Well, hello, everyone i am prabhupada and youre watching vgr, india and todays video. I will be reviewing the all new realme gt5 g ill, be telling you about its all the specifications and features and what all this phone offers so lets take a look at the look and feel of this phone Music. Well, once you hold the phone in your hand, you will realize that the phone is pretty much light and it wont affect the long working hours on the phone while watching a movie. It wont stress your hands much while talking about the back. The back is pretty attractive, its going to attract a lot of eyeballs and real me like to say that its the phone is made for all the young people and i think, keeping the design in their mind. They have designed it in a way that it looks pretty much attractive and really cool. Well, i must tell you that this panel comes with a leather finish which really likes to call it vegan leather, and if you see at the camera placement theres a 64 megapixel triple camera setup over here and the bradley is also there, which comes with the shiny Panel comes with the dual tone, which i really like and its very attractive and very handy um. Some people might want to use the cover, but i personally would not want to use a cover on it. I might use a clear glass cover on. It would like to show off the phone a bit because its going to look really pretty in your hands im very sure, and once you look at the display, the display is pretty much good uh you get a punch, hole, uh, tiny punch hole over here for The selfie camera, which will not affect your video viewing experience at all, coming on the sides of the phone where you get a plastic finish, which wont affect much uh its quite a premium and feels really good keeping the phone of the keeping the weight of the Phone pretty much light and if you see there are volume rockers on the left power button on the right hand, side uh, with a quite uh, yellow detailing, which looks pretty good and on the bottom, you get a headphone jack.

Your usb type c charging port and speakers overall, the phone is pretty much attractive and very good. Looking, i really love the phone, the way it looks and im sure its gon na, like i said, attract a lot of eyeballs and uh to be pretty much very handy when you use it so lets go to the other features and specifications of the phone Music Lets look at the display, so you get 6.43 inch. Super amoled display offers thin bezels on the right, left and top, but the bottom is quite thick. You get in display fingerprint sensor which works pretty quick and is reliable about the picture quality while watching the movies or videos on this phone. I would say one will never find a problem. The colors are quite bright and good. It can easily work under direct sunlight. You get 120 hertz of refresh rate with maximum 360 hertz variably, so display works really well in this phone. Talking about the processor you get snapdragon 888 5g processor realme gt runs on realme ui 2.0, which is based on android 11. The processor that has been used is the fastest coming to the price range it is being offered on. Since the phone is a gaming phone, one can play games on the phone on the highest settings possible. You wont feel any lag during the game. I did not even face any heating issues with the phone, the screen ratio. I would love to mention, along with the great processor.

The placement of the screen is great, as i could reach to the icons pretty conveniently while playing games, and it was very comfortable since it got lightweight and had a nice big display while playing the game. The phone is quite supportive and the experience was very good. Coming to the battery, where you get 4500 mah with 65 watt, super dart fast charging support with all my day to day activities the phone lasted for a day after charging it to full. So i did not have any issue with the battery as well. Charging time for the phone from zero would take around 40 minutes, which is also quite impressive, like you can easily put it to the charge in the morning. And while you do your morning routine and once youre ready to leave for work, your phone will be charged and youre good to go. The best thing that everyone looks in the phone is the camera of the phone. Well, like i said in the beginning, only you get 64 megapixel triple camera setup. The camera is pretty impressive. Ive got some really good pictures with this phone. You also get 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens and 2 megapixel macro lens, which resulted pretty good for your selfies and video curling. You get 16 megapixel as your selfie camera. Daylight pictures have come out pretty sharp and the clarity is incredible in the pictures. The camera gives quite detailed images. Low light pictures result was very good and impressive.

Overall, the camera also works very well in this phone, so the final verdict of the all new ryan gt5g is that under 40k you get amazing phone which comes with great features and specifications and for all the gaming lovers who are looking for a phone under 40k. You can offer realme gt5g and, like i said it comes with great camera, great processor, great display and great battery life. You can obviously go for real me gt 5g. This was my verdict of the phone hope you like it.