I ordered this last week and it got here yesterday. So im excited ive, been thinking about buying a camera, but for now im just using my iphone 11. At the moment, so i just decided to you know get this just um just for the meantime. So this is the box, and this is the one i got with the light and the microphone, and i got this off amazon by the way. So this is the little pouch. It came in like a travelers kit type thing you just unplug it. It has usb vision on the front and then these are all the contents that come in the pouch. Of course, you have um the instruction manual, its a tripod, and you can let the legs out actually sit it flat or you know you can hold it for blogging like this this this is, you know you like you know. Swivel is the microphone. The piece that holds your phone and you click the red button and you can like kind of lock it in place its not like the other kind that people use that have your light lets see and its charged thats. The charging port then thats how many its almost full but yeah youre able to recharge it, and then this you just click um turn it and its. You know: brightens brightens, the lighter damaged light. This comes with two Music two cords um. This one lets see lets open this first.

This one is for your phone, so you have to have the little um goggle that comes with the iphone, and this is for um a camera, and this is connect to connect your phone to the microphone, and this holds the microphone in place. And, of course, you have the muffs um. This is just the regular one, and i think this is the one that um like stops. The wind from you know interfering with the sound and, of course, where the cords came into came in this little pouch and this and then this is to the cord to charge the light. So i will come back to yall im going im going to go. Try it outside to see how all right yall, so i am outside. Yes, i live in the country, but im outside um, i have the lights on the highest brightness that i can go. I got the microphone set up its pretty sturdy um, so its definitely easy to hold as well. So hopefully you guys can hear me, so this is without the microphone just wanted to try it out with them.