of the only proper changes here on the 11 light 5g ne. The new addition over the original smartphone is the fact that youve got that snapdragon 778g chipset power and precedence. My review model was the lesser six gigs of ram version, and i did notice that the performance definitely wasnt quite as strong as some other 778g smartphones, like the samsung a52 s5g games like gench and impact are playable, but they also do jutter and stumble occasionally.

When things get intense, all the same, though the 11 lite 5g ne is capable enough for this price point remaining cool, even if you dedicate a couple of hours to arguing with irritating fairies and bashing trolls on the bonds and, if youre not really into gaming. Well, everyday shenanigans, absolutely fine! Here on the 1195g ne, your apps will load up quickly and you can do a bit multitasking all that good stuff and, of course, youve got that 5g support built into the 778g as well spread across both sims. So connectivity, not an issue and ive got no complaints for the battery life on this new edition model, either ive found that i very rarely run it into the power saver mode, even at the end of a very long intensive day, with plenty of music streaming a Bit of video action, occasionally a little bit of light gaming and uh, using it as a sat nav as well. So, even at the end of a very heavy day, i still tended to have around 15 to 20 of charge left as for recharging, where you got 33 watt support here on the 11 light 5g ne, which aint too bad at all, now last up the optics And the camera hardware again hasnt been tinkered with for this 5g ne model. The 64 megapixel primary sensor can grab 16 meg snaps and while the picture quality cant quite touch rivals such as the pixel 4a and again that e52 s5g its not half bad shoot.

Something in decent light and youll enjoy realistic, colors and fine detail and in your photo as long as you leave that ai mode, while alone, even in more ambient light, the results are decent if youre not trying to shoot anything in motion, so kittens and sugared up. Kids are right out now, the night mode doesnt do a huge amount to boost the brightness when the lighting is crap, but it does make a small difference and, as usual, with xiaomi smartphones. Youve got plenty of other bonus mods to play around with here, including good, old, pro mode. Of course, if you want to tinker with the white balance, all that shenanigans and a portrait mode, that does a great job with living subjects and disembodied mannequin heads smearing out all of that background clutter, so they really stand out the xiaomi 11 light 5g ne also Serves up an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter that, like most ultra wide angle, lenses sacrifices, tonal accuracy for a broader score, and yes, youve got a 5 megapixel telemacro lens. If you want to shoot weird close ups for all your video needs, this mobile can record up to 4k resolution footage at 30 frames per second and again, i was happy enough with the results. As long as that lighting holds up, the visuals are sharp enough. So you can enjoy your footage on a big screen, while the audio capture is also nice and clear, and the 20 megapixel selfie shooter will do a decent enough job.

As long as you do, two things turn off that stupid, beautify bollocks and avoid strong light as youll just end up with oversaturated results, otherwise its perfectly fine with excellent portrait smarts and that right there is my full final frank review of the xiaomi 11 light. 5G ne after using it as my personal smartphone for a week or so, and i got ta say i did enjoy using it, though, coming from the samsung galaxy a52 s5g, i got ta say the gaming performance on that was better. The camera was slightly better as well. Youve got that water resistance, so if you cant afford just that little bit of extra outlay, i definitely recommend upgrading to that one. But if youre not really bothered about gaming youre not going to be ever, you know de stressing a nice sudsy bubbly bath with a good bit of anime on your smartphone. Well, the xiaomi 11 light 5g ne should definitely satisfy. You know its a decent software experience. Strong bit of hardware overall love these stuff, so it should be hitting the uk uh in the next sort of few weeks for around 350 quid. We dont have the final uk price just yet, but when we do ill bung it in the description below be great to hear your thoughts on the xiaomi 1195g ne and also the original 5g as well. If you ever happen to have your sims slotted into that bad boy id, definitely please smash your comments down below.

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