So are you looking for a phone gimbal that will do all the work open and close? The clamp and self balance stay tuned, all right guys. So before we get going just the usual housekeeping, this product was sent to me by godson the company behind the moza products. They sent it to me free of charge for this review. However, as always, they have no influence on this video theyre, not reviewing it before its being published and all the opinions youre going to hear are my own. So lets get started. This is the moza mini mx2, auto sense, smartphone, gimmick it supports phones up to 280 grams in weight and the battery will last all day on the device itself. You will find a joystick a function zoom in and zoom out button, as well as a battery and function indicator light on the side. There is the trigger button and usb c port to charge the device which takes about two and a half hours. It comes with a detachable mini tripod that provides stability if youd like to place the gimbal on a table to record yourself in terms of the design, the mx2 is identical to the first version for the most part, except for its built in autosense feature, which will Open up the clamp automatically and close itself when you place your phone on it to turn on the device, simply click and hold the function button and the clamp will adjust itself and open up then simply place.

Your phone and the built in sensor will detect that your phone is placed and it will close if youd like to release the clamp press, the zoom plus and trigger button at the same time, and the clamp will open up Music now lets. Take a look at what comes in the box, you will get the usbc cable, a pouch to carry everything the usual manuals, the small foldable tripod and the gimbal itself now lets take a look at the footage that was shot using this gimbal Music, Music. Music. All right guys, so this is a pretty sweet, gimbal uh. First of all, if you have the first one, the first mx um its pretty much the same right so uh the form factor is identical: uh, except for the um, the actual clamp right. Everything else is basically identical it when you hold it, it feels the same its the same its the same weight. It seems to me that its the same weight so um yeah, all that is the same uh really. The difference here is the autosense feature. Um now uh is that worth upgrading? Well, it depends. It depends right. So if you have the first one and if you dont, have a problem um putting the phone in inside the clam self balancing, if you can do all that quickly, then youre probably fine right. But if that is something uh. That is a pain which can be for some people absolutely for me too.

Sometimes uh. Then this will just be so much easier. You basically just push the button. You place the phone boom it closes and youre off. You know off. You go ive done it. While i was just uh, you know, holding the thing and just on the go sort of push the button boom put it there and it closes so um yeah when it comes to that. If that is something that matters to you, then this is uh, probably something for you right, um other than that. Like i said, all the other features are basically the same and um yeah. I mean all in all its its a sweet, gimbal theres. No doubt about that youre going to have a great time using it with your phone and its extremely portable. I mean i mentioned in my original video im. Pretty sure i did you know its a portable one. You can carry it around in your pocket off. You go right; they still havent addressed uh. The issue that i mentioned in my last video, which is uh with the tripod when you have that tripod like screwed in and then the distance between the trigger button and the the tripod. You know to me its still a little too close right um, but, like i said it, it depends on your hand. For me its a little too close. It wouldnt be a deal breaker, but its still feel a little too close. If it could widen that um.

That would be uh much appreciated right. That would be a great thing, um, so yeah so other than that i mean you know its a gimbal. It does. What a gimbal is supposed to do and thats really all that matters, especially with the phone gimbal right, its its portable um. It now definitely makes um putting the phone in adjusting it self, balancing all that it makes all that so much easier than uh before and um yeah thats. It guys links to everything, as always, will be in the description um. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button. Subscribe to this channel.