ZGCine Smartphone Wireless Lav Review

These are professional wireless microphones um. We have here already set up um, the the receiver and the transmitter. I have this hooked up directly to my uh to my camera. Thats recording right now, through this cable and im monitoring right now with uh my headphones and im using the included uh lav mic […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5g Review – Is This Your First Foldable Smartphone?

My name is josiah here to improve your knowledge of tech. Today were talking about something that im super excited for, because ive been watching this part of the tech industry for a few years with anticipation and much interest today were talking about foldable phones, specifically the galaxy fold. Z flip that specifically the […]

Axon 30 review: ZTE nails the under-screen camera

Last years. Axon 20 was the first phone to feature an under display camera. Then it was followed up by the axon 30 pro and the 30 ultra. However, we didnt actually see an axon 30. You know just the plain vanilla name version thats, because its the next phone with and much improved under […]

Doogee N40 Pro Review

The n40 pro this isnt a rugged phone, unlike the s97 pro that we reviewed recently. However, it packs a meter, tech, helio, p60 chipset 6380 milliamp hour battery 6 gigs of ram 128 gigs of built in internal storage and a quad camera setup. If you are interested in getting this device, heres our […]

Realme GT Master Edition 5G Full Review – Practical Premium Mid Ranger

What did i like, and what did i did not like guys just bear with me. My voice is a little bit iffy. I had terrible cold for the last week. Hence that did not post any videos. Anyways uh lets break it down between the pros and cons and guys, i wont get into […]

Top 5 flagship smartphone 2021 review #oppo

Tell me: Music, Music, the heights Music eyes Music, please Music. The oppo find series pushes the boundaries of technology to constantly create new possibilities. Crafted from highly durable ceramic every curve is deliberately designed to feel like an extension of you. Weve incorporated a 120 hertz ultravision screen, true billion color display refreshes seamlessly. […]

Dalton’s review: Cintex wireless | get a free government smartphone | free iPhone 2021

This is my youtube channel, though my world, and it looks like im about to find a new spot to do my video outdoor videos, because apparently people start recognizing who i am and uh started coming around that area, and you know talking loud trying to be on The video and all that stuff […]

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal. Buy or Avoid? What the reviews say!

com, we summarize reviews, so you dont have to we save you time by summarizing reviews. So you can see at a glance the amount of five star reviews a product has what rating the manufacturer has, and we provide a word cloud which can be handy in highlighting popular terms within reviews, both good […]

TCL 10 Pro Android Smartphone | Full Review | TCL Unboxing | Buy link in Description |

Since we seem to be sticking with the 10 theme, i wanted to talk about 10 things i like about this phone and a couple things that i feel like maybe could have been done better theres a lot. I want to go over in this review, so i wont waste any more time. Lets […]

TCL 20 SE Unboxing & First Impressions Smartphone! The best smart phone 2021 review!

Now this was released at the beginning of the year alongside the tcl 20s. I think and pro this is the budget option so im just gon na unbox. It see what it looks like to be perfectly honest. I bought this phone out of curiosity. Ive never used a tcl product before. Obviously, we […]