This is the galaxy v43 review Music. First of all, i want to say that i am in love with this phone, even though it may not be perfect. I dont need perfect. I need greatness, so first off lets talk about the main thing about this device, the display. So when you were watching other reviews, youre like oh its only a 7.6 inch display thats like not really as big as a tablet. No, not really gon na notice, much wrong, youre gon na notice. So much so just browsing like doing anything on this phone. It feels like youre getting way more than what you would on a traditional smartphone and samsung has done a great uh job of optimizing events. As you can see the settings we have this, instead of just one big like settings layer, but third party apps, its you cant, really say the same, so opening up youtube here. Okay, i swear it. Wasnt like this before all right, so apparently um the youtube. App goes from like phone mode to tablet notes right now. This is like foremost now we see the community post, because community posts have not come out to tablets yet, but youtube thinks this is a tablet sometimes. So, as you can see now that we opened the phone, we see what i was trying to tell you before, so how youre normally gon na see this phone is basically like this all right, so the thumbnails are way too big, theyre just way too big, and When you switch to the cover screen, everything is way too small, its the same thing with instagram like viewing pictures like this, not very pleasant, but when you open it, everything is way bigger, but you know its like too big.

You know, like you, cant, even view a full image without, like you know, scoring like that. Okay, this one you cant, see, for example, but – and this is what i you know just its just kind of finicky. You know the fold isnt like something new like weve. Had of galaxy fold since 2019, how come apps still arent optimized thats my question, but i dont really let it bother me too much because its not really that big of a deal because watching videos, its a whole new story. So, as you can see, this is before i even cropped in when i crap in you get this, and this is a really really great way to watch videos. I mean not always, though, because sometimes it crops too much like here, for example, but but for example, here you know like i would be perfectly fine watching that, and the display is just amazing that one pony hurts theyre amulets the great display overall and netflix. Does a way better job of cropping that display, as you can see, i dont know how they do it, but i can pretty much crop every single show and movie. I watch and its like gon na be fine youtube. If youre watching this, you need to do what netflix is doing, because this is a netflix beast and the crease doesnt really bother me too much like if im watching a video in direct sunlight, youre gon na see the crease, which is a bit of a disappointment, Because it kind of breaks the illusion of having a giant screen inside your pocket, and you can feel it as well, but not as much as you think when i want to put my pattern it.

I always go on the crease, which is like it. Doesnt really feel that comfortable to use just to use the crease or touch the crease but id say overall, its really not a big deal, especially especially when you remember that this that decreases for this. Basically, you know, like you know what youre getting into when you buy one of these, but it shouldnt really bother you to the point where its unusable like definitely not without you could always just use the cover screen and it is narrowed ill admit it is a Bit too narrow, i dont know why they cant just make it a bit wider, but i have no problems using the screen like for basic stuff, like everyone want to send a quote. If i want to send a quick text, use an app real, quick or maybe even watch us a video like watching videos on this. Its pretty funny like if watch videos like this. Just who does that exist its just really tiny. But you can also watch like this right. Just look at these huge black bars and when i crop it in yeah its even worse, but its not a terrible way of watching videos but its not the best. So everything is either too big for you or too small on this phone, but you do get used to it so again, its like not a deal breaker and i have big hands im used to heavy phones and, unusually sized phones, so holding it.

For me, doesnt really bother me also drawing on this thing. I have the the s pen full edition right over here, and drawing is great. You can have a really really big uh. You know place to draw and if youre wondering, if the crease bothers you not at all, as you can see, im able to make very precise movements over the crease it doesnt like. I feel it when i do this, but moving slowly. I dont, even i literally dont, feel the crease when doing this, like literally not at all. So if youre a big drawer, then this is a really good phone to draw with and, as you can see, you have that capacitive um s pen like when you press down sticker Music, you know same old, same old, but and we have all the other s. Pen features that we would have on the note, such as all of this. The only problem is, we dont really have anywhere to keep the s pen, so i mean i know i know samsung has a case for it, but i didnt get that case and uh. You know this is a tech, 21 case evo tent. I believe its called pretty good case only problem is: it requires a double sided tape to use so im, not a big fan of that, because i usually like to take my cases off, so i can clean them, but it is what it is. Overall s, pen usage is great, its like using less pen on a note but 10 times better or five times better, but you just cant use it on the front display which is and im fine with that and the hinge.

Its feels really solid feels really good. When you open and close the phone, you can keep it open literally at any angle that you want it to be open. You can tap it around its, not gon na move. Much and you could fold this 200 000 times before anything even happens. Youd have to fold this thing a hundred times for the next five years to get to two hundred thousand. So you really shouldnt have to worry about getting to that number, but ive seen drop tests ive seen durability tests. This phone is more durable than you think, and i wouldnt worry too much about typing as well, because you get this cool nifty keyboard. That split to the sides you know at first i thought like what whos gon na use it. But then, when actually did it felt natural like its a bit finicky at first because god got used to the bit, how it split to the sides? But when you do its like its really not a big deal and after people were saying, oh look at this keyboard is really tiny. Well, take a look at this hello testing in all that, like i dont know like somehow like they made it. So i have really big fingers and i can still type on this thing like look, testy look its its because the cameras in the way, but if i know im not saying the greatest example right now, but you really shouldnt have to worry about the keyboard because Samsung kind of what they did here like is this a great optimization that they did.

But if you somehow dont get along with this kind of keyboard, you can always do g board, but i i tried it as well and i dont really like it because it covers too much screen real estate. Yeah typing is more comfortable and i i personally like g board better, but i dont know it just covers more screen real estate like this is g board, and this is the samsung keyboard. You be the judge and, as expected, battery life is not the best look. I woke up an hour and a half ago i already 91, which is not bad, but once you look good once you get into the screen on time 40 minutes, given the cpu that we get here, you understand dragon 888, which is not the most uh power Efficient in this huge display, i would say that this isnt bad, given everything about this phone. In fact, i might even go as far as to say that that the snapdragon triple 8 isnt bad with power efficiency, because if it was, i would be getting way worse. Battery life, in my opinion, ignore this thing because i charged the phone in the middle as you can see over here, but this five hours, seven minutes. I did not charge the phone here. I did you know i havent really have this had a phone for that long so, but i could get around five to four hours of screen on time lets say so battery life, given everything we have not the best, but you know its its decent, like its.

Not terrible its gon na, probably last you till the end of the day, if not like, if not like half the day worst case scenario, but for me you know, i have charges everywhere, just gon na charge it i try not to because charging too much like Degrades the battery faster, but to each their own and people are saying: oh, the cameras, suck theres no 8k video, but lets be honest to record 8k video, like i had the s21 ultra and other phones that did this – that required 8k video. I never use it like, maybe once or twice just for like the heck of it, but you know like it. Recording 8k is so pointless. The resolution, its just too damn big, so im perfectly satisfied with these cameras. You know like its like, of course, not like this camera, like the the under display camera. We all know this one sucks, but its a very simple solution, guys: okay, click go deer in there and bam, and if you dont want to do that, just go here. Open the cover display front facing camera, and there we go, you know like i would say the under display camera is for just the zoom colors or other video cards, like that. I dont think it has a problem with video Music, Music, very good phone for blogging. I think Music also. I should add that the visibility outdoors, indirect sunlight is great. You can see everything thats going on on the screen.

Yeah the crease may be a little bit more visible, but who cares as long as you can see everything thats going on? So using this phone outside to take pictures its overall, a very pleasant experience like the picture quality on this phone is pretty great im sure this ones. I can take better pictures, but you know im not really a huge photographer on my phone, like as as it is, but nonetheless ive been able to take some pretty amazing shots on this phone. So if youre worried about the camera quality, then like dont, the cameras here are great. So for you, critics like criticizing this phone because of the under display camera. You know just dont, because i would much rather have this under display camera, because watching content on this phone, its just so much better that now that its hidden and you cant even see it. Unless you really look for it like, if youre watching videos and youre focused on the video that youre watching, then youre never going to see it here, take a look at this. You can see it, but just hardly say. I think this is way way better than a punch hole and i was kind of worried about the sound quality, but it turns out the speakers are great. So when, when the phone is closed, you have one speaker over here and one over here and that will get you know dual speakers when the phones open and watching it like this.

Our speakers are still to the sides and theyre very loud and very clear and very good quality overall Applause. There are very nice speakers that we have here, and this phone is very, very fast bam play store bam settings you know like i do expect. This phone is lighting fast when youre doing basic tasks, but what about gaming and wow? This is amazing. Ive never played pub g on a phone like this. Before, like, i was afraid because the screen was bigger, i was going to see a lot more pixels, but thats not the case, its its really really good. If there is like theres so much detail in like constant 60 fps, not a single lag or stutter, like the gaming experience on this, its just unreal and its just one game like im, not gon na test more just just so i can get on with the Review but yeah really really good phone for gaming and, if youre worried about durability, then dont, because if you know how to take care of your smartphones like any other phone youve had, then this is no different, like the only difference. Is that just be a tiny bit more careful of the display? You dont have any sharp objects nearer fingernails as well, but for me its not a problem like ive had this phone for around about a week and theres 10, no scratches on the display so its like. Not really that hard to take care of this phone and you know its been drop, tested its been durability, tested.

Nothing has really happened to this thing, uh, so yeah. That is pretty much it like ive covered pretty much all the important things about this phone im. Sure i missed a few things if thats the case, please let me know in the comments, if you have any questions about this phone ill, be sure to help you out in the comment section but yeah overall verdict. Should you get this phone? Well, yes, and no you see this phone is not for everyone, but it is a very, very special device because after a decade of the same old smartphone over and over finally, you get something new like when i open this phone up. I dont feel like i have a phone i feel like. I have a multimedia beast that can do phone calls and do everything that i wanted to do. You know when im watching videos on this phone. I feel like im watching videos on a brand new device. Thats special – and you know just really good overall, but if you have a problem with big heavy phones like even when its folded, it is heavy and thick and youre more of a simple tin, a simple person that just like the regular smartphones. Then they know this isnt for you. This is for enthusiasts, and other reviews have been saying as well like, like that. The better falling phone for consumers is that the flip free, which im not really a big fan of like if i want something to fall, i want to fold into something big.

You know like this, so that ive only had this phone for a week and my experience has been positive, very positive, so the phone had 94. I believe when we start this review now were at 86., its been almost an hour. You know take it how you would, but i think, thats pretty decent uh, so yeah. Thank you so much for watching again.