This is the h20 that comes with the snapdragon 778. This is not the fusion fusion is a different device altogether and guys. I wont uh be dividing this video and the pros and cons. Dont worry. I will be mentioning all the cons also, but i what i will do is i will just go uh one section uh by the other. So if a good thing is there about that in that area ill talk, so i divided this review in 11 different segments. The problem was that what ive noticed is because of the pros and cons. Many people are just uh watching the cons, not the pro section. So it is out of context if you just watch the cons, you dont get the whole picture so thats. Why im trying out this new thing so lets get on with this one and ive used this almost for over a week and guys this is actually the retail unit that you will be buying from flipkart. Hence the delay guys. Many of you were not why the delay so anyways lets talk about it and again guys. Uh here are the specs. You know that this comes with the snapdragon 778. It comes with an amoled screen with 144 hertz. What do you say refresh it and other specs are here: we get only one variant guys, so no multiple variants for this one, okay, uh so and it is for about thirty thousand flipkart ill leave the link, if you guys want it in the description uh.

So first thing is: lets talk about the screen, because this is a oled screen that youre getting and its a very good oled screen guys. I have to say what motorola has done with this one. Is they have done an incredible job? The screen just pops guys this is the this – is the real me x uh. No, this is a real me gt master radiation that also comes with this one. This also has an amulet screen, but this uh screen of what motorola has done it just pops guys its a 10 bit screen, hence even images and stuff videos. What you watching when there is a lot of what do you say, gradient stuff? This looks really good. So watching videos etc was a very, very good experience, so full marks to motorola regarding that, but now coming to the con of this one, if you notice the screen is very vibrant, very fluid, again: 144 hertz thats. What i like lets talk about 144 hertz and if you go over here in the display – and here if you go over here, uh uh, there are two things that i wanted to highlight. One is this display refresh rate with that update. Now they have changed the auto earlier auto used to restrict 220 hertz, but now thing to the auto is also going up to 144hz. You can also force it to 144. All the time i would say no need, because auto is working very well and, as you can see how smooth the ui on animations is very, very fluid.

Okay, let me talk about now the con that i have with this one, and this is a minor con, but i notice it because i work with video a lot and if you go to the colors by default it will be unsaturated. So everything will look extra punchy and slight things will look like red. I was really annoyed with it, so i thought lets go to natural, but when we went into the natural it was looking very, very pale in colors. So what i did is, i went back to the saturated, its still not super accurate and saturated, but i moved the color temperatures little bit higher now its a lot better, but by default, when you get uh, if you are very picky about colors, i know im Picky about colors, because ive worked with video. Most of you will like the default mode, but again you have to tweak it a little bit, but yes, the colors, look over saturated, okay next thing: what i really liked about this smartphone and i think so uh this has to be the lightest, android smartphone or Any smartphone that comes with this big 6.7 inch screen. In fact, the weight of this one is just 163 grams, so very very light, although its having a big screen, i think so thats one of the biggest usb of this one. Even some of my relatives came. I give them this the first thing: they picked up the phone and they said wow.

This is really light. How is this so light? That was the first question and i think so they get it because again, the back, if you notice this is not glass guys. This is a polycarbonate but its decent. Yes, it does get some fingerprints uh like this, but overall you get the case in the box and it is fine i would say, but i like that, how light this smartphone is compared to most of the other smartphones, even though many of the smartphones have a 6.4 inch screen. They are a lot heavier this in that area, i would say i was not expecting more flora to do this and also theres a pretty slim uh phone. Another small uh thing that i noticed with this smartphone is – and this is networking guys not a strict con. Yes, you have the fingerprint scanner over here and its very, very responsive. You just touch it and it works very responsive. I would say: motorola has now finally nailed the fingerprint scanners because in some of their earlier smartphones it used to be a little bit sluggish, so thats, really nice and i like the volume rocker – is here fine. But what i do not like is here: you have this extra button. And yes, if you press this, you get the google assistant fine, i like that functionality there, but nobody they have given a option inside to customize this one they should have actually given.

I would have loved if they would have allowed a customization of this button. Maybe they enable it for the ot update. Okay next thing, uh that i like i mean again. This is the stock android experience that youre getting on this uh device, no ads, no extra bloatware on anything. Apart from some motorola specific apps that are useful apps, i would say for customization and gestures and stuff like that, so its a pure android experience no ads whatsoever. I dont think so. We are getting any smartphone in this price range. This is around 30 000. Without the ads and bloatware yes, samsung is there, but we know what samsung is doing with ot updates. They are pushing out extra, apps and stuff like that. So that way, i like it so people who dont like those ads or extra apps or something here again, no extra, junkware or stuff again, all these apps, netflix, amazon, etc. I have installed it because i was using it as my personal phone so that thats, what i like and again pure android experience that youre getting left. You get the google pane very, very smooth to use and again yeah thats, also because of the snapdragon 738. Very very fluid and guys i was always using this smartphone in the 100. This auto, i kept it and i even used it 144 hertz and i never had an issue in terms of smoothness very, very fluid and you dont even have to keep it on 144 hertz.

Even when i right now its on auto, actually uh it dynamically adjusts. It and you dont get that jankiness. So whenever youre scrolling stuff or anything uh its just smooth, i would say its just smooth, i would say so: 144 hertz works really well thanks to the snapdragon 778 soc on uh. This one now lets talk about the call quality and i i used it like this normally uh. I took a lot of calls and im happy to say that the earpiece quality is really good on this smartphone and even the network reception was fine. Uh good thing is that it also works with wi fi calling, and that also works. So in terms of calling, i did not have an issue and even no proximity sensor issue. Even i took a lot of long calls on this one and again, as the phone is so light, even for those long calls. Sometimes you have to take 30 35 minute once your hand does not feel that fatigued, because the phone is so light. So no issues in proximity sensor and all those in those areas – uh motorola – has nailed it. I would say uh, i didnt have a problem with that uh, but now uh moving to another thing is that good thing again, this is uh. This one does support the carrier, aggregation that is 4g plus that you get here itll. I got that so carrier aggregation is there and also we have nfc on this smartphone.

That option is there, but one bummer is that i dont know why motorola did this theres? Only one speaker on this one, its a single speaker, smartphone, i dont, know how they should have given dual speakers on this one and add to the irony uh. It does not even have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so i feel thats a really idiotic, stupid bummer. That motorola has done with this. That is one thing that is annoying me on this smartphone. Okay lets move to the next uh thing, and that is regarding 5g. Again, this is a proper 5g smartphone guys. The snapdragon 778 is a 5g chip, but the good thing is that this does support 11 bands of 5g. So whenever 5g comes hopefully by next year in india, you dont have to worry about that one on this smartphone. So, in terms of 5g, these motorola guys are not skipping, like some of the other brands do that anyways uh moving to the next thing is uh uh. This is a unique feature, and i think so i showed this in the unboxing video of these smartphones. This has that motorola ready for functionality, for example, if you have a computer or even a tv, you can easily just invoke that and cast it around and you can play around with that thats a very cool feature, i would say so lets say you have a Uh some presentation, etc. You want to give or family members are sitting from your phone.

Only you can easily cast it. In fact, you can even play games, etc. If your tv supports miracar so thats a unique feature that motorola is now giving with this smartphone – and this is uh – this can actually work fully wirelessly. You dont have to use a wire to do that so thats a unique feature. I would say next thing that i uh, like is uh regarding the battery life uh. Here i was very, very skeptical, and many of you have asked me about that on twitter. How is the battery right? Because on paper, this one just has 4000 milliamp hour battery and i was also very worried, but again guys. Overall, i would say in terms of battery life, i am actually not that worried. Let me actually show you the actual battery stats with this one, and i was getting anywhere about four and a half to about eight and a half hours of sot. For example, i saved it uh, it was at ten percent lets see and ten percent, as you can see six hours, twenty nine. So this is about six and a half hours. This is the lowest that i got, and this was of the charges for 34 hours. So approximately one and a half days lets move to this one. This was of the charger for just 21 hours and i was at four percent, and here i got a screen on time of eight hours, 35 minutes.

So battery life is not an issue again. 15. 7 hours 54 minutes, as you can see, but 20 hours away from the, and i also got one ot update guys, so i had applied that uh and so battery life, surprisingly, is not an issue. It will get you a typical day screen on time anywhere from six six and a half to about eight and a half hours of sot, which is actually pretty good. Considering how light the phone is and how uh just just having a four thousand milliamp hour battery. So in terms of optimization, motorola has done a very good job and the snapdragon 778 soc is actually pretty good because in terms of battery life, even this real me gt master edition. I got some pretty decent uh battery life. Okay, uh. One thing that is annoying is netflix is obviously it works when l1 support is there, but for some reason, even on this smartphone uh for netflix hdr is not enabled, though this smartphone supports hdr. The panel supports hdr. So i think so. This is a problem with netflix netflix. Please get your act together. Why are you not enabling hdr plus on mid range smartphones? Do you want a special license fee or something i dont know, but the hardware it supports hdr and on youtube? If you open, hdr videos uh, you can see it in hdr. Just want to be clear about that. Uh. The ram management was very good on this smartphone.

So, in terms of ram management, you dont have to worry you get it with 8 gigabytes of ram and even apps that need to be in memory uh, for example, truecaller or my mygate app, etc, were not booted out. So that way, uh in terms of ram management and regular stuff, i did not have a problem with this smartphone that way they have tuned it. Well. Okay, now moving to uh one biggest con that i have with this smartphone and that is regarding wi fi reception. Uh dont get me wrong its not about raw wi fi speeds. Let me actually give you an idea. Lets first run the speed test, uh its connected to my atel uh fiber, and lets just run this raw speed is not a problem. Max i get is about 560 or something with a high end smartphone. So, as you can see, uh in terms of raw speed, its not a problem im getting 530 540 almost 538, so 536, almost 540. You could say so in terms of what do you say: uh when im running speed, tests and stuff its not a problem, and i did not have a problem even connecting to my wifi router. This is on five gigahertz. I even connected on 2.4 gigahertz thats, not the problem, so speed is not a problem, but what is happening is many times and i would say this is happening about 10 or 15 percent of the time uh whenever im watching youtube videos or even netflix after some Time for youtube, videos, theyre small, six, seven minutes after after seventh or eighth video every time the video will just start buffering.

You get that and i was baffled im on a one gigabit internet connection. So thats not an issue so looks like there is some issue with the wi fi antenna configuration, maybe its just going to the power saying mode or it not needs proper calibration, because it not only happened on youtube to me. But even when i was watching some movies on netflix in the middle of the movie after 20, 25 minutes again that buffering thing or the resolution started, dropping which was very baffling because i have i test hundreds of devices. This hasnt happened to me in the past two three years when i double checked my network again, as you saw the speed test, we did its perfectly fine. My network speeds are good, and even some other users also complained me uh on twitter, etc. That wi fi. They are facing an issue, so this is the biggest con that i have faced with this device. So its not like the wi fi does not work. It worked as you can see a speed test also, but the consistency. There is some issue, and i think so they need to calibrate it and fix this with the software update. That is the biggest con that i faced with this device. While i was using uh this one. Okay, moving to the next thing is regarding the camera. Again, as you can see, we have the triple camera set up. The main is 108 megapixels.

Then we have a 16 megapixel ultra white and we have an 8 megapixel thats, a 3x zoom, and here are some of the samples that ive taken with this one. To get give you a better idea, so some outdoor shots for this is a regular shot. This is the 3x optical zoom, and this is the wide angle. The wide angle does a good job because its a 16 megapixel again regular 1x, and this is actually that 3x zoom now for some samples taken in completely artificial lighting and it does a decent job. But there is some camera shake ill talk about that in the later part of the video. Now these were taken at night in low lighting conditions, and here i felt that this one did a lot better than the h20 fusion. So definitely the isp is a lot better on this moto h, and this was taken in onboard, very low lighting, and here i invoke the night mode. So the night mode does make a difference. This shot also in very, very low lighting, and here i enabled the night mode, but there is a little bit of noise in the picture with the front facing camera, and the lighting is good. It does a decent job, as you can see, but in the portrait mode there is that softness and slight blurriness, if you have noticed so, as you saw, the camera performance is okay, but i would say its not that great, for example, uh the samsung galaxy a52 Or even the not two in terms of the camera performance beat this one, and i feel that is all because of optimization, because if you saw some of the shots that i showed you, for example, as you can see here, some of the shots that i took Indoor, these came out actually blurry, and i think so that is the problem with this one is that uh, if you just take a shot like this, because its its 108 megapixel sensor its downscaling to 12.

, it tries to take the shot immediately by when you click It there is whenever you click this, there is a slight. What do you say: vibration and its catching that and because of that youre getting that vibration. When i actually, you can just go here and invoke the timer, you can invoke the timer, and now, if you take a 10 second, you can go to three seconds uh, actually uh. We can get some better shots. The sensor is okay, as you can see, so they need to work on the image processing and this. What do you say shake that you are getting with the camera uh? So i think so. This can be solved with the software update, but i feel they should have given a optical image, sim uh ois on the 108 megapixel main sensor, so i would say camera yes, most of the outdoor shots were fine, but in indoor, in certain situations when i was Taking close up, i noticed that blurriness. Yes, i could migrate it as you can see with the samples using a timer for three seconds, but i dont think so. Thats a practical solution, uh so uh. The camera is okay but guys um. Yes, the camera is far better than the h20 fusion, because some of the night samples, as you can see this one, i was surprised because the h20 fusion also has this 108 megapixel, and that simply did not do that great in that night situation.

This one did better because it has the snapdragon 778 and it has the new isp. So isp is there so now motorola really needs to work on the software, and some of the issues that i have mentioned. I dont know if theyll do it, but if they can work on that and improve it, then i feel the camera can. I can suggest the camera if your camera, but as of now, i would say if camera is the highest priority, both the not two and the samsung galaxy a52 uh have better camera than uh this one, a quick sample uh with the front facing camera, and the Thing is that, while video recording actually zooms in quite a bit its like this, if i just keep my arm like this, i have to really stretch like this, and i feel the camera rear facing the five particular front facing camera im like okay with it, the Performance is decent uh, but the rear facing camera, though on paper, the specs are really good. 108 megapixel, but where i feel motorola is falling short, is in terms of image processing. The hardware has the depth and the isp is also good, but the image processing after processing is a little bit weak with motorola smartphones thats, where i feel uh the samsungs and even the oneplus actually go ahead. In fact, i would say in terms of rear facing camera at the nod too, is better, but again because of some of the blast issues of the knot too.

I cant remember but yeah. Definitely in terms of camera, i felt the rear facing camera on the not 2 was better so guys that was my review of this moto h20 smartphone. Certainly, a very good smartphone gets a lot of things right, its very light in terms of call quality. It is really good. The screen quality is good. The fingerprint scanner is good, but again that wi fi issue is a bummer and i hope motorola actually addresses that to the next ota update and also improves the uh camera performance. So i would say its a pretty good smartphone, but again uh its not without it flaw again guys. This was my review of this moto h20 hope you liked it anyways guys if youre still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.