AGM H3 Rugged Smartphone 2021 test e recensione in italiano

To be precise, we are going to discover the brand new AGM H3. This beautiful smartphone is equipped with a very resistant, ultralight, metal frame, shatterproof water resistant display and is also two sections of infrared night vision. Here it is practically with this viewer and after I will show it to you being able […]

The Stunning Foldable Smartphone | Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Review

Everyone welcome back to purvika before getting into the product. If you are new to our channel, dont forget to subscribe and press the bell icon for regular tech, related updates and the product i was mentioning is the all new samsung galaxy z435g Music. When samsung entered the foldable market, it took our user […]

Full Review: realme X3 Superzoom – 2021 ( An Amazing Smartphone and Camera )

It has 256 gigabytes of hard drive space. It has 12 gigabytes of ram, so we will talk about the user friendliness of the real me x3 super soon, but most importantly, were going to be talking about the camera itself, because the whole reason why i bought the real me xv. Super stream is […]

O MELHOR SMARTPHONE à venda no Brasil – Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

Darem Sider que eu j falei aqui outras vezes n ela que vendem essas camisas aqui que so muito confortveis muito gostosa de utilizar, no desbota tem um acabamento muito bom e eles tambm tem mscara cueca tudo, muito confortvel se voc quiser, comprar tem, o cupom de desconto. Aqui na descrio E, a se […]

Review: Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 lite

uib, tentang, sebuah, teknik, yang saya, baru beli, beberapa, harian, lepas, yaitu, dari, fungsi, omyim, menarik, perhatian, saya, karena, ia, didatangkan, dengan, desain, minimalis, dia, bukan, kita, yang pilih, atau, nampak, Ekstrim saatnya bermain ikan cantik emas, walaupun bahagia mereka, plastik, namun agak browsing macam, cermin, pantulannya, jadi, agak, mudah, untuk kamu, hop membetulkan, tutup, […]

Der Zeit voraus? Samsung Z Fold3 (review)

Smartphone was ist vielleicht zum besten smartphone berhaupt macht ob die ganzen neuen features und der gesenkte preis jetzt rechtfertigen sich immer noch ein sehr, teures, faltbare, smartphone zu kaufen das und noch. Vieles mehr will ich heute beantworten damals in meinem fall zwei video habe, ich zum erstmal meinen, merge, gezeigt, dass es jetzt […]

Phones Show 429 (Review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra)

Regular viewers and listeners might appreciate just why. Ive switched over to the diminutive and slender sony xperia 5 mark ii here as a primary phone, its just that so much else arriving for review is well on the large side. For starters, my trusty and huge iphone 12 pro max shooting this show and […]

Worlds Smallest Gimbal | PowerVision S1 Review – Gimbal and Powerbank!

This thing right over here, which looks like a power bank, is a full sized smartphone gimbal. So this is the power vision, s1 and, as ive told you before, a full sized gimbal, but how does it work well, its a foldable gimbal – and this is the most amazing thing about it. Now […]

Performance padu ! Design lawa | Review realme GT Master Edition

000, saja tapi, dekat, Snapdragon, 778, gini D, cecak, sehingga, 500.000, dan sepanjang, menggunakan, Vonny performance; Memang: tak mengecewakan Buatlah, apa saja di kafe, nih Conform, akan terasa, lancar, j6new, yang beracun, takde, masalah, contoh, macam game papji, setting grafik tertinggi kita akan dapat Smurf, ekstrim dan kalau tengah main papji di punya, FPS doakan, […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review: Flippin' marvellous

Some of the early devices had a screen that wrapped around the outside of the phone, making them quite impractical and very likely to get ruined, but samsung sought to do things a bit differently. With the flip series, it sought to bring us a device that you could use as a regular smartphone, but […]