Alto, desse smartphone, a sua tela de 144 Hair Amoled uma tela super brilhante uma tela de Mas alm de ter muita qualidade, o lance que ela tem muita taxa de atualizao, voc, j os quadros ficam se atualizando vrias vezes, por, cima, muito, Mais do que smartphones, convencionais se voc quer, o smartphone Gamer […]


Rex um udio estreo com, uma, qualidade, excelente, um, dos melhores, smartphones, quando, se, fala em, udio, no necessariamente, voc, precisa, gostar de games, para poder, usar, o rog phone 5 e tudo isso eu vou falar que nesse t fazendo s, queria pedir, para vocs. A deixando o like que ajuda muito, o canal, […]

QIMIC Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote

A little all right so were looking at this little gimbal, as you can see its very very compact, its about six, a little over six and about six and a half inches up to around 23 inches, and it opens up like this. You do have these rubber feet on the bottom and if […]

PowerVision S1 Compact Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone Android Review

These little tiny legs like that whoa up like this and then that and now lets time it flip the door swing. This up swing that out, pull this out slap it on thats, pretty quick thats, not bad to get your gimbal going and were also doing a 10 device giveaway so for your […]

How to use your smartphone as webcam for FREE using a USB cable | IRIUN setup (Tagalog) Tutorial

My name is: rose gomera, helping you to grow your audience with online video. So look at patagonia guys lets get into the tutorial. An onamonga going is to install the irion app on your smartphone device, and then you just need to follow the on screen instruction company, download and install smartphone devices all […]

Redmi 10 Prime : Amped up budget phone | Xiaomi | Smartphone Review

So the question is: should you be considering the redmi 10 prime hello? My name is siddhar and in this video i am going to help you answer this very question. How well i have spent over a week with this phone and have put this device through a number of performance tests, battery test, […]

GAK PERLU Lagi PC GAMING? SETUP Smartphone For Gaming 2021.!!

Lebih seru nah disini kenapa, saya pilih black cat 4 karena black capped, ini, adalah, HP gaming, paling terjangkau, buat, tahun 2021 ini, spek, unggulan dari, black 14 ini yang pertama, dia, pakai, Qualcomm, Snapdragon, 870, dengan RAM yang saya, tes, ini, 8, GB dan internal storage, 128, GB Punya magnetic pop up triggers 144hz […]

Sandmarc Macro Lens Review. Comparing a smart phone macro lens vs a camera macro lens

The results to my tests are quite surprising. A disclosure sandmark was kind enough to send me this lens for testing free of charge. However, they are not paying me to make this video they dont get to review it before i upload and the opinions in this video are my own lets, jump straight […]

My First Smartphone Unboxing : Not a Review, just unboxing : Z Fold 3 : Gorgeous Premium Elegant

Is this particular smartphone is my 40th birthday gift to myself guys i turned 40 years old last august 23, 2021 and today, im recording this video september 20th so and im pretty excited also because uh this smartphone uh is supposed to be delivered on october 6, but It came pretty much early, so […]

DJI OM 5 | Smartphone Gimbal | Unboxing & Review

This is a three axis smartphone gimbal. This is the update to om4 pretty much. The two gimbals are exactly the same, except for minor uh differences in the size and weight, nothing significant. If you own a om4, i dont really see any reason to upgrade to this, because theyre pretty much almost the […]