Today we are going to be reviewing a product that was sent to us by a company called movo. Movo is a us based company, which is amazing, because this is the first time that ive ever reviewed anything from the us. So without further ado lets go ahead and rip this thing apart and lets check what comes inside this package, so this is called the spr5, the metal smartphone cage by movo. So, as you can see, this is what it should look like once we open it. So its like a metallic cage which can hold your smartphone whenever youre shooting videos so whats inside the box. It just says metal, smartphone, cage with rotating smartphone mount okay, so lets check what comes inside: okay woohoo. They have a sticker. I love stickers, so it says movo creators wanted they got some silica gel and they have this card which says happy. Yes, i am happy because you sent me this uh here we have the instruction manual. It just says a little bit of details about this thing. I dont think we really need it so lets check it out. So here we have like a little smartphone, clamp wow and it looks so robust, look at that. It even has some leveling mini leveling rulers or leveling bubbles. I dont even know what you call this. I think its a bubble level yeah its a bubble level so yeah. The idea is, if you have it on a flat surface facing this way, and you can judge the balance of this by looking at the bubbles over there here it says, unlock and lock.

So this way is unlock. If you unlock it, you can basically extend this clamp. So in theory, if we had a smartphone which i have here, we didnt just put it like that wait. I think we need to make it a little bit bigger yep just screw. It back down by rotating the opposite way, rotate rotate, and i like that they put these rubber gaskets over here, which means that theyre. This is not going to scratch our smartphone for all of you, whos planning to buy the iphone 13. This is not going to ruin that so wow. This is very secure, its not going to fall, and i can see a little dial over here, which says the same thing unlock and lock. So if we unlock it can actually, i think, yeah we can make it spin like that. So if you want to shoot landscape, you can do that. If you want to shoot portrait, you can do that it doesnt matter. So if you do choose whatever one you want like portrait, you can do it like this first and then tighten this part, and just so you know there is a cold shoe mount over here, which is amazing, because now you can put other accessories to it. You can like mount your own rig and yeah. You even have some quarter inch mounting threads here, one here. Oh so theres one more cold shoe mount over here, so theres, one on the top and one at the bottom.

So theres a mounting screw here, cold shoe mount here, mounting screw here, cold shoe here, another mounting screw here and like what i said, the bubble levels, and here we got a little strap. I think this is just like a fail safe. Just in case you do drop it, which i dont think you will, which you might so lets, go ahead to the cream of the crop, which is this metal cage wow. This is so cool. We got ourselves a metal cage. Now the metal cage feels good its its it flexes a little bit but thats just because its made, so its doesnt become so heavy. As you can see its hollowed out over here, then theres mounting screws everywhere, youve got a mounting screw here, screw here screw here screw here screw here screw here, mounting screws everywhere lets check how heavy this is lets put this by attaching it with this mounting screw With this screw, that is, on the cage, youre gon na simply just slide it in and screw it until its tight, so im by the way im just using the sony xperia one mark ii, its not a new phone anymore. Just so, you know yeah and were gon na test out how heavy this entire rig is. So again, i have the smartphone the mounting point over here and the cage lets see how heavy it is. So the total weight of this without any other accessories, is 494 grams, which is pretty light because if you look at my gh5, which has a 24 to 105 lens lets, see how heavy this bad boy is.

Lets see already its already like one kg thats, extremely heavy yeah, so lets go back to the main angle and lets see what we can do with this thing. Okay, so here we have our little rig right, so we have our smartphone. We got the cage and what we can do is we can actually put a little tripod at the bottom, so we can have everything a lot more stable. Okay, so i have a little tripod over here. What im gon na do is im gon na screw it to the bottom of this rig, like that, its very modular, you can attach many different accessories, its up to your imagination, how youre going to rig this thing thing up, so you could actually do that, and Now you have a little tripod, you can put it on a table like that and what else we can add a microphone so just for explanation purposes. I have a rode videomicro im, just going to put it over here, a rode trusty old rode videomicro can put a rode video micro over here. I dont actually have the right cable for it to attach to my phone lets. Just pretend that this is a trrs cable to trs im, just going to put it like that, if you want, you could actually put a light. So i have here my eye: footage spider, crab magic arm, im gon na attach it maybe here just screw it on so like what i said.

There is a mounting thread over here, so you can screw in whatever accessory you have. I have a magic arm so im going to screw in a magic arm onto this side, im going to be putting on a big light, which is the ym360 mini. This is gon na look so insane so lets pretend this is my key light im filming somebody over there right. Look at that cool right lets pretend you need a professional audio recorder, so this is like a screw with two circular screws. So what this is is that it allows you to make your own cold shoe adapter thing, maybe youll just call this a culture adapter. So what you can do is, if you have something like this, you can just screw it on. First, like that, and then tighten one part down and then the other part is now free flowing, which means you can now attach it to. This cannot attach it to your whole shoe on this mova. What is this thing again? Mobo? I forgot the name spr5 see. I didnt forget, but actually i did so here. We have a very insane rig now going on. We have a light. Let me switch it on its very bright. We have a light. We have a microphone attached to the smartphone. We have an audio recorder over here. What else can we put? I dont know um what else there are many things you can do with this thing, this movo spr5.

I think this is a very awesome product, especially for filmmakers that only use their smartphones. This would be a good option for you, because you only need one tripod to hold this thing down, and then you have many mounting points to put different accessories, so thats it right. So thank you guys so much for watching this review video. I think the spr5 is a very promising item. First of all, the build quality is insane its metal, and i forgot to mention that the sides are actually actually rubber for people like me, who have sweaty hands, im actually already sweating. This would be good because now you have a very good holding point which is preventing friction from slipping, so what what is preventing friction from slipping its preventing friction from slipping that doesnt make sense, so i guess thats it. Thank you guys so much for watching this review video. I hope you guys liked it if you do want to purchase the thing this thing im going to leave, links down below, and you can help support this channel by purchasing this item through those links and it will not cost any additional cost to you. It just helps support the channel. It keeps me making videos like this so again.