Realme C21Y | Smartphone BARATO que SURPREENDEU no DESEMPENHO! Análise / Review

000 miliamperes vem com, uma, tela, HD, Plus de 65, polegadas quantos Clay, LCD, IPS, traz um Chipset que no muito conhecido aqui do mercado brasileiro mas que surpreendeu na performance, unisoc t610 e ele ainda, conta com, 4GB de Ram e 64GB de armazenamento, so 3 Cmeras traseiras uma s principal acabar, contando vou, […]

Kontrol Penggunaan Smartphone – Action Dash App #review #aplikasi #actiondashapp

00 dan pada menu, waktu layar ini, kita, juga, bisa, membandingkan, penggunaan, aplikasi, Kita dengan penggunaan versi orang, lain secara, global atau, juga, mengetahui, Aplikasi, apa, yang paling, sering digunakan, oleh, Kebanyakan, orang, secara, global caranya, kita, ketuk, bandingkan, penggunaan, ke basis, penggunaan Global di sini, kita lihat, contohnya aplikasi, YouTube di sini, terpampang durasi, […]

AceFast Wireless Car Charger Review & Unboxing – The Best Wireless Car Charger for Smartphone

Keeping your phone charged can be a challenge for commuters and road trip lovers. A wireless car charger is a wise and useful purchase. Having a wireless charger in your vehicle is the most convenient way to avoid those dreaded low battery notifications, while youre on the go thats. Why, in this video, we are […]

Mở hộp Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G: Smartphone Samsung NGON NHẤT?

In y th n s c mt si dy cp invitation v mt cc: sc vi ton b, ph kin, ca, cho, Samsung, Galaxy a50 s5g by gi, mnh s; chia s, k, hn, v, sn phm, ny nh quay tr; li 10 chic Galaxy a50; s5g chng; ta? U tin, th mnh s, nhn […]


I ordered this last week and it got here yesterday. So im excited ive, been thinking about buying a camera, but for now im just using my iphone 11. At the moment, so i just decided to you know get this just um just for the meantime. So this is the box, and this is […]

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Review | New-ish Edition

The only proper difference is that chipset, as this shiny fresh model, is powered by the snapdragon 778g rather than the snapdragon 780g, probably because of supply issues now ive had my sim stuffed inside of the xiaomi 11, like 5g ne for the last week, or so ive Been using it as my full […]


. The C21Y is an entry level model with the proposal to be the cheapest cell phone. With NFC officially launched in Brazil., Is it a better buy than the brands? Others? Is it worth more than rivals? Samsung and Motorola Lets find out, As the realme has been focusing on low cost in its […]

Review Microphone Mic Clip On Wireless UHF PRANK VLOG untuk Smartphone

Welcome back to my youtube channel oke kali ini, aku, akan mereview, sebuah barang, barang ini, aku, beli di suatu, tempat yang sangat, rahasia kalau, misalkan, kalian, penasaran, aku, menerima, nanti, silakan, tulis di kolom, komentar dan mungkin akan aku selipkan di deskripsi, tempat dimana, aku, beli, atau, MI, Kolom komentar mungkin hai oke langsung, […]

REVIEW ĐIỆN THOẠI | TỐP 4 SMART PHONE TẦM TRUNG , Sở hữu những tính năng đỉnh của ''CHÓP''

0, dmi 6 dng chip x, l, ri, ch, huy, t tru, chi game Ca MediaTek b nh trong iOS 2.1 dung lng 128GB v c 2, phin bn Ram, 4GB 2 8GB, sng c, pin l 4300m vi, cng sc, USB v, sc nhanh, Note 4.0 cng sut bng mo my chy Android 10 […]

ARTOFUL 1-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone Review

Take it out of the box in the box, you get the user manual, they give you the charging cable for it, usb to micro, usb additional mount hardware, a nice little cloth bag that you can store it in, and here is the device itself now. This is folded up, so obviously it would […]