Best Smartphones 📱 Top 5 Smartphone Picks | 2021 Review

It can be hard to know which ones are the best and which ones might be right for you in your particular situation, but dont worry, weve done tons of research and today were going to be bringing you some of our favorite choices of smartphones. Now, as always, i will leave links to each […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later

This is the definition of a head turner, hi, everyone tai here. The idea behind the z full 3 is simple. You get a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet, its twice as thick and weighs more than a typical smartphone, but all in all its relatively portable for what it can do. I will […]

Movo iVlog Smartphone Video Kit, Behind the Scenes, Review

What i like about it and a couple things that i think could be improved, and i think this will be especially useful for content creators who have yet to really hit the big time. There are other creators out there, big creators who show you how they do stuff behind the scenes and the […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Review! – Best Budget Smartphone?

We have got the redmi note 10 pro. So this is what the box looks like very nice um on the sides. It says redmi uh, note 10 pro with easy access to google apps you use most, and it says that on the other side too, nothing on the bottom and yeah so yeah, […]


Also wir haben natrlich laden kamen dabei wir haben natrlich auch dementsprechend, fr uns ein, pin oder sind haben wir hier auch eine nadel mit dabei die man, kennt um einfach dazukommen was mich jetzt ein bisschen stutzig machte, ich dachte ich hier dieses im hier ein bisschen besser Aus, aber gut funktioniert auch, so […]

Motorola Edge 20 Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Review

Now we need to apply heat to the back plate using a hair, dryer or a heat gun to loosen up the adhesive underneath and then were going to use a plastic pry tool to pry the back plate off heres. A better look at the plastic backplate, its a very thin one. At this […]

Unboxing Smartphone 5G! Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro

com, disini, adalah, buah, segel, ini, belakangnya, lagi, ada, petunjuknya, nih, handphone, five di pertama, yang saya, maka, anboxing, kita, lihat, Seperti, apa Dan untuk Flash yakni masih sangat minim sekali namun jika, Cafe: sudah luas tapi saya bakal, tes, Seperti, apa, sinyal, VG perbandingan yang dibanding, dengan 4G untuk speknya disini, dual sim untuk […]


No est caindo Olha a mesma internet E, a Msica, a demora para ligar, bom ento, gente, resumindo, esse aparelhinho aqui que o modelo e agora, ele resolveu pegar, o YouTube E; a a Jaque, no vdeo da Fortaleza e mais forte para vocs: irem, l, assistir quem, gosta De importar produtos sempre busco uma […]

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Smartphone

My name is tommy and im. The product marketing manager here at xiaomi, im delighted to be here today to introduce xiaomis most stylish series, xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne the new edition and for any, were excited to introduce you an all new color. Today, our brand new color snowflake white at only 6.81 […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review | De klaptelefoon herboren | SmartphoneMan

Vouwbaar is en de moeite waard in deze review, vertellen Muziek normaal behandeling geen vouwbare smartphones met een, simpele reden ze zijn nogal duur en smartphone man, draait er, juist, om voor, jou de ideale, smartphone uitkiezen en een proof of concept. Toestel van 2000 euro is dat over het algemeen niet deze set flip […]