Keeping your phone charged can be a challenge for commuters and road trip lovers. A wireless car charger is a wise and useful purchase. Having a wireless charger in your vehicle is the most convenient way to avoid those dreaded low battery notifications, while youre on the go thats. Why, in this video, we are going to review the acevest d1 wireless car charger? The ace fast qi fast charging car charger is a wireless phone charger with an auto clamping and adjusting feature. This wireless car charger mount has a nicely designed telescoping arm a strong suction cup, and the wireless phone charging feature is compatible with most phone cases. So lets see what comes in the box, Music, Music, so Music now lets put the acevest charger to the test inside the car. You have two options to mount: the ace fast wireless charger, one for windshield and dashboard, and one option for air vent lets start with air vent. The acevest is loaded with 15 watt fast wireless charging and automatic clamping suitable for 4.5 to 6.7 inch smartphones, excellent, build quality with sturdy plastic housing. It is loaded with four non slip: rubber side arms to protect your smartphone from scratches and slipping one touch to release the phone it has a built in battery. You can remove your phone easily portrait and landscape mode is supported. Music next lets stick the fixed gasket to the dashboard. By the way the extendable arm clamp can hold well enough by itself Music.

The arm can be extended, as you wish, with 360 degrees, clamp rotation, and now the last option is the windshield as usual, strong and sturdy Music. The top performers are very evenly matched ace. Fast. D1 is an excellent, fast wireless car charger with phone holder. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. As always, if you enjoy this content, go ahead and smash the like button and leave a subscribe.