So definitely give me a subscribe like this video. That really helps me out and i can keep making videos like this to help your family out. So todays topic, we are breaking down reviewing the trumi phone, so uh well get right into it: hello, friends, im sarah kimmel, your friendly neighborhood tech expert. You can find me helping families with tech problems on tv news, podcasts, instagram, facebook and my website All right. Welcome back so lets get into the true me phone. So what is the true me phone? So this is the phone and its actually a samsung a32. They actually offer two different models: the a12 and the a32 ill get into what the differences are between the two. But what true me is: is a kids, safe, smartphone, ive, actually reviewed two other kidsafe smartphones on this channel, so definitely check out that video. But this one is specifically about the true me: it is brand new to the market and i just got my hands on it. So i wanted to let you guys know exactly what kind of features it has where my pros are, where the cons are and all of the things so a kid safe, smartphone, meaning its going to have very curated apps that you can install it will have no Social media access very limited browser access, so you can feel safe, giving this to your kids im going to break down a few of things, but i do have a discount code check out the description of the video.

If you do end up wanting to purchase this phone, so i, as i mentioned trumi, has two different phone options. It has the samsung a12 and the samsung a32, the big difference between the a12 and the a32 is going to be more space and a better camera. Thats really the only two differences, so if its a very young child theyre not going to use a lot of space on the phone um theyre not going to be taking amazing pictures or anything like that, the a12 is going to be a great option for them. If your child is a little bit older, ready to kind of graduate into a better smartphone, the a32 is the good option there. So there are three different plans. So, unlike a pinwheel which i reviewed earlier pinwheel, you can be carrier agnostic. You can add it to your verizon plan. You can add it to your t, mobile plan things like that with trumi its its own carrier, so it uses the backbone of a t network, but it is its own carrier. So you pay true me for the service and for the device operating system. So, like i said with pinwheel, you have two different fees. You have the fee two pinwheel and you have the fee to the carrier, this one, its all kind of rolled into one. They have three different plan options. The first plan is 15 a month. It is only talk and text, so you can only talk and text but where its better, i feel then say gab you can limit.

Who can contact the phone and you can limit? Who can text so thats a really good benefit, but the 15 a month plan is just talking text the 20 a month plan is talk, text plus photo messages and group messages. Those are transmitted over mms multimedia, so it requires a little bit more and so thats. Why, if you want to add group messages and photo messages, then you would be on the 20 a month plan, the 25 a month plan opens you up for different apps, so these are going to be the kidsafe apps. There are some apps that come with the 15 month plan and the 20 a month plan like a calculator, and things like that. So you know youre not going to be losing out on some of those with those lower plans. But if you want to open up some additional apps youll be on the 25 a month plan. So here are some of the pros that i really liked about the trumi phone first is that it has a web browser, but the web browser is limited to a safe list. Only so any website that you want your child to be able to access. You have to manually, enter and allow that website. I love this about the true me because other phones, they have ways around kind of the limitations that are on the device. So if they open up a web browser, they can get to any of these other websites.

But here, if they open up a web browser either through you know the privacy policy on the phone or things like that, then they are still limited to the applications and the websites that you have allowed. So i really liked that about the trumay phone. What is also great about that is because a lot of times in classrooms, the teachers will have them go to a website, do some voting on the phone, but you can allow those specific websites without giving them access to the whole of the internet. So i really liked that about the trumay phone. I also like that it has apps that you can download and again its a very, very curated list of apps, its very small um. I will go through exactly whats on the list. In my whole breakdown of the parent portal, but uh, i love that you can open up apps that you want. You can set time limits on those various apps. So i really like that about the trimming phone as well. Another complaint ive seen from other phones, is its very hard to find cases for them. This is just a samsung a32 or a samsung a12. You can find cases for them all over amazon for very cheap, so you can get really personalized and customized with your cases, because it is not such a proprietary phone that you cant find cases for it anywhere. So i really like that it has its own um.

You can buy cases from them, but theres cases all over amazon, so you can just go there and find a case as well. So here are the cons for the trumi phone um. The first one is that it does not have text monitoring this ones. A big deal for me so um it could be a deal breaker for this phone if i wanted to give it to my child, so they did say to me that monitoring is coming im, gon na say its probably a couple months out from the date of This review so check the date if its been a couple months since this review came out, maybe go check it out, see if monitoring has been added ill, try and update the description when monitoring does get added, but for right now there is no monitoring of messages Inside the phone, so if they send a message when theyre outside the house and they delete it, you would never know that message came through. You would never know that message was sent, so that is a huge limitation again. That would be a deal breaker for me, but if thats not as important to you, then this is a great option but, like i said it is coming so maybe you do want to just get this phone now and then um. You know maybe wait to give it to your child until the monitoring is coming or manually, monitor for a little while until they get it into place now this is just um, a issue that i ran into so again.

I think this is because the device is very, very new um. They dont they havent run into all of these different use cases. But my childs google account that i share our google calendar with and everything like that is managed from google family link and i was trying to add it to the true me phone and i couldnt, because google family link is not one of the approved apps and You need google family link on the phone in order to get that handled so thats one little kind of hurdle that theyre probably going to need to fix, because i need this to be able to show the real google calendar for my child and my childs account Is monitored through google family link, so you know if they have a chromebook or things like that, theyre, probably already monitored or managed through google family link and so right now i was not able to add that account to the phone so thats a problem that ive Run into, hopefully they get that one resolved very quickly, but that is another con to the true me device and then one thing where pinwheel kind of excels and i will probably do a full comparison between trumi and pinwheel. Just like i did with the pinwheel 2 gab, but um one con for true me, a plus for the pinwheel, is that there are app time frames so with pinwheel you can get very granular as to what type of apps you allow during specific time frames, and You can set up multiple time frames.

You cant quite do that with the trumi you either can give the app a time limit. You can tell what um time frame that can be accessed in, but you cant have multiple time limits or time frames that you can allow the app. So i like to allow a music app while my child is at bedtime, but i want to lock everything else out at bedtime, and so i wouldnt be able to really do that with the true me phone. But i can do that with something like pinwheel. So lets go ahead and jump into the parent portal. I want to show you everything that you can set up for this. True me phone, so lets get into that right now. This is the true me parent portal. You can access this from your phone web browser by just going to, and this will pull up after you log in you can see. This is the gps. It will show you exactly where your child is. You can also see if the device is enabled and set a daily screen time limit. So this is how much time is available for the entire day on there. You can see how much time is remaining, how much time was spent yesterday and their most used app and todays total app time. So this is all just kind of right on the home screen you can see. If i go over here to settings, lets go to web settings, you can turn on or off the ability to access a web browser.

So if you turn it on and you enable weekday limits, you can say that the browser is available from this time. To this time you can enable weekend limits that are different and heres, where you select the browser. So if you select this chrome browser its going to be unrestricted, there will be no filtering. It will not have the safe list. If you select this its going to be the kids smart browser its going to have the safe list and heres where you can manage the safe list websites, so you type in the selected url. Obviously, you want to be able to go to and you can add any url that you want listed here. You can also toggle on and off the ability to access apps. So if you toggle it off theyre going to not have the ability to access any of these apps, but with it on you can enable any of these kidsmart apps. So you can see all the different apps that are currently available for the device, and then you can also see what the basic apps are. So you can turn on and off any of these basic apps. So if you dont want them to have maps or a calculator or access to my files, you can turn off those in this location here and then you can see what apps are coming soon. So these are the apps that are in the works. Currently they are not available yet, but these are coming to the device very soon so heres, where you can check out the text messaging, you can allow text messaging on or off image and group messages on or off and set time limits for the texting again.

Just like with the browser you can either select the safe messenger or you can go to android messenger, which will have unrestricted access to send and receive texts from anyone. So this is where you would turn that off. So in the future, if you want to open it up a little bit more, you can toggle on the android messenger or if you want to just keep it to the safe messenger. You select that one heres, where you would manage contacts, so you can type in any contact that you want here, is the permissions that that contact has. So they have permissions to text, image and group message and call michael. That is all that is allowed. You can also put in some emergency contacts that are available, so you can put in your local family doctor babysitter child care. Any of these emergency contacts can also be included in the contacts ive already gone over these apps and then your contact and then just the account information. So there you have it. That is everything to know about the trumi phone. Definitely if you want to buy that check out the description, my code is familytech, so if you want to save 50 on your device go ahead and enter that code, family tech or just click, the link in the description and you can save fifty dollars on your New trueme device so, like i said there are some cons, weigh those with what you want for your children and see if this is the right device for you, so definitely go ahead and subscribe.

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