It feels premium its strong, its sturdy, its light. It looks cool and it has two jobs. The first is to act as a hub for other accessories, like lights, microphones and a tripod and its strong sturdy. Construction, coupled with its many different mounts, means it does this very well? The next is for hand held shooting the wide rubberized grips, make it much more comfortable and secure to film with your phone as opposed to just holding it handheld, and some say you can also use a cage like this to add, like stability to your shots, to Help stabilize them and i dont think theres anything inherent about a cage that that adds stability. I think its just the fact that, because youve got a much more solid grip, it allows you to sort of keep yourself snug against your body and just with that secure grip, it kind of cancels out all of the little hand, movements that you get because i See my results as comparable when ive shot with the cage compared to when i shoot without the cage they look similar to me in terms of stability. It doesnt really stand out when ive shot with the cage. So i wouldnt recommend one of these for stability, but in terms of actually comfort and security when youre filming and it allows you to get those those quite awkward angles, with a lot more confidence than when youre just holding it handheld. The only thing that i found about this cage is: it comes with movos holder.

Now i have used movos movos holder before it comes with their eye, vlog kit and its its a great holder. It allows you to rotate the phone like really easily like that, but because its back, can you see how its not flush, its not level with the cage itself, its a bit further back? You have to sort of hide your thumbs out of the way you cant hold it like this. For example, you have to sort of learn to keep your phone a lot more pushed over to this this way, because if you dont, then your thumbs are going to end up just making an appearance just in the shot. What i like about this cage is that it does encourage me to get more shots that i wouldnt usually get like the steering wheel, for example. Something else i like about this rig as well is the wrist strap, see it saved my phone from sudden death as well as would the rig itself having your phone surrounded by this beautiful, strong piece of aluminium. Just fills me with confidence, so ive really enjoyed using this cage over the time that ive had it its actually inspired me and made me want to to go out and get different shots, even shots that i wouldnt have even attempted or tried to do with my My motorized gimbal, so ive really really enjoyed it. As ive said in the review, its strong sturdy, it looks good its light, its comfortable.

It protects your phone, but my problem with things like this is that theyre great theyre, i cant fault them. If you want a cage and youve got 40 pounds to spend on a cage, then go for it. You will not regret it, however. Think of it like this, i got a cage for my dslr and ive used it in a year and a half ive used. It a grand total of five times its been collecting dust in the cupboard and just like this cage, theres, absolutely nothing wrong with it. So before you invest in a bit of kit and make sure that you actually need and want – and you are going to use this bit of kit – otherwise youll just keep collecting gear and collecting gear and its going to go in the cupboard but dont. Let that put you off this cage. If you want a cage, then this is the one for you, so im going to do a giveaway now, because, personally, after this review, im not going to use this cage anymore so guys you want a cage, cage cage, no Music. Some of my subscribers lets go and say hello, hi, thanks for your support, hey youre, right yeah, thanks for your thanks for his continued support, which video is your favorite, you bit shy. I know it can be a bit daunting in the presence of a celebrity. Like me, but yeah, you know dont dont be nervous.

You know i may have eaten one or two of your friends in the last 30 years. So um.