Oppo Find X3 Neo Review: Der geheime Flaggschiff Killer?

Andere das find ichs drei pro ein, absolutes high end smartphone ist hier. Will man eine brcke spannen zwischen den kompromissen der mittelklasse und der kompromisslos teuren oberklasse wie gut das gelingt das sehen wir uns, im heutigen review vorher allerdings eine nachricht, im, eigenen interesse das, neue windows, r, deforum ist erffnet, wo euch, […]

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Two Hours Later Review | What's the Big Deal?

This is the 256 gig version, its the lavender, so you can see the purple on here. Glass. All around feels really really good, in your hand, feels like really really good quality, the construction, the buttons everything feels very, very nice, about this foam. I also with it got a couple of gifts. I […]

ZENFONE 8: CELULAR COMPACTO sacrifica CÂMERA FLIP e aposta no que IMPORTA | Análise / Review

Apple still invests in this segment and on the side of Samsung. We have the S21, which features the strongest configuration in a more compact body.. Asus also decided to bet on the public that runs away from brick cell phones and the Zenfone 8 is a small device without making sacrifices compared to the […]

Motorola Moto Edge 20 Pro Review | Worth the upgrade?

You can bag yourself in 2021 and at 650 quid its not as crazy expensive as those apple samsung, sony flagship smartphones either, although, admittedly, you couldnt exactly describe it as cheap, not unless youre as minted as that jeff bezos fella, in which case lets face it, youre, Not gon na be wasting your […]


So today i will be reviewing a smartphone gimbal, its not one of my regular videos but ill be doing that today, its a very informational video. I think you guys would like it and ill be happy to share information about this technology that i have right in front of me. Um its called […]

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro Review: Lot to Like, Little to Complain!

Talking about the 14 inch me notebook pro hello, everyone im on here for mr phone and before we begin motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe, if you havent already and turn on the bell, so that you dont miss any of our latest videos, Music, so Xiaomi sent me the mid variant […]

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 3 REVIEW, es la dirección correcta en Smartphones?

Lo que estaremos nosotros utilizando en el da, a da actualmente son productos un poco caros a medida que ha ido pasando el tiempo, los valores se han ido reduciendo como hemos podido ver sobre todo en el galaxy z, flip que actualmente uno lo puede conseguir, por 999. Dlares algo que estaba en mil […]

Ulefone Note 11P Review: 128€ Smartphone mit 8GB Ram und 128GB Rom + Helio P60 – Wo ist der Haken?

com ist eine andere meinung das, gert, irgendwie auch, getestet und Haben geschrieben die dann betrachter starken konkurrenz von charlie und keyboard in diesem, preisbereich gibt es fr, die, menge mode von otep, keine, gnade weisheit, so ist das display mit der niedrigen hd auflsung nicht, mehr blich, im preisbereich allerdings findet ihr tatschlich, 20 […]


Satu lagi nih whitelight, So daripada lama, lama, lagi nih, kita, Musik, mau buka, si Hai sekarang gold, sempurnakan untuk, pembukaan, acaranya, Musik, jago, beli, murah, banget, ya, makan, saya, kucing, 5000, 5000, ya, kurang, lebih, Kalau, sama, sama, kayak, gini, gini, lu, dapet, dua, lensa, cuy, yang pertama, Itu dulu dapat superwhite sama 180 […]

Sony Xperia 1 III Hands-On Review: So Much More Than a Smartphone

Hey! This is brendan with focus. Camera today were taking a look at the sony. Xperia 1 mark iii smartphone. It was announced earlier this year in april. Studio starts shipping in the next few weeks. Weve been really excited to get our hands on this little guy. So special shout out to sony for […]