This is a pretty cool case, pretty standard uh, but the thing that is very special about this is it has a charger built into the case. Now the thing is yes, the charger is built into the case, but it is also detached. So its really cool and uh were gon na talk a little bit about our experience with the case so far, so this static phone case and detachable magnetic wireless charger, its made in korea, and they have some cases made for different phone models, primarily iphone, so iphone X, iphone xs 11 pro, which is mine, as you can tell from the cameras here, the iphone xr and the iphone 11, and the reason why they have so so many for different types obviously is because its coming with the case itself, every phones a different size. Every phone has different camera setup and so its set just like regular case to fit your phone perfectly and then have the magnetic wireless charging port that can attach to the back of your case. So if you dont have it, you just have your regular case like this, so you can just attach it on like that. It does a really good job of protecting the phone, yeah and uh. Also, obviously, when you attach the charger part to it, magnetically it charges your phone. At the same time, so i mean you can walk around with the phone uh just always on a hundred percent as long as you have enough battery here now, a little bit about the battery is.

This is a 5 000 milliamp per hour battery, so it has enough juice to really last you throughout the day. What i like about this battery pack here – and i just took this with me – onto a photo shoot which was very convenient because i carry around my phone put in my pocket. Put it there put it there changing outfit, switching it around and the battery pack doesnt get detached from it. So, even though its very easy to take it apart, like this, somehow the way the steel plate inside the phone case and the magnet on the wireless charger and then this little groove thats on the side of the case, you cant slide it up and you cant Slide it down, so it doesnt come off when youre sliding it this way. The only way off is exactly like this lets. Take this off the battery off just for a second and were going to show you the actual battery pack and heres, how youll know if its fully charged or if its halfway charged or theres no charge at all. You simply press this button on the side and youll see these little led lights. Light up and thatll tell you how much power you have left in your battery Music. Its lets say that youre carrying this around okay youre carrying on your phone just the case and youre like oh, my goodness. I need more battery, so you put on your wireless battery pack here: okay magnet right there, but what you need to do as you can see its not charging right now, so you have to push the button on the side of the battery pack hold that down And bam it starts charging yeah.

So this is why its not gon na be just charging all the time when you stick it on so make sure you press the button so that your phone starts powering and if you want to keep it on, but you dont want to power it anymore. You just push the button again and itll turn right off and something that static is pretty proud of about this case and the wireless detachable charging magnetic device this style. So you might have heard iphone 12 actually already came out with this idea, where theyre coming out with this idea with the magnetic attachment battery like this, however, static came with it. First, oh beat them to the punch, yeah theyre, pretty proud of that the world is moving towards a 5g world. Most people are on 4g at this point, and now that 5g is starting to come out and become a thing. It actually consumes way more power about 2.5 times more power, and so, when youre out and about youre, using utilizing the 5g youll notice that your battery will potentially drain a lot faster. So itd be nice to have something that you could quickly charge back up. Another thing is that the phone is developing a lot quicker than the batteries are. Your phone is going to be attaching to bluetooth into speakers into wireless applications and this and that and even cctvs all attached to your phone. And so, while your capabilities are increasing on what youre using the phone for youre using more power, the battery is not being developed as rapidly so having a wireless charger like this, something you can take on and keep it off whenever you like, and its convenient and Small and minimal and also carries a lot of power.

This is very useful, especially as youll be using your phone for a lot more different things so like if youre in public places its very nice to be able to know that you dont have to one look for an outlet or two have your charging cable with You so you dont have to deal with bringing extra stuff, and you just worry about bringing the battery. You already have the case on the phone and then youre good, so i think its very convenient from that aspect. I think so too.