Lets check it out. Music, dave, taylor here and im checking out this. Well, let me open it up. This is the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, 5g smartphone and, as you can see it folds, it is an amazing phone with a big bright screen and when you close it up a little tiny notification screen that actually gives you some decent functionality right there on the Front but look at those dimensions so cool. This is a really cool phone and the idea of having this sort of folding screen is really fascinating. Now comes with some problems which ill talk about in a bit, but lets start by just talking about the phone itself. So it features a 6.7 inch, amo led 1080 by 2640 screen, so its a nice high res high density screen and then this front screen is a little 1.9 inch. Also amo led cover screen its using gorilla glass victus. So it is pretty tough. It should last pretty well with some caveats again well get to that in a few minutes powered by the qualcomm snapdragon chip, the sm 8350 888 octa core with adreno 6600 gpu. It has cameras. Of course, all these smartphones have cameras. In fact, i have lots of cool camera demos so were going to get to that in just a second so facing the back. You have a 12 megapixel, f 1.8 wide and a 12 megapixel f, 2.2 ultra wide and then the front camera is a 10 megapixel.

F, 2.4 camera so lets actually go ahead and jump in and ill show you some of the camera demos that i have first off. These are four levels of zoom im, just tapping on the different zoom levels in the camera app and then heres a selfie and then heres a demo of night mode on my street and the night modes, not glorious. I have to say that my iphone 13 does amazingly better with night mode, but those photos overall im really impressed with the camera here. That selfie in particular, was very nuanced on the colors there. But what about video all right? Well, heres a regular video and then we can switch into slo mo and then possibly my favorite of all the modes, one that i really love on this device is director mode and youll see how that works. So this is directors view where its actually simultaneously recording the selfie camera, which is what im on and the front facing camera, which is the actual river and im hoping. You can hear me. But this is a really cool mode and with a wireless microphone hooked up to the phone theres a lot you can do with this, and this obviously is really great for social media. Anyway. Ive got a lot of pictures of the river and you can see why. I hope this is one of my favorite little secret spots that i use for testing cameras. The flip 3 features a 3 300 milliamp hour battery, which should give you somewhere around 30 hours or so depending on what youre doing.

As with all these phones, you can really stress your battery with really high cpu demand, apps and applications and usage, but you can also sort of nurse it along if youre, just listening to music or its just sitting there and giving you notifications, while youre working or Something your battery is going to last longer eight gig of ram. You can get it in 128, gig or 256 gig of storage, and it runs android 11 and samsungs one ui 3.1.1 and lets see. I cant not sure. I can really show you much of what that looks like, but its pretty slick, its very fast, its very responsive. This is like really a state of the art phone here. It is ipx8 water resistance, which means you can drop this in the shallow end of your pool and take 30 minutes to pick it out and itll still be fine. I do not recommend taking 30 minutes. I do not recommend dropping it in your pool, but suffice to say if you splash coffee on it or something you do not have to immediately panic and say: oh my god. What did i just do so dimensions wise? It is 166 millimeters by 72 millimeters by seven millimeters, which translates to 6.5 inches by 2.8 inches by 0.27 inches, so thats just about a quarter of an inch thick and when you have it closed of course, now you have different dimensions so now its 34 by Sorry, 3.

4 by 2.8, by 0.63, inches or 86 millimeters by 72 millimeters by 16 millimeters got all that so suffice to say you close it and its just a tiny amazing little phone. I mean honestly just like this. This is just so cool with the time displayed and everything on the front. I really like this, but the fact that you can actually tap on it and then use it and get controls like music controls are its really really. Cool comes in a ton of colors cream phantom black green lavender, gray, white and pink last. Three are online order only which leads us to the question. Is it a good phone? Is it worth the money and the answer is that its an amazing phone, but its still, i dont, feel its quite ready for prime time. The issue with it is the screen and the folding. So even right here, theres a visible bump, but the problem is whats. It going to be like in a year whats it going to be like in two years, and my sources of best buy. Tell me that theyre getting a lot of these as returns, because people are complaining that its delaminating at the hinge and what they mean by delaminating, is that this screen is actually layers of material and the layers start to come apart. Which means that your hinge is no longer a magic seamless thing when you open it up, but something that visibly is not working correctly or is bent or is warping or something.

So i think that this journey for us to get these bending and flexible screens. We are definitely on that journey and theyre definitely moving along pretty fast, but im, not sure. I would recommend this as an acquisition, because i think that theres still another couple of generations of flexible screen to go through before we really have great tech. Now you might be someone that wants to be so on the cutting edge that youre okay, if its a little bleedy and thats. What this might be. This might be the bleeding edge of phones, because there is just a huge level of coolness when ive had it out just to play around with and just try people immediately gravitate over and they want to see it and they want to like look at it and See how that fold works and everything and thats really cool if youre sick of your friends talking about the latest iphone, you know apple cant do this with its phone, so this is definitely one where theres a lot of sort of tech. Sex appeal, if you will, but on the other hand, if youre going to have a phone for the next four or five years, which might be your usage pattern, then i dont know that this is going to last. That long. I think youre going to have some serious issues, so at the least you probably want to get an insurance and protection program, but thats up to you now really all thats left to talk about is the price, and i will talk about the price, but before we Get there im going to ask if you could subscribe to my channel really appreciate when you do that, its just a click or a tap on that subscribe button on the lower right and give me some feedback.

I gave you lots of photos and videos. What else would you have liked to have seen about this phone thats it? I always appreciate your feedback and then lets get to the price. This is the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 smartphone, and it is 999.99 or 27.78 a month times 36 months, and i got this one through at t so im going to link to them, but you can obviously also get it through. Samsung.Com love the technology. This is so cool.