Redmi K20 Carbon Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage | Redmi k20 Review |Smartphone |tech gadgets | Mi K20

It is the smallest sibling of the k20 pro, which is actually the redmi flagship that everybody was anticipating. It does offer some impressive specifications, which includes a snapdragon 730 processor, which is also one of the first phones to have it right. So here is the spec sheet that i have opened, so you […]

Oneplus Nord CE 5G Review: Um intermedi├írio com ├│timos benef├şcios

com smartphone esse esse carinha aqui uma tentativa da one plus em junho de 2020 um de lanar um aparelho Popular barato com as melhores funes, vai, ser, aquele, cumprir de fato, esse papel Hoje, a gente vai ver se, o Nord C tem cmeras Boas e o seu desempenho bom para jogos e principalmente […]

Samsung Galaxy A03S Unboxing and Review

So how good is it lets find out by the way ill be giving this smartphone to one lucky subscriber so stick around till the end. To know how you can enter now lets start with the unboxing experience when you open the box, youre greeted with an envelope that carries a quick start guide […]

Doogee S97 Pro Review

Last june 2021. They released this doozy s97 pro, which is the first ever rugged. Smartphone that packs a 40 meter professional laser range. Finder weve been using this phone for quite a while now and heres what we think Music first lets talk about the design as a rugged smartphone. The doogee s97 pro […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro Review: 120hz AMOLED + 120W HyperCharging!

I must admit it does feel like theres, a new xiaomi poco redmi me actually not me anymore. Theyve dropped that branding, but a new one of these phones, every sort of five minutes. It is kind of hard to keep track, but this is basically not the flagship, because the uh me 11, ultra […]

Oppo Reno4 Review – Ok la for mid range smartphone ­čôĚ performance

My name is jared. Thank you for watching this video today, im gon na do an open box for renault 4. lets go well. Its done lets have a look well, first and foremost, the charger is really big because they are giving oppo has their own house in house famous of the super fast […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro Smartphone

Pro empowers you to turn the cinematic moments in your everyday life into cinemagic. This device offers the ultimate cinematic experience from stunning photography, vibrant visuals, too studio grade videography perfect for sharing and experiencing the stories that matter to you tell the world your story with leading computational, videography and prograde cameras. Professional special […]

Review Poco X3 GT untuk Casual Daily Smartphone

Refresh rate beresolusi full HD 1080p dengan kerapatan pixel ‘9.000 Yana ini, sudah, dilindungi, oleh, Gorilla Glass, pictures, ia, melihat, ke, bodynya, Fox tiga city menggunakan, plastik frame dan juga plastik B, cover walaupun, mengandalkan plastic material, namun, Pokoe, 3jt, ini, sudah, memiliki, perlindungan, ip53, untuk Dash resisten untuk Internal ya, pokoknya s3gt menggunakan, chipset, […]

review holder smartphone besi / stanlis pasang di honda beat esp

000, sampai 20.000 paling mahal, Hai, perubahan, ini, cukup, cukup, sangat, sangat, kuat, ya, hal, ini, juga, bisa, diputar, dan kita, dapet, ini, juga, apa, sih, namanya, Hai strip; Ya: karet dabeltip yang udah gue pasang di sini di sini di sini, yo yo pinggiran sini Ran kiri 4 ini, buat, pengalaman, aja ya, biar, […]

Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G Charges to Full in just 17 Minutes! [Full Review]

My name is michael, and this is tech for all, where we inspect a lot of cool tech like this brand new smartphone, and let us get rid of this protective case, because, right now we dont need it. So, ah thats xiaomi 11 t pro my kind of daily driver for the past couple […]