Con este GADGET tu Smartphone NO se volverá a CALENTAR 😱😱 REVIEW Wasp Wing 2 Pro de FLYDIGI 🔥✔️✔️

Ms detalles de este nuevo accesorio de la marca, philips y ver, si te conviene o no comprarlo, no te despegues de ste de vida bueno creo que tenemos la caja de nuestro, wash windows pro de la marca, fiji y pues en esta ocasin vamos, a realizar el Primer: un boxing para ver el […]

5 – 600k mua Smartphone Samsung liệu ok không? Mua hàng online Shopee

Th nhn thy mt vi, ci mu, my v d, nh l, Samsung J1 hoc l, J1 mini l, ca, Samsung, thi hoc mi y th, anh, em c th, thy l, mnh, l, nh, gi v, chic Samsung Galaxy Note, 4 mt ci, siu, pht, ngy, xa, classic M nu m hin ti di […]


Do carregador n que work hard de 65 watts e o Cabinho n cabo da oneplus sempre se destaca Por que um cabo vermelhinho bonito eu gosto bastante dos produtos da Mary Plus ele sempre fazem timos produtos vo deixar, a capinha aqui de lado eu vou deixar um Outro negcio aqui de lado tambm […]

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Review – The Bad Vs The Good!

Consider subscribing for more content like this in the future. Anyway. Lets go so first off a massive positive for the motorola h20 pro is its screen, its a 6.7 inch oled with hdr 10 plus support. It also supports the dci, p3 color gamut at a full hd plus resolution when it comes to […]

The Unfold Show Tech Review with KL Gadget Guy

Well, today, we have got ev von from klgadgetguy here to talk about the samsung galaxy z53 and show us some of her. Favorite features: hey yvonne. How are you doing hi im doing great im glad to be here, and i will be sharing my experience with the z flip tree because ive been […]

Z Flip 3 One Week Later Review! YOUR Next Daily Driver?

5G. Sorry, i had to throw it in there again the z flip 3., what heck of a phone ive been using this sucker for a week now. Actually, today, the day this is coming out is day. Eight and wow time really does fly when youre having fun and youre gon na have a […]

Nubia Red Magic 6S Pro – Unboxing, Setup and Review (Exclusive first look)

This is the latest phone from nubia, and this has some pretty impressive. Specs. Well, go over that in a moment, but you can see it says: red magic, 6s pro and this sticker is actually underneath the wrapper. So i couldnt remove that so lets go ahead and remove the wrapper. Let me get […]

DESVIEW T3 Teleprompter for YouTube | DSLR Tablet & Smartphone Kit | Unboxing & Review

Maybe some of you have seen it or not. This is very interesting product, especially for youtubers, or if you make video on script, writing this product is very useful for them. Today i have DESVIEW Teleprompter. This is very awesome: teleprompter T3 toady. We do unboxing and testing what is this and how it […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: The best foldable phone money can buy?

The galaxy z43 is a companys flagship, foldable offering, but as flagships go, this one also comes at a premium price. Luckily, weve had the z43 with us for a few days now giving us enough time to figure out if its worth the price tag that samsung has slapped on the device, but before […]

Using the Nexus 6P in 2021 – Review

Many of the best android features available. All with that nice clean stock software. From google to give the purest possible experience, hey hows it going im josh from 91 tech and today were taking a look at the google nexus 6p. What made this phone so popular and how does it hold up today? […]